"All those who have consecrated their lives to Me one way or another and that are not in a position now to carry out an outward activity may enter into a deep spiritual life which will bear fruits for them  and  for souls !
   "Come in absolute confidence.
         I have saved you from

What ?  You don't want to live with Me anymore ?  You prefer the passing realities of the earth.

Can't you see how much  I suffer  and yearn for you.  But you are free to chose, and I would rather you come to Me willingly."

"Write it downMy little Carmelite.
  Tell them how unhappy I am ! 

You never know,
may be when they read it,
some people with a heart of stone
feel compassion."

"My Heart is greatly afflicted because of all the souls that are consecrated to Me. 

But I still keep following them.  I follow their footsteps with My flow of Graces, but despite all of that,  they do not recognize Me and they do not even ask where I am heading for.

I see how they live in idleness and boredomThey are only seeking for their own comfort, and they kept Me away from their life.  They take advantage of each occasion to shy away and they act as if they were  not   My laborers
                   WOE to them ! 
How will they make up
for all the time LOST

"Was it in vain that My Sacred Body which was CRUCIFIED and covered with  BLOOD  was raised for you ?

You are
blind and heartless !  Don't you see what I have done for you ?

 Aren't  you touched a little ?
 Don't you want to walk with Me,
 and harvest with Me ?

Don't your hearts beat in unison with
                        Mine ?
 Aren't our souls in harmony with each
                            other ?

 Did I open My Heart to you in vain ?

Would you let My flow of GRACES
                      be wasted ?

Don't you want to share My feelings  Don't you want to listen  to the delicate  pounding  of   My Heart  ?" 

"Wherever I have placed you, you should be readyfirm and filled with a spirit of

I thought of everything to be able
                 to  suffer  for you.

But you don't show
any eagerness You are just  taking it easy  and always giving  excusesThis is how your life goes
                            down the drain

Take up your CROSS, I had Mine too, and offer yourself as VICTIMS.

I have done it  and  unless  you  do the same, you will  not  have Eternal Life."

"My little  sunflower ,  I know that you
 listen to My numerous complaints.
 I am warming Myself up in the
 warmth of your heart.
 I feel so lonely !"

'I was complaining to myself:
"My Jesus, why am I forsaken." '

"What about Me ?   Do you know anybody who can claim to be more  forsaken,   humiliated  and  forgotten  than  I am ?

If only you k
new how fervent My     
was for all of you.

In My constant isolation,
call out your name with love
and patience, but you treat Me like Someone Who has no feelings.

If you approached yourself with confidence, you would feel the Love that  My Sacred Heart  has for each
and everyone.

If there is a FIRE, you will run to help try and limit the damage.  But what about SATAN's FIRE ?

Why don't you try to  EXTINGUISH  it

You let the
flame of HELL carry out its DESTRUCTIONS.    WOE  to you who look with  COWARDICE,
to you who are
responsible !

You shut your eyes not to see and you let the souls go to their DAMNATION."

"My daughter, your desire to EXPIATE 
      has brought you closer to Me.
     ASK that sentiment for others.

I am calling many to be
My followers.
I am not even difficult to please.
I choose souls on the basis of various circumstances.

Let your love for Me be FIERY

Be very still
  in order to be able to perceive  My Voice.  For only the soul steeped in My LOVE is apt to  perceive  My soft and discreet Voice.

My daughter,  LOVE is a FIRE  which
can be only kept burning through
constant readiness for SACRIFICE !

"Wish for the Coming of My Kingdom
 in the near future,
for yourself and for all souls.

When going to bedreflect on the day gone by  to see whether you have
worked for My Kingdomand how.

When you were still a little girl and living far from your homeland and your mother--in a foreign country--you experienced for a long time a painful feeling."
'My Jesus, was it nostalgia ?'

"Yes, and that pain is actually nostalgia
        of the Eternal Homeland.

 Suffer for those who do not have the nostalgia of The Eternal Homeland.

   Do not refer to your own feelings
                 love only Me !

Be filled with the spirit of Love.
Love Me  as an  Infant
wrapped up in his white swaddling clothes.

Look for Me as My Holy Mother once looked for Me in the crowd with an
anxious Heart.

And when you have found Me somewhere,  REJOICE  because of Me !

If you think to be in need of fatherly support,  look to
The Eternal Father
throw yourself with The Holy Spirit
in Our LOVE . 
Have no fear !

My Heart
  is your permanent SHELTER,  if you want to REST ;

you have always found rest there.
You do feel that, don't you ?  Oh !
PERSEVERE close to Me
if you do not want to experience bitter disappointment !"

