Maximin Giraud,
Seer, as older adult
Maximin Giraud,
Melanie Calvat,
Seer, as adult.
'Then, She walked on up to the place where I had gone to see our cows.  Her feet touched nothing but the tips of the grass and without bending them.  Once on the top of the little mound, the BEAUTIFUL LADY stopped, and I hurried to stand in front of Her to look at Her so, so closely, and try to see which path She was most inclined to take.  For it was all over for me.  I had forgotten both my cows and the masters I worked for.
I had linked myself forever and unconditionally to
LADYYes, I wanted never, never to leave Her
I followed Her with no other motive and fully
disposed to serve Her for the rest of my life.
In the presence of my Lady, I felt I had forgotten paradise.  I thought of nothing more but to serve Her in every way possible; and I felt I could have done everything She could have asked me to do, for it seemed to me that She had a great deal of  POWER.

She looked at me with a tender Kindness which
drew me to Her.  I could have thrown myself into Her Arms with my eyes closed.  She did not give me the time to do so.
  She rose imperceptibly from the ground to a height of around four feet or more; and, hanging thus in the air for a split second, my BEAUTIFUL LADY looked up to Heaven,
then down on the earth to Her right and then Her left 4, then She looked at me with Her Eyes so soft,
so kind and so good that I felt She was drawing me inside Her, and my heart seemed to open up to Hers.

And as my heart melted away, sweetly gladdened, the Beautiful Face of my good Lady disappeared little by little.  It seemed to me that the LIGHT in motion was growing stronger, or rather condensing around The Most Holy Virgin, to prevent me from seeing Her any longer.  And thus LIGHT
took the place of the parts of  Her Body which were disappearing in front of my eyes; or rather it seemed to me that the Body of my Lady was melting into

Thus the SPHERE of LIGHT rose gently towards the right.  I cannot say whether the volume of LIGHT decreased as She rose, or whether the growing distance made me see less and less LIGHT as She rose What I do know, is that I was a long time with my head raised up, staring at the LIGHT, even after the LIGHT, which kept getting further away and decreasing in volume, had finally disappeared.
I take my eyes from the firmament, I look around me.  I see Maximin looking at me, and I say to him:

       "Maxi, that must have been my father's
         Good Lord, or The Holy Virgin,
         or some other great Saint"

 And Maximin throws his arms into the air and says: 

                "Oh!  If only I'd known!" '

    '...The 20th of September, the day after the 
, I left early in the morning with Maximin.  When we reached the presbytery,
I knocked at the door. The priest's housekeeper came and opened the door and asked us what we wanted.
I said to her
(in French, and I, who had never spoken French),
    "We would like to speak to Father Perrin."

 "And what have you got to say to him?  she asked. 

"We wish to tell him, Miss, that yesterday we went up to watch over our cows on Baisses Mountain and after dinner, etc...etc."

We recounted a good piece of The Most Holy Virgin's words.  Then the church-bell rang:  it was the final call for MASSFr. Perrin, the parish priest of  La Salette, who had heard us, flung open his door; he was in tears and was beating his chestHe said to us:

   "My children, we are LOST.
     GOD will punish us.  Oh!  Good Lord!
     It was The Holy Virgin
     Who appeared to you!"

And he left to say Holy Mass.  We looked at each other, Maximin, the housekeeper, and I.  Then Maximin said to me:

      "Me, I'm off home to my father in Corps",
                  and we parted company.

'...Mass begins and after the first reading from the Gospel, Father Perrin turns to the congregation and tries to recount to his parishioners, the story of the Apparition which had just taken place, the day before, on one of their mountains, and he URGES them to STOP WORKING ON SUNDAYS.

His voice was broken with sobs, and all the congregation was greatly moved
.  After Holy Mass, I went back to my masters to workMr. Peytard, who still today is the mayor of La Salette 6 came to question me on the Apparition, and when he had made sure that I was speaking the truth, he went away convinced.  I stayed on in the service of my masters until All Saint's DayThen I was boarded with the nuns of Providence, in my home town of Corps.'

