'As Our Lady spoke these words,
 She opened Her Hands once more,
 as She had done during the two previous

 The RAYS of LIGHT seemed to
the earth, and we saw as it were
            a SEA OF FIRE.

 Plunged in the FIRE
         and SOULS in human form
    like transparent burning embers,
 all blackened or burnished bronze,
 floating about in the conflagration,

 now raised into the air by the FLAMES
 that issued from within themselves
 together with great Clouds of SMOKE,

 now falling back on every side like SPARKS
in huge FIRES
, without weight or equilibrium,  and  SHRIEKS  and GROANS
of PAIN  and  DESPAIR,
which HORRIFIED us and made us TREMBLE with FEAR.

It must have been this SIGHT which caused
  me to
CRY out, as people say they heard me

The DEMONS could be distinguished by their TERRIFYING and repellent likeness to FRIGHTFUL and unknown animals black and transparent  like burning COALS.

That vision lasted only a moment, thanks to Our GOOD MOTHER in HEAVEN,
Who, at the First Apparition,
had promised to bring us to Heaven. 

Without that,  I think we would have
DIED  of  TERROR  and  FEAR.

as if to plead for succor,
we looked up at Our Lady,
Who said to us, so kindly and so sadly:

       "You have seen HELL
           where the souls
        of poor sinners go.


 To save them, GOD wishes
 to establish in the world
Devotion to My Immaculate Heart.

If what I say to you is done,
many souls will be saved
and there will be peace.

The WAR is going to END;
 but if people do not
 a worse one will break out
 during the reign of Pius XI.

When you see a night  ILLUMINATED
by an unknown LIGHT

know that this is the GREAT SIGN
 given you by GOD
 that He is about to PUNISH the world
 for its CRIMES
 by means of WAR, FAMINE, and PERSECUTIONS of The Church and of the Holy Father."

"To PREVENT this,

      I shall come to ask for
   the Consecration of Russia
   to  My Immaculate Heart ,

and the Communion of Reparation
on the First Saturdays.

     If My requests are heeded,
     Russia will be converted
     and there will be peace;

if not,  she will spread her errors throughout the world,
causing WARS and
Persecutions of The Church.

The good will be MARTYRED,
the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various
nations will be annihilated.

In the end,
       My Immaculate Heart
            will Triumph.

The Holy Father will
consecrate Russia to Me,
and she will be converted,
and a period of peace
will be granted to the world.

In Portugal, the Dogma of the FAITH
will always be preserved, etc.
Do not tell this to anybody.
Francisco, yes, you may tell him."

"When you pray the ROSARY
   say after each Mystery:

'O my JESUS, forgive us,
 save us from  The Fires of Hell .
 Lead all souls to Heaven,
 especially those who
 are most in need.' "

'After this, there was a moment of silence,
 and then I asked,
'Is there anymore that You want of me?'

"No, I do not want anything more
                   of you today."

'Then, as before, Our Lady began to ascend toward the East, until She finally disappeared.'

In this Third Apparition of July 13th,
Our Lady gave  the  'SECRET'
and clearly announced the exact date,
time and place of the upcoming

October MIRACLE.
How excitingly soul-stirring!

On August 13th, between 10,000 and 20,000 people gathered at the Cova da Iria to await the arrival of Our Lady The three little seers were not present.  The Administrator of the District, Arthur de Oliveria Santos, a prominent FreeMason, had IMPRISONED the children on Aug. 13th, and for 2 days he used many means, including the THREAT of boiling them in oil, to pry from them either the 'Secret' itself, or a confession that they were lying. 

the children refused to betray their confidence and remained steadfast under every tactic used.  In fact, believing that they were soon to be killed, they were full of JOY
at the thought of being in Heaven.  This willingness to suffer MARTYRDOM is another PROOF of the truthfulness of the MESSAGE.  Realizing that he was getting nowhere, after 2 days the administrator
released the children.

While the seers were being held on August 13th, Our Lady still came to the Cova da Iria and manifested Her Presence to the large crowd. 

One faithful woman described the scene:
'The CLAP of THUNDER...everyone kept quiet, frightened...At the clap of thunder there followed LIGHTNING, and at once we noticed a small CLOUD..which hovered over the holm-oak, then rose towards the SKY, and disappeared in the atmosphere.

...the faces of the people had all the colours of the RAINBOWpink, red, blue...the trees did not appear to have branches and leaves but only flowers; everything seemed laden with flowers, and every leaf appeared to be a flower.  The ground was covered with squares of different colours.  Clothes were also of every colour of the rainbow.'