       "REMAIN in MY LOVE
bring others to Me also.

You know,  we are so few,  it is easy to have an overall  view of 
our little Camp."

    'He said that in such a SAD tone that 
   my heart was burning for  HIM  only

"My Heart aches,  it aches so much 
   for all those who are missing !  

Do not be surprised,  for all your small sacrifices are quenching
My  unending THIRST  for souls !

But first I am telling you: 
do not let yourself be driven by your sensitivityLOVE METell your brothers and sisters that such is the Teaching of The LORD

one Our Father  or Hail Mary  in the greatest dryness of the soul
will bear more fruit than the
overflowing prayer of a soul
in a state of overabundant grace."

'The LORD also taught me a prayer and asked me to spread it, for He reguards it as a POWERFUL means to obtain the  BLINDING of SATAN.

 He is asking us to make ours, with all our strength,  these   Eternal Thoughts.'

                 "O my JESUS

        May our feet journey together,
        May our hands gather in unity,
 May our hearts beat to the same rhythm,
        May our souls be in harmony,
        May our thoughts be in unison,
       May our ears listen to the silence
    May our glances melt in one another,
 May our lips beg Our Heavenly Father,
   together,  to obtain MERCY.    Amen."

"This PRAYER is an instrument in your 
  hands,  for in working together
              with Me  this way,

      Satan will remain BLIND
      and because of his blindness
   souls will not be induced to SIN."

'One day, during morning prayer,
 The Blessed Virgin told me:

"Satan is gathering souls with 
             breathtaking speed.

Many are dragged into his SNARES against their will.   HELP ME !  HELP 

Satan's implacable HATRED is increasing to such an extent that he even suceeds in gaining over pious souls."

Jesus speaks:  "My children, when parents are buying a new dress for their children, they expect them to be thankful and to take care of their new clothes,
for it has not been easy for them to
make that purchase.

My Eternal Father too has given you a
new dress in the  Holy BAPTISM,
the beautiful garment of Santifying

   And you are not taking care of it !"

"When will you find parents who have
more than I have
to restore to its original PURITY
this garment of Sanctifying Grace ?

I have instituted the Sacrament of
   PENANCE  and you disregard it.

For thisI have
sweated BLOOD ,
I have worn Crown of Thorns ,

                I let Myself be
      NAILED on The CROSS 
I endured the worst 

"I then hid Myself in the insignificant little HOST like a child, a little child wrapped up in swaddling clothes,
    that you may come near Me
              and not be afraid.

   Can you find parents who have
   sacrificed more than I have
   for the new dress of their child ?"

    'My Jesus worthy of Adoration,
             my Sweet MASTER,

You know what I'd like to tell You.
But not a word is coming to my lips,
only my tears are slowly flowing.
   They are tears of repentance.
I would like to write beautiful poetry about
Your Infinite Kindness,
but I cannot since I have not been given such a talent.  Conscious of my misery and of my nothingness, I meditate firmly on what I could really give You.

LORD JESUS, I entrust You again and again with my sins and the monotonous flood of tears from my soul overwhelmed by the fullness of Your Grace

        Listen to me, I beg You !
It is the music of my soul.  I earnestly pray You, do not act as if You did not want to listen.  It is also a gift from You and I thank You a million times.
Each beating of my heart holds

But that is still too little, LORD JESUS,
for these heartbeats will stop also.  That is why I now pray You to hide the
repentance of my sins in each little
grain of sand that You have created,
let the wind bring it to You that You
may see how much
I Love You !
     That is all I can give You.
         Accept me LORD !'

also asked me to write this down also, for my brothers and sisters to see that  PENANCE  is what brings us
           CLOSER to
HIM !'
  "LORDI would like to REPENT for
       all the SINS of the world
  and deposit them here at Your Feet !"

"My daughter,  let that request
  live in you !  Your burning desire
  awakens repentance
in many souls
 and brings them closer to Me.

             This is the WAY
   you will be able to take part
  My Work of Salvation."
"Today once again, I am expecting their
I desire it ardently.  If only they were attentive and would listen to
My sighs ! 

to carry My CROSS
,  it is so HEAVY !  Do not leave Me alone !

It is because I need you that I am calling you.  Moreover, now is the time and opportunity to testify in My favour.

Do not seek your comfort.  Look at Me, look at The CROSS !

     Was I seeking My comfort !
              Are you not moved ?
You that I nourished from the warmth of My Heart  and that I am calling with so much  LOVE ,  despite so many infidelities on your part."


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