       'The Most Holy Virgin was tall
                   and well-proportioned.

seemed so light that a mere breath could have stirred Her, yet She was motionless and perfectly balanced Her Face was Majestic, imposing,
but not imposing in the manner of the lords here belowShe compelled a respectful fear.

At the same time as Her Majesty compelled
respect mingled with Love, She drew near to me.
Her Gaze  was  soft  and  penetrating.
Her Eyes seemed to speak to mine, but the conversation came out of a deep and vivid feeling
of LOVE for this ravishing BEAUTY Who was liquefying me.  The  softness  of  Her Gaze,
Her air of incomprehensible GOODNESS
made me understand and feel that She was DRAWING me to Her and wanted to give Herself.
It was an expression of  LOVE  which cannot be expressed with the tongue of the flesh, nor with the letters of the alphabet.

The Clothing of The Most Holy Virgin was silver white and quite brilliantIt was quite intangible.
It was made up of  LIGHT and GLORY, sparkling and dazzlingThere is no expression nor comparison to be found on earth.

The Holy Virgin
all BEAUTY and all LOVE;
           the sight of
Her overwhelmed me.
            In Her finery as in Her Person,
        everything radiated with MAJESTY,
           of a QUEEN beyond compare

     She seemed as White, IMMACULATE,  
       Crystalized,  Dazzling,  Heavenly,

           fresh and new as a VIRGIN.

          The word LOVE seemed to slip from
             Her Pure and Silvery Lips.
She appeared to me like a Good MOTHER,
              full of Kindness,  Amiablilty,
                      of Love for us,
            of Compassion and MERCY.

       which She had placed on Her Head
           was so beautiful, so brilliant,
             that it defies imagination

The different colored Roses were not of this earth;
 it was a joining together of flowers which
crowned the Head of The Most Holy Virgin.

But the  Roses  kept changing and replacing each other, and then, from the heart of each Rose,
there shone a beautiful entrancing LIGHT,
which gave the Roses a shimmering beauty.

From the Crown of Roses there seemed to arise golden branches and a number of little flowers mingled with the shining ones.  The whole thing formed a most beautiful DIADEM, which alone shone brighter than our earth's SUN.

The Holy Virgin had a most pretty CROSS
hanging around Her Neck.  This Cross seemed golden, (I say golden rather than gold-plated, for I have sometimes seen objects which were golden with varying shades of gold, which had a much more beautiful effect on my eyes than simple gold-plate). 

On this shining, beautiful Cross, there was a CHRISTit was Our Lord on the Cross.

Near both ends of the Cross there was a hammer, and at the other end, a pair of tongs.
The CHRIST was skin-colored, but He shone dazzingly; and the LIGHT shone forth from
His Holy Body seemed like brightly shining darts
which pierced my heart with
 the desire to melt inside Him.

At times, the  Christ  appeared to be dead.
His Head was bent forward and His Body
seemed to give way, as if about to fall,
had He not been held back by the Nails
 which held Him to the Cross.

I felt a deep compassion and would have liked to
tell His unknown LOVE to the whole world,
and to let seep into mortal souls the most heartfelt Love and Gratitude towards a GOD Who
              had no need whatsoever of us
            to be everything He is,
           was and always will be.

  And yet, O LOVE that men cannot understand,
             He made Himself Man,
               and wanted to DIEyes, DIE,
                 so as to better inscribe in our souls
               and in our memory,
      the Passionate LOVE He has for us!

    Oh, how wretched am I to find myself so poor
                     in any expression of the
     Love of Our Good SAVIOR for us!

  But, in another way, how happy we are to be able
  to feel more deeply that which we cannot express!

At other times, the Christ appeared to be ALIVE.

     His Head was erect,  His Eyes Open,
     and He seemed to be on The CROSS
                 of His Own accord.