On the afternoon of August 19th, Lucy and Francisco, accompanied by Francisco's older brother John, went to put their sheep to pasture; Sister Lucy recounts:

'I felt that something supernatural was approaching and enveloping us.
Suspecting that Our Lady was going to appear to us, and feeling sorry that Jacinta would not
be there to see Her, we asked her brother John
to go and get her

However, John wished to stay and see
Our Lady
Lucy, therefore, gave John one coin to fetch Jacinta, and promised him another when he brought her back.  While he ran to get her, Lucy and Francisco saw the characteristic FLASH of LIGHT, and just as Jacinta arrived, Our Lady appeared above a holm-oak treeLucy's account continues:

[Lucy asked:]
 'What does Your Grace want from me?'

   "I want you to continue going to
      the Cova da Iria on the 13th,
      that you continue
  PRAYING the ROSARY every day.

 On the last month,
             I WILL
 so that all will BELIEVE

If they had not taken you to the town, the MIRACLE would have been greater.

   SAINT JOSEPH will come
     with The Child JESUS,
   to give PEACE to the world.

       Our LORD will come
       to BLESS the people.
       Our Lady of the ROSARY
and Our Lady of SORROWS
              will come also."

'What do you want them to do with the money the people leave at the Cova da Iria?'

"have two litters made.  You carry one with Jacinta and two other girls dressed in white; the other one Francisco is to carry, with three boys, like him, dressed in white.  It will be for the Feast of  Our Lady of the Rosary .
What is left over will help towards the construction of a CHAPEL that is to be built."

'I should like to ask You to
 cure some sick persons

     "Yes, I will cure some of them
                   during the year."

'Then looking more SAD,
 Our Lady said: 

"Pray, very much,
  and make sacrifices for sinners,
  for many souls GO TO HELL
  because they have no one
  to make sacrifices for them."

As usual, Our Lady began to
ascend towards the East.

After the Apparition of August 19th,
the three children looked for ways
to make sacrifices
to offer to

       "for His Love,
 for the conversion of sinners,

 and in
 for the OFFENSES against
The Immaculate Heart of Mary."

Lucy describes one example:

'Some days after, we were following a path with our sheep and I found a piece of ROPE which had fallen from a cart.  I took it and amused myself by attaching it to one of my arms.  It did not take long to notice that the ROPE hurt me.  I then said to my cousins'Look, that hurts!  We could attach it around our waist and offer this sacrifice to GOD.'

The poor children accepted my idea immediately and we then decided to share that ROPE among the three of us.
A sharp stone, rubbing on another, served as a knife.  Whether because of the size and roughness of the rope, or because sometimes we squeeded it too much, that instrument made us suffer horribly.  Sometimes Jacinta shed some tears because of the discomfort which the rope caused her.  I told her on several occasions to take it off, and she replied,
I want to offer this sacrifice to 
  Our Lord
in Reparation and
  for the conversion of sinners

On Septenber 13th, as many as 30,000 people gathered at the Cova da IriaWhile waiting for NOON to arrive, Lucy led the ROSARY for the crowd.  At noon, a certain phenomenon announced the Arrival of Our Lady
to many in the crowd.  As one witness relates,

The SKY was blue, without any clouds.  I also looked up, and began to scrutinize the immensity of the firmament, to see what other eyes, more fortunate than mine, had already contemplated.  To my astonishment, I then saw, clearly and distinctly, a LUMINOUS GLOBE, travelling from the East to the West, and gliding slowly and majestically in space...Suddenly the Globe, with its extraordinary LIGHT, disappeared from my eyes.

The light of the SUN then dimmed, and the atmosphere became a yellow-gold colour,
like it had during the former Apparitions.
Some reported they could see the STARS,
the sky had darkened to such an extent
Lucy then spoke to Our Lady, asking,
'What does Your Grace want of me?'

"Continue to PRAY the ROSARY
 in order to obtain the End of the WAR.

 In October, Our Lord will come
 as well as Our Lady of Sorrows
 and Our Lady of Mount Carmel,
 and Saint Joseph will appear
 with The Child JESUS
 in order to
BLESS the world.

GOD is satisfied with your sacrifices,
 but He does not want you to sleep with
 the ROPEWear it only during the day."

'There is a little girl here who is deaf-mute.  
 Would not
Your Grace wish to cure her?'

Our Lady replied that a year from now, the girl would be better 'I have many other requests, some for conversions, others for a cure.'

"I shall cure some, but others no, because Our Lord does not trust them."

'The people would indeed like to
  have a
Chapel here.'

