"Michael,  one of the Chief Princes,
  came to help me."

"at that time shall  Michael  rise up,
great Prince, who standeth for
  the children of thy people:
  and a time shall come
  such as never was from the time
  that nations began
  even until that time.

  And at that time
shall thy people be saved,
  every one that shall be found
  written in The BOOK."

"And another Angel came,
  and stood before the Altar,
  having a gold censor;
  ...that he shall offer of the prayers
  of all the Saints upon the Golden Altar,
  which is before The
Throne of GOD."

"The LORD Himself  shall come down
from Heaven with Commandment,
   and with the Voice of an Archangel,
   and with the Trumpet of GOD:
   and the dead who are in Christ,
   shall rise first."

"I saw an Angel
  come down from Heaven, 

  having the Key of the Bottomless PIT,
  and a great
Chain in his hand.
  He laid hold on the Dragon
  the old Serpent,
  which is the Devil and Satan,

  and bound him for a thousand years."


"Michael and his Angels
  fought with the Dragon"

"Michael The Archangel"   Jude1:9
"Begone Satan !   Blessed Be GOD !"
  Mt.4:10                             Psm.65:20
'Saint Michael The Archangel,
 Defend us in Battle !

 Be our Protection against the wickedness
snares of the devil. 
 May GOD rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And do Thou,   O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the
Divine Power of GOD,
cast into Hell
  Satan and all the evil spirits,
who prowl around the world,
 seeking the ruin of souls.'  Amen.
"Nobody gives Me          The Holy Family        Miraculous Photo of Our GOD
 a kiss of love in My Face    
to make amends for the kiss of Judas."

    ( Our Lord to Sister Maria Pierina )          

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