  At times tooHe appeared to SPEAK:
  He seemed to show that He was on the CROSS
        for our sakeout of  LOVE  for us,
       to DRAW us to His  LOVE ,

 and that He always has more LOVE to GIVE us,
             that His LOVE in the beginning
                    and in the year 33

 is always that of today and will be for ever more.

          The Holy Virgin was CRYING
nearly the whole time She was speaking to me.

    Her TEARS Flowed gently, one by one,
                  down to Her Knees,
      then, like SPARKS of
                 they disappeared.

 They were glittering and full of  LOVE .
 I would have liked to COMFORT Her
              and stop Her Tears.
But it seemed to me that She needed the Tears
to show better Her  LOVE  forgotten by men.

 I would have liked to throw myself
Her Arms and say to Her:
          "My Kind Motherdo not CRY !
    I want to Love You for all men on earth,"

She seemed to be saying to me:

"There are so many who know Me not. !"

  'I was in between Life and Death, and on one side,
   I saw so much desire by this Mother to be Loved
   and on another side, so much COLD and 
...Oh My Mother,
   Most Beautiful and Lovable Mother,
        my LoveHeart of my heart!

The TEARS of our Sweet Mother, far from lessening Her air of Majesty, of a QUEEN
and a Mistress, seemed, on the contrary, to embellish Her, to make Her more Beautiful,
more Powerful, more filled with Love, more Maternal, more Ravishing, and I could have wiped away Her Tears which made my heart leap with Compassion and Love.

To see a Mother CRY, and such a Mother, without doing everything possible to COMFORT Her and change Her GRIEF into JOY, is that possible?

 Oh!  Mother, Who is more than Good;
You have been formed with all the perogatives
GOD is able to make;
 You have Married the Power of GOD,
 so to speak; You are Good, and more,

 You are Good with the GOODNESS of GOD 

        GOD has extended Himself
        by making You His Terrestrial
        and Celestial  MASTERPIECE

The Most Holy Virgin had a yellow pinafore.
What am I saying, yellowShe had a pinafore more brilliant than several SUNS put together.  It
was not a tangible material; it was composed of GLORY,
 and ravishingly BEAUTIFUL.

Everything in The Holy Virgin carried me firmly 
             and made me kind of
slide into the
          Adoration and Love of my JESUS
         in every state of His Mortal Life.

       The Most Holy Virgin had two Chains,
                 one a little wider than the other.
 From the narrower one, hung the CROSS which I mentioned earlier.  These Chains (since they must be given the name of chains) were like RAYS of brightly shining GLORY, sparkling and dazzlingHer shoes (since they must be called shoes) were white, but a silvery brilliant whiteThere were Roses around them.
These Roses were dazzlingly beautiful, and from the
heart of each Rose there shone forth a FLAME of
very beautiful and pleasing LIGHT.
On Her shoes there was a buckle of GOLD,
not the gold of this earth, but rather the Gold of Paradise.

          The SIGHT of  The Holy Virgin
      was itself  PERFECT  PARADISE.

     She had everything needed to SATISFY,
                  for earth had been forgotten.
The Holy Virgin
was surrounded by TWO LIGHTS

         The first LIGHT, the nearer to
 The Most Holy Virgin, reached as far as us.
 It shone most beautifully and scintillatingly.

          The second LIGHT shone out
      a little around the BEAUTIFUL LADY
      and we found ourselves  BATHED in it.

It was motionless (that is to say it wasn't scintillating) but much more brilliant than our poor sun on earth.  All this LIGHT did not harm nor tire the eyes in any way.

In addition to all these LIGHTS, all this SPLENDOUR, there shone forth concentrations or BEAMS of LIGHT and single RAYS of LIGHT from the Body of
The Holy Virgin, from Her Clothes
and from all over Her.

The VOICE of the BEAUTIFUL LADY was soft.
It was enchanting, ravishing, warming to the heart.
           It satisfied, flattered every obstacle,
soothed and softened.
              It seemed to me I could never stop
              eating up Her beautiful VOICE
              and my heart seemed to dance
              or want to go towards Her
                   and melt inside Her.