"With half of the money received so far,
 they should make litters and carry them on  
 the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary;
 the other half can be used to build the

Lucy then offered Her two letters and a small flask of water with a fragrance, which had been given her by a man of the parish of Olivial.  In offering them to Our Lady, she said to Her:  
    'They gave me that.
     Does Your Grace want it?'

"That is not suitable for Heaven,"
   Our Lady

 "In October,  I will perform the 
so that all may believe."

Our Lady
then ascended toward the East
and disappeared as usual.  The crowd once again saw the LUMINOUS GLOBE, which had accompanied Her upon Her Arrival,
rise up toward the East and disappear.

There were about 70,000 people present at the Cova da Iria for the October 13th Apparition and Miracle of the SUN.

Beginning the night before and persisting throughout the morning of the 13th, a COLD  RAIN  fell on the crowd.  The ground was  
and the  RAIN SOAKED  

At the time when Our Lady was due to arrive, Lucy begged the people to close
their umbrellas, which they did at once.

'What does Your Grace want of me?'

 [Lucy asked.]

"I want to tell you that a CHAPEL
  is to be built here in My Honour. 

                     I AM

May you continue always to
 PRAY the ROSARY every day. 

The WAR  is going to End
 and the soldiers will soon
 return to their homes."

'I had many things to ask Youto cure some sick people, to convert some sinners,

"Some yes, others no.
  They must AMEND their lives
  and ask PARDON for their  SINS ."

Then taking on a more Sorrowful air,
Our Lady

   "Do not OFFEND
    THE LORD any more,
    for He is already
    TOO much OFFENDED !"

'You want nothing more from me?'
[Lucy asked.]

"No, I want nothing more from you."

'Then I do not ask anything more of You 

As Our Lady ascended into Heaven,
Lucy shouted:   She is going! 
              She is going!

The MIRACLE announced
 by Our Lady then took place:

  the SKY abruptly CLEARED
  and the SUN ' danced '.

 Dr. Almeida Garrett testified:

'Suddenly I heard the uproar of thousands of voices, and I saw the whole MULTITUDE...
TURN THEIR BACKS to that spot where,
 until then, all their expectations focused,
 and LOOK at the SUN on the other side...

I could see the SUN, like a very clear DISC, with its sharp edge, which gleamed...the most astonishing thing was to be able to STARE at the SOLAR DISC for a long time, BRILLIANT with LIGHT and HEAT, without hurtung the eyes, or damaging the retina.'
The testimony of Avelino de Almeida, editor-in chief of O Seculo, Lisbons's anticlerical and Masonic daily newspaper, is similar:

'And then we witnessed a unique SPECTACLE, an incredible SPECTACLE, UNBELIEVABLE if you did not witness it...

We can see the immense crowd turn towards the SUN, which appeared at its zenith, clear of the clouds.  It looked like a plate of dull SILVER, and it was possible to STARE at it without the least discomfort.  It did not burn the eyes.  It did not blindOne might say that an
 ECLIPSE had occurred.2
Others also testified:

 it seemed like a WHEEL of FIRE.'

 (Maria de Capelinha)3

'The SUN turned like a FIRE WHEEL,
 taking on all the colours of the RAINBOW.' (Maria do Carmo)4

'The SUN took on all the colours of the Rainbow Everything assumed those same colours:  our faces, our clothes, the earth itself.' (Maria do Carmo)5

The most TERRIFYING aspect of the
Miracle of the SUN then took place:

'We suddenly heard a CLAMOR,
 like a CRY of ANGUISH of that entire crowd. 

The SUN, in fact, keeping its rapid movement of ROTATION, seemed to FREE ITSELF from the firmament and,
to PLUNGE towards the earth,
threatening to CRUSH us
with its FIERY MASS.

Those were some TERRIFYING seconds.'
 (Dr. Almeida Garrett)6

'The SUN began to  DANCE  and,
 at a certain moment, it appeared to
 DETACH ITSELF from the firmament,
like a FIRE WHEEL.'
(Alfredo de Silva Santos)7

'Finally, the SUN stopped and everybody breathed a sigh of relief...'
(Maria da Capelinha)8

'From those thousands of mouths I heard SHOUTS of JOY and LOVE to the
Most Holy Virgin.  And then I believed.
I had the CERTAINTY of not having been the victim of a suggestion.  I had seen the SUN
as I would never see it again.'
(Mario Godinho, an Engineer)9

Yet another astonishing aspect of the Miracle was that all of the thousands of people, most of whom were SOAKED to the bone and dirty from the MUD, suddenly found that their clothes were DRY and CLEAN.

