Our Lady of Lipa
'The Mother of GOD was sobbing so much while speaking that I could not determine clearly what was expected from me. 
On behalf of everyone, I basically promised everything to ease Her painMy heart was on the verge of shattering.'
Carmelite Elizabeth Kindelmann
"My daughter, I am asking you to consider Thursdays and Fridays as days of exceptional indulgence for you to offer a special PENANCE to
             My Divine Son.

The means of this EXPIATION:
      The Hour of ATONEMENT
            with the family.

During this Hour, say a variety of prayers
(for example, recite the Chaplet).  Sing holy hymns ! 

Open this Hour of Devotion with Five times  The SIGN of The Cross
in honour  of The Five WOUNDS
           of My Divine Son,

and close the session the same way.

Then, do a  spiritual reading  and 
   light  a candle   in memory of
           My Pledge to you.

Assemble two or three
for this
 HOUR of Atonement, for you
 know that
where two or three are gathered to PRAY in
My Son's NameHe
is among them.

Also, during the day, get into the HABIT of doing
      The SIGN of The Cross
        five times while glorifying

       This brings you closer to
   The Eternal Father  and your
 heart will be filled with  GRACE."

  "This FLAME full of Blessings 
                springing from
     My Immaculate Heart
and that I am giving you must go from heart to heart.  It will be the 
      Great Miracle of LIGHT 
           blinding  Satan .

It is the   FIRE of LOVE   and 
                   CONCORD ,
           and we will suppress
    Fire with Fire:

    the   fire of hatred  with
    the   Fire of Love ,

so that many souls can be saved from  ETERNAL DAMNATION .

am asserting that there has never been before such similar thing.  It is the greatest MIRACLE  I am doing.

 I obtained this
GRACE on your behalf from  The Eternal Father
 by virtue of the  Five Blessed
WOUNDS   of  My Divine Son !"

'While She was telling me these things, I had a marvelous inspiration regarding how UNITED Her Will was with that of
           The Eternal Father,
Her Divine Son,
and  The Holy Spirit.
The Blessed Virgin promised that
She would be among us to insure that this tiny  FLAME  would spread
galloping WILDFIRE
           all over the GLOBE.

Then, She added:

"Get to work, don't stay idle !

 I will help you and My Support
 will be constantTrust in Me !

    Act urgently Do not put
   MY CAUSE off  until later !

Satan is not staying quiet, he is doing tremendous effortsHe sees already  that My  FLAME of LOVE 
 will ignite and the only thought
 of this makes him so furious

I want  
The Flame of Love  of
           My Immaculate Heart 
        to be known everywhere,
      just like
My Name is known
           all over the world

      I can no longer suppress
    The Flame of Love  within Me;

     it is flowing towards you   
     with impetuous

I will  BLIND Satan  with 
  Flame of My Heart .

 United with you,
The Flame of Love of My Heart          will BURN AWAY  SIN

'One day, as I was overcome with
        The Blessed Virgin

       "Accept this suffering
           for the DYING

   You see, My daughter, when
The Flame of Love of  My Heart 
           is burning on earth,
    Its action filled with GRACE
       flows also onto the dying.

 Satan is BLINDED  and with the help of the prayer vigil, the FIGHT of the DYING with Satan will cease

   Under the serene
         My FLAME of LOVE ,

  even the most hardened sinners 
             are CONVERTED,
          for I do not want
       ANY soul to be LOST."

then repeated the words
had so often told me before:

what I am telling you now:

 I want to spread the power of  
stemming from
       The FLAME of LOVE  
   on all peoples and all nations.

     Not just those belonging to
        The Catholic Church,
           but on all souls,
         in the whole world,

     who are   marked  with
of The Cross 
        of  My Divine Son."

" The Flame of Love  I desire to spread
ever more on you,  I also extend to the souls in Purgatory !"

"My childBELIEVE  in
           MY Maternal Power  !

Sacrifice Both these 
  attitudes must be the dominant 
        qualities in your soul

  BELIEVE and TRUST Already,
           believe now at last in
  MY Maternal Power  with which
  I will   BLIND Satan   and
 save the world from the

'The Virgin Mary urged me instantly to do everything possible  
  The Flame of Love 
  to be SPREAD across the GLOBE !' 

"I can no longer suppress
The Flame of Love  within Me,
          let it flow to you !

  Just make the first step If at least I could see a SIGN of your goodwill !  Only the first step is costly,  believe Me !

Once it is made,
          My Flame of Love 
will  pierce impetuously  any distrust in your soul and will then illuminate it with a soft glow.

Once all resistance is gone
those having offered a shelter for     
            My Flame of Love 

              will proclaim It
even to the end of the world,

elated by the great abundance of 
--as I told you
already--that such a flow of GRACE has not yet ever been granted since 
     The Word became Flesh."