        The Eyes of The Most Holy Virgin,
                  our Sweet Mother,
      cannot be described in human language.

To speak of them, you would need a Seraph, you would need more than that, you would need the language of
GOD HIMSELF, of the GOD Who formed
The Immaculate Virgin ,
         The MASTERPIECE of
         His OMNIPOTENCE.

       The EYES of the MAJESTIC MARY
    appeared thousands of times more beautiful
               than the rarest brilliants,
           diamonds and precious stones.

  They shone like two SUNS; they were SOFT,
     softness itselfas CLEAR as a MIRROR.

  In Her Eyes, you could see PARADISE.
 They drew you to Her,  She seemed to want to
           DRAW and GIVE HERSELF.

The more I looked, the more I wanted to SEE;
the more I saw, the more LOVED  HER
                   with all my might.

The Eyes of the BEAUTIFUL IMMACULATE One were like the DOOR of GOD's Kingdom,
from which you could see all that can elate the soul

               When my eyes met those
              of The Mother of GOD
              and of myself, I felt inside me
              a happy revolution
and a declaration that I Love Her
              and am MELTING with LOVE.

As we looked at each other, our eyes spoke to each other in their fashion, and I loved Her so much I could have KISSED Her in the middle of Her Eyes,
which touched my soul and seemed to draw it
towards them
and make it melt into Hers.

Her Eyes set up a sweet trembling in all my being;
and I was afraid to make the slightest movement which might cause Her the smallest displeasure.

  Just the sight of the Eyes of the Purest of Virgins
      would have been enough to make the Heaven
  of a blessed creature, enough to fill the soul with the
               Will of The MOST HIGH
 amid the events which occurs in the course of mortal life,   
                     enough to make the soul

      perform continual  ACTS of  PRAISE,
                       and  EXPIATION

   Just this sight  focuses the soul on GOD,
             and makes it like a living-death,
          looking upon all things of this earth,
      even the things which seem the most serious,
           as nothing but children's playthings.

   The soul would want to hear no one speaking
they spoke of GOD,
       and of that which affects His

     SIN  is the only Evil  SHE sees on earth.
            SHE  will   DIE  of  GRIEF 
    unless  GOD  sustains HER.   Amen."

MARIA of the CROSS, Victim of JESUS
            nee Melanie Calvat, Shepherdess of  La Salette    
            Castellamare, 21st of November, 1878.

I anticipate with great pleasure the 'SECRET' circulating at full extent; the more it spreads the more
it will arouse salutary fear and numerous returns to GODMARY will bless those who help at the diffusion as She absolutely wants this passed on to all of the people.  We are punished for having neglected this absolute ORDER from THE MOTHER OF GOD."

Extract from a letter of Melanie relating to the SECRET
                                 of  La Salette.

  1.  Neither Melanie nor Maximin understood French.  The 
       Beautiful Lady now continues Her speech in "patois".

  2.  ..Melanie corrects these words in parenthesis which are her own, she says, and which she judges to be unclear and inaccurate.  "That is to say", she writes, "that in those days, which only seem like twenty years ago, some perverted people (Italian:  malvages) had given themselves over to devotion to the demon of magic.  These people would cause to appear in the eyes of the curious, acquainted and theirs who had not led a Christian way of life.  "These supposedly resurrected individuals appeared in heavenly glory.  People known to have lived in the fear of
God appeared to be in horrible suffering, and urged their friends and acquaintances not to follow in their footsteps, and they preached a gospel opposed to that of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  It seems that these bizzare occurrences may be put down to the fashion fro spiritualistic evocations and for certain spiritualistic and demoniac practices which no doubt will one day be brought to light through a thorough examination of the Luciferian archives of FreeMasonry."

In the same letter, Melanie takes care to explain that where it is said that people will be transported from one place to another, it must be understood as to be in rare cases only.

