'I reflected one day, my heart filled with 

"My Jesus, worthy of adoration
why has The Blessed Virgin chosen precisely our sinful family to introduce
  Her Flame of Love 
Here, in a place where You are so offended

The Lord consoled me with these tender words:
"I have come to call not the righteous, but the sinners.  That is the reason why I endured Death and the worst TORMENTSThat is also why I have chosen you."

"As you came to the world, I have written suffering on the parchment
of your life.
Now, I explain the value of suffering

The closer you are coming to Me,
the more will My Glory illuminate
the value of your sufferings.

And when you co
me to My Home,
you will then be able to contemplate before  The
Throne of
         The HOLY SPIRIT

    the value and beauty of these
       which will never disappear.

 There will I  "unfold"  them, and, 
  united to Mine , your merits

will gain for yourselves a prodigious degree in which your souls will be plunged with delicious wonder.

Just remember the decals you use to play with when you were young.  You only had to moisten them, give a little rub, and there you had, in beautiful colours, a splendid landscape, a prince or a dragon.  I can see you are looking at Me with wondering eyes.
My Teaching is simple and filial

Heaven belongs to childlike souls
who do not reason things; to those
who listen to Me with wonder
show Me their TRUST.

 See, I do not speak the language of science which has never sanctified anyone.  Accept the simple teaching I have sown in your childlike souls.  To them does My Kingdom belong."

"Know that the earth is like nature before a Storm.  It can also be compared to a Volcano when it suddenly awakens, smothers, kills
and blinds everyone with the
infernal smoke sprouting up and its falling ashes, whose *seism
destroys everything around. The deadly ashes full of sulfur want to blemish human souls created in the
           IMAGE of

Now The Blessed Virgin speaks:

"But  My Flame of Love  is about
              to   IGNITE .
the beautiful  RAY
          of  morning dawn,
      I am blinding

     I will free humanity from
     the sinful and  smoking lava 
                of  hatred."

"The elect souls will have to FIGHT
     the Prince of DARKNESS.
   It will be a frightening Storm.
   No, not a storm, but a hurricane  
       devastating everything !

will always be besides you in the
that is now brewing.

           I am your Mother .
    I can help you and I want to !

You will see everywhere the LIGHT of
   My Flame of Love  spouting out
 like a FLASH of LIGHTNING illuminating Heaven and earth,

  and with which I will inflame even
  the dark and languid souls !
  But what sorrow it is for  Me 
            to have to watch
       so many of My children
throw themselves into  Hell  !

    "My children, the ARM of
      My Divine Son is ready to 

      I can barely hold it back.
      Help Me !  If you invoke
           My Flame of Love ,
 we can save the world together !"

"You know, don't you, what I am telling you now ?   My Flame of Love  is searching with Saint Joseph for
a shelter in the streets of Bethlehem.

We are fleeing from Herod's Hatred.
Do you know who the persecutors
will be ?  The cowards, those who fear
for their well-being, those who know everything better than others, objections from mediocre minds.

Those who assault My Flame of Love
as formerly Herod attacked the Body
of the Innocent Child Jesus.

But just as The Heavenly Father took the Child Jesus under His Protection,

        so does He now Protect
             My Flame of Love .
         Our Heavenly Father
         will take care of it."

"You see, My child, I am raising and leading you into the Eternal Homeland that My Son has acquired for you at the cost of  immeasurable SUFFERINGS

 'Never had I heard The Blessed Virgin 
                 speak in that tone.

   Her Voice was full of Majesty,
            power and firmness

I cannot convey with words the inexpressible astonishment and the wonder with which I heard that
After a few minutes of silence,
She spoke on quite another tone,
Her usual and maternal tone of soft tenderness:

     "Fear not, have confidence
      in My power as a Mother."

      "Sacrifices and Prayers !
        Those are your means

   "The AIM is to make known
                the value of

  Ah!  if only your aspirations for 
            salvation could reach The
 Throne of The Heavenly Father ! 
The success would then be greater

"BURN !  Like the bush in flames of fire that did not burn up !  I need a sacrifice that does not consume itself and whose
          FIRE reaches  Me  !"

Then Jesus told me:

"My daughter, I must tell you that
  My Mother has never been gratified 
  with such an honour since
  The WORD became FLESH

Any prayer, an ejaculatory orison recited by whoever anywhere in the world will be like calls for help,
put together as one, the Day when
            The Flame of Love of
My Most Holy Mother 
              takes its full strength.

         Humanity will then cast itself
   at the feet of
  The Mother of GOD
                  to THANK Her
Her boundless LOVE."

"Convey My Words 
to the competent persons in charge:  through your spiritual director to the Holy Father, to My sons designated to that end, and pray them not to hinder the great 
Blessings  The
 Immaculate Hear
t of My Mother
 in Her  burning LOVE  for you,
 wants to spread upon the earth."

"My children, you can
ROB Me at will
with your confidence !
       I do not close Myself up !
       I stand before you with
       the  Love of My Heart .
  Here I am to make you happy."

'On July 26, 1971, The Lord and
           The Most Blessed Virgin
spoke in my soul...

"Language is a GIFT from GOD
and we shall be accountable for it one dayThrough dialogue, a relationship is established between human beings, allowing to know one another.  But we must not forget that each word uttered bears a certain meaning.  Let us therefore always live and act in the Presence of GOD  and
weigh each word that we pronounceOur Eternal Father gave us language.  Live therefore within your rights.  Do not be afraid to speak !"

"Yes, it is truly a difficult thing to SHAKE others out of their false tranquility.  But do not abandon them in their homes with their hands and hearts emptyYou must speak."