"Don't be discouragedI provide each one of you with the required ENERGYAll you need to do is to want it !
Through the action full with GRACE of  My Flame of Love , I will ENLIGHTEN your soul for your start to be courageous and strong.
 That is what you must do.
    I am URGING you !"

"Hurry up, My little one !  The moment when  My Flame of Love 
will IGNITE is close,

 and at this time
Satan will be BLINDED I want you to feel it in order to increase your confidenceThis will give you a great FORCE.

All those to whom this Force  will arrive will feel it.  Because it will IGNITE not only in the nations which are Consecrated to Me  but  ALL around the Earth,  and it will PROPAGATE in the whole world, even in the most inaccessible places, because for Satan there are no inaccessible places."

"You know how  My Heart  is
in pain.
Satan  is sweeping souls away
in a terrifying way
.    Why don't you all try your best to 
STOP him 
and  do it as soon as possible

I NEED YOUR HELPMy Heart is burning in   Sorrow  because
 I notice that many souls are being

Many of them show willingness,  but they let themselves DRAG along .  With a mocking smile, Satan opens his arms and carries them away .

My Son has  suffered  greatly for these souls
until His last breathPLEASE HELP !!!"

'As an echo to the words of Jesus,
            The Virgin Mary

"Should there be someone among you who resists My Flame of Love , then PREVENT him from doing so, with all your might.

   You have to make an EFFORT !
   I need you ALL !   Everybody !
   I need the combined FORCE
          of the whole world !
     You must do ALL you can
BLIND Satan  !
             I need all of you, 
         each one in particular
         and ALL TOGETHER !

    Do not tolerate any delay,
    for Satan is blinded to the  
    extent that you participate.

For a start,
give you a marvelous  strength,
                  to the multitude
        and to each one in particular.
         Your responsibility is great.
  But your WORK will not be in vain.

           If the whole world
        takes sides with
  Me ,
           the  soft LIGHT  of
           MY FLAME of LOVE 
            will then  IGNITE
  and  INFLAME  the whole world.

Satan will be humiliated
and made unable to continue using
 his POWER

But you must not postpone this
      do not prolong it !
 Do not get into the HABIT of adopting an attitude of WAIT in regards to
My Holy Supplication !"

"My daughter, I am providing you 
  with so powerful a GRACE:
       LOVE from
          that has never before
        been offered as it is now.

 Ever since
 The WORD became FLESH,
have not undertaken
 a greater MOVEMENT than
 The FLAME of LOVE from MY HEART who RUSHES to you.

         Till now, nothing could
        BLIND Satan so much
 And it is up to you not to reject it,
 for this  rejection  would simply

"The torrential FLOOD of BLESSINGS about to JOLT the world
must begin with the small number, the most humble souls.

Each person getting this MESSAGE should receive it as an INVITATION and no one should take offense nor

        You are MY children
    and  I am your MOTHER.

 Also,  pray Saint JOSEPH
        the purest of Spouses,
 He will probe the hearts of men
    in search of a shelter  for

"Convey this prayer of Mine to the Holy Father with the approval of your spiritual director and through the priests and pastors in charge !"

    "I PRAY the Holy Father to make
      February 2nd, Feast of the 
      Presentation to the Temple,

Feast of The Flame of Love
       of MY Immaculate Heart

Then, The Blessed Virgin Mary said:

"If you are in a state of grace and
 attend a Holy Mass which is not 
              an obligation for you,

the Flame of Love of My Heart radiates to such a degree that,
              during that time,
 Satan is BLINDED and the plenitude of My GRACES is transmitted to
the soul
for which you offer the
Holy Mass."

"The participation in the Sacrifice     of  The Holy Mass  increases to the highest degree the
blindness of  Satan."
November 22, 1962
"Satan foams with rage, and still carries out an even more bitter fight  with its usual torments,  since he feels the impeding coming of his blindness !"  

 'The Virgin Mary requests
that the
Hail Mary be recited as follows:
 "Hail Mary, full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee, Blessed are Thou among women, and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, JESUS.
 Holy Mary, Mother of GOD, pray for us sinners, spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death.  Amen." 

The bishop asked Elizabeth:  "Why should we recite the very old Ave Maria differently ?"   On February 2nd, 1982, The LORD answered:
 "It is exclusively thanks to the effective petitions of  The Blessed Virgin that The Most Holy Trinity granted the overflowing of
         The Flame of Love .

 By it, ask in the prayer with which you greet My Most Holy Mother:

 'Spread the Effect of Grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.' 

 So that,  by its action,  humanity is  converted."         

 'The Most Blessed Virgin
added:  "I do not want to change the prayer          by which you honour Me;  by this petition, I want rather to
             shake humanity.
  This is not a new prayer formula;
   it must be a constant petition."    

(The Spiritual Diary, October 1962)

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