  3.  In patois.  4.  "In which direction had the Holy Virgin turned when She rose?" --"That way (she pointed to the east)...I know that Rome is in that direction."
     Conversation with Melanie, Miss des Brulais,
                             8th Sept. 1849

  5.  "My Father's Good Lord:  this is the Crucifix, this living Crucifix which the beautiful Lady wears around Her neck, and which seemed to talk to Her.  The Holy Virgin..."
Melanie does not seem to have doubted for a moment that it was Her, this comes out in the account, however, she does not dare to be the first to state it:  it is for the Church of Jesus Christ to do so, she has this intuition.  In effect, the next morning, it is the parish priest of La Salette who cries out, at the account of the two children:

  "It was the Holy Virgin who appeared to you" and from the pulpit, will announce this to his parishioners, and to all the faithful ones among them.

  6.  Today:  21st of November 1878, when this account
       was written.
                     Additional words of Melanie:

"The GREAT CHASTISEMENT WILL COME, because men will not be converted; yet it is only their conversion that can hinder these SCOURGES.  GOD will begin to strike men by inflicting lighter punishments in order to open their eyes; then He will stop, or may repeat His former WARNINGS to give place for REPENTANCE
But sinners will not avail themselves of these opportunities; He will, in consequence, send more severe castigations, anxious to move sinners to repentance, but all in vain.  Finally, the obduracy of sinners shall draw upon their heads the greatest and most terrible calamities.

We are all GUILTY !  PENANCE is not done, and SIN increases daily.  Those who should come forward to do good are retained by fear.  EVIL is great.  A moderate punishment serves only to iritate the spirits, because they view all things with human eyes.  GOD could work a MIRACLE to CONVERT and CHANGE the aspect of the earth without Chastisement.  GOD will work a MIRACLE; it will be a STROKE of His MERCY; but after the wicked shall have inebriated themselves with BLOOD, the SCOURGE shall arrive.

What countries shall be preserved from such calamities?  Where shall we go for refuge?  I, in my turn, shall ask, What is the country that observes the COMMANDMENTS of GOD?  What country is not influenced by human fear where the interest of the CHURCH and the Glory of GOD are at stake?  (Ah, indeed!  What country, what nation upon earth?)  In behalf of my Superior and myself, I have often asked myself where we could go for REFUGE, had we the means for the journey and for our subsistence, on condition that no person were to know it?  But I renounce these useless thoughts.  We are very GUILTY !  In consequence of this, it is necessary that a very great and terrible SCOURGE should come to revive our Faith, and to restore to us our very reason, which we have almost entirely lost.  Wicked men are devoured by a thirst for exercising their cruelty; but when they shall have reached the uttermost point of barbarity, GOD HIMSELF shall extend His Hand to STOP them, and very soon after, a complete change shall be effected in all surviving persons.  Then they will sing the Te Deum Laudamus with the most lively gratitude and love.  The Virgin Mary, Our Mother, shall be our LIBERATRIX.  Peace shall reign, and the charity of Jesus Christ shall unite our hearts...Let us PRAY; let us pray.  GOD does not wish to chastise us severely.
He speaks to us in so many, so many ways to make us return to Him.  How long shall we remain stubborn?  Let us pray, let us pray; let us never cease praying and doing penance.  Let us pray for our Holy Father the Pope, the only light for the faithful in these times of darkness.  O yes, let us by all means pray much.  Let us pray to good, sweet, merciful
Virgin Mary; for we stand in great need of Her powerful hands over our heads."

                              Words of Maximin:

"In this time the Antichrist will be born of a nun of Hebraic descent, a false virgin, who will have intercourse with the ancient serpent, with the master of impurity and putrefaction.  His father will be a bishop.  He will perform false miracles and subsist only on vitiating faith.  He will have brethren, who will be children of evil but not incarnate devils like himself.  Soon they will be at the head of armies, supported by the legions of Hell."

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