    The Blessed Virgin:

"Only through speech can My Flame of Love become known.  I am standing
with sadness in My Heart by the side
of the world.  You have no right to remain silent, neither by cowardice nor pride, neither by negligence nor fear of sacrifice.  The words you speak about 
must be impregnated with
      all the fervour of your soul
   so that mankind can be touched by
Mystery of Heaven." 

  "Should you want to speak publicly or
           if you were asked to do so,
    I will then be there to comfort you.

    Each word should be like a
    which must bear many FRUITS
         among your listeners."


"You must make the timid and passive 
abandon their reserve.
     They must not remain IDLE,
     nor keep people away from
          The Flame of Love of
The Immaculate Heart of 
My Mother

  They must not misuse the confidence 
  with which I attract them to Me.
  The words are there for them to 
the greatness of
               My Richness,
  so I can spread My remission of
  the SINS on the whole world.  
Let them all
take part in the

"A Christian conscience  must not
  be content to help  here and there,
  for the souls themselves will  
  rightfully ACCUSE you.

Have CONFIDENCE in My Mother !
With Her Infinite Maternal LOVE,
 She will SWEEP AWAY all your  
and FEARS.

 She MARKS and takes under Her Protection all who CONFIDE in Her.
  If you grant your confidence to
  My Mother , the wicked will be 
and humbled,
             and thrown into
           the depths of Hell. 
  The future world is coming."

'The Teaching
in unison with Our Lord
 The Virgin Mary
and my Guardian 
July 11, 1975

"My children, many people suffer--
  I say suffer-- from the obsession of 
goods which blinds them.  
  Many are unable, in spite of their 
  goodwill, to come closer to GOD
  because their material goods stand 
  before  GOD  and their souls."

"There are also among you people of goodwill who sometimes make great sacrifices and are however unable to receive the exceptional Blessings they expect, or that GOD had destined for them because the goods and  interests of this world  keep them imprisoned or blind them."

"These souls are receiving propositions reguarding what they must do, but they do not want to believe these inspirations are coming from GOD, their Guardian Angel or their Patron Saint."

"If somebody is making a gift, he must not expect to be praised for it but must remain unknown, for only then will
The Eternal Father be able to reward them for His favour.  If someone does a good deed to be seen by men, he has already received his reward here on earth."

The Flame of Love of
      The Most Blessed Virgin 
     is preparing the WAY within us
   for the Teaching and Inspirations of
             Our Lord Jesus.

 As we appeal to The Flame of Love, Jesus will then enlighten our
intelligence so that we may understand what we must dolike for example

which of two things is the more perfect, which one is  The Will of GOD.
He who receives this illumination must also follow it  and pass it on to others."

     "Love GOD very much,
       more and more each day !

 The Eternal Father

 "Inasmuch as you Love Me,
 the world will renounce SIN and
 will be preserved of Catastrophes.
                    Pass this on

Inasmuch as you Love Me,
you become better and also receive InspirationsYou are jointly responsible.  Yes, you are responsible
for your family, your Homeland
Let each one of you feel responsible
for the fate of all mankind..."

   'The BlessedVirgin:

"I grant to all of you the Grace to be able to see the success of your effort--
with reguard to the diffusion of
  My Flame of Love --as well as in each heart taken individually, as well as in your country and the whole world.

        You who TOIL and make
       SACRIFICES , you will see that
  My Flame of Love  will SUBMERGE 
      very soon
the whole humanity."

On the Feast of the Assumption,
August 15, 1980, The Lord Jesus and
The Most Holy Virgin spoke to me 

They let me know how increasingly the Flow of Blessings of  The Flame of Love  are poured more and more upon us if 
we make use of the efficacious means 
has recommended.
I perceived within myself the words of
The Blessed Virgin spoken resolutely, 
                  but full of Love


The CHURCH is in great DANGER 
   and you cannot remedy the situation 
       with earthly means or efforts.

     The Most Holy Trinity
     The Holy Virgin alone,

     the Angels and all the Saints,
  and with the assistance of all the souls 
  delivered by you from Purgatory,
  are still able to provide for the
  needs of the Militant Church."

January 1, 1981

"Surpass yourselvesConsider the Magi who made a superhuman sacrifice.  They certainly went beyond their usual measure."

"The priests first must lead the way,
but also the consecrated and all the     faithful."

"Prayer groups should be organized
                  in every parish !"

       "Bless one another with
The SIGN of The CROSS."

   The Holy Virgin, 
February 2, 1981

While I was praying, The Blessed 
  Virgin was sobbing
so much I hardly 
        understood what
She said.
 She told me of Her great Sorrow
 during about fifteen minutes.
 I asked Her why She was crying so 
 much.  She

"Because you are not doing everything
  I ask to preserve the world from 

From that day on, The Blessed Virgin appears often, every three or four days She cries and sobs and Her words
are inaudible.  Elizabeth once asked:  
"What is  the  Flame of Love  ?"


" My Mother's  Flame of Love 
is for you 
       what  NOAH's  ARK
was for Noah !"

And Mary added:

" The Flame of Love of 
My Immaculate Hear
 is  JESUS CHRIST Himself."

          "Mother of GOD,
 Send Forth Your Flame of Love's
Graceful Effect
     to the whole human race,
    now and in the hour of our 
               death.  Amen." 

        "Mother of GOD,
             Send Forth
    the Graceful Effects of
       Your Flame of Love
   to the whole human race,
  now and at the hour of our 
           death.  Amen."

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