'The moment one would least expect it,
our clothes were totally DRY.'
(Maria do Carmo)10

'My suit dried in an INSTANT.'
(John Carreira)11

The Academician Marques da Cruz testified:
'This enormous multitude was DRENCHED, for it had RAINED since dawn.  But--though this may appear incredible--after the GREAT MIRACLE everyone felt comfortable, and found his garments quite DRY, a subject of general WONDER...The truth of this FACT has been guaranteed with the greatest sincerity by dozens and dozens of persons of absolute trustworthiness, whom I have know intimately from childhood, and who are still alive (1937), as well as persons from various districts of the country who were present.'12

In one aspect, this is the most astonishing effect of the MIRACLE and an indisputable PROOF of its authenticity:  The amount of ENERGY needed to accomplish this process of DRYING in a natural way and in such a short time, would have incinerated everyone present at the Cova at that time.  As this aspect of the Miracle contradicts the Laws of Nature radically, no demon could ever have achieved it.

Finally, many MIRACLES of CONVERSION, the greatest Miracle GOD can bestow, also occurred.  Here are two examples:

The Captain of the regiment of soldiers on the mountain that day--with orders to prevent the gathering of the crowd--was converted instantlyApparently so were hundreds of other unbelievers, as their testimony will show.13

'There was an unbeliever there who had spent the morning MOCKING the 'simpletons' who had gone off to Fatima just to see an ordinary girl.  He now seemed paralyzed, his eyes fixed on the SunHe began to TREMBLE from head to foot, and lifting up his arms, fell on his knees in the MUD, CRYING OUT TO GOD.' (Father Lourenco)14

lasted for 10 minutes.

the Miracle of the Sun,
the three children were witnessing something else: the BEAUTIFUL SPECTACLE promised by Our Lady.
Lucy writes:

'Our Lady having disappeared in the
  immensity of the firmament,
                we SAW,  beside the SUN,

 Saint Joseph
with The Child Jesus

 and Our Lady clothed in White
                              with a Blue Mantle.
 Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus
      seemed to BLESS the world
with gestures which They made with Their Hands in the Form of a CROSS.

Soon after, that Apparition having ceased,
I saw Our Lord and Our Lady again,
this time as Our Lady of Mount Carmel.'

These three successive visions are connected to the ROSARY.  In each of Her SIX Apparitions, Our Lady asked that the ROSARY be prayed and here, in these visions granted to the three children, the Mysteries of the Rosary were represented.

With the vision of The Holy Family
we find the Joyful Mysteries;
the Sorrowful Mysteries are represented by the vision of Our Lord and Our Lady of Sorrows; and the Glorious Mysteries are represented in the vision of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

When the visions had disappeared and the SUN was again normal, Lucy was placed on the shoulder of a man in the crowd and carried safely through the masses to the road.

As she was moving past the people, she cried out to them, PLEADING one of the most important themes in the Fatima Message:

and to FLEE SIN.
  Her exact words were:

Our Lady
wants you TO DO  PENANCE !

Through this plea, Lucy was reiterating the SORROWFUL REQUEST Our Lady
made of humanity in Her Final Apparition:

  any more,
  because HE is already
  too much OFFENDED."

Thus the Miracle of the SUN, witnessed by 70,000 people, concluded the cycle of the Apparitions at Fatima.  Yet the Fatima Message, with its great depth and scope, was to continue to be unfolded to the eldest of the three seers, Lucy.

In the years to come Heaven's Messenger would be visited and, as promised by Our Lady in the July 13th Apparition, would be instructed to reveal  Heaven's Plan for Peace  for a turbulent world:

 the Consecration of Russia to
 The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

"There is the LIGHTNING !
...OUR LADY is Arriving !" 

Lucy gave an account in her fourth Memoir:

            'We saw Our Lady,
             on the holm-oak tree,
         just an in the month of May.

  'What does Your Grace want of me?'
    I asked.

  "I wish you to come here on the
              13th of next month,
 to PRAY the ROSARY  every day,
 and to learn how to read.
 Later I will tell you what I want."

'I asked for the cure of a sick person.'

            "If he is converted,
   he will be cured within the year."

             'I would like to ask You
              to take us to Heaven.

"Yes, I will take Jacinta and Francisco soon, but you, Lucy, are to stay here some time longer.  Jesus wishes to make use of you in order to make Me known and loved.

 He wishes to establish in the world 

To whoever embraces this Devotion,
I promise Salvation;  those souls will be cherished by GOD,  as flowers placed by Me to adorn
His Throne."

'Am I to stay here alone?' I asked 

"No, My daughter.
  Are you suffering a great deal ?
  Do not lose heart,
  I will never forsake you !

       My Immaculate Heart 
will be your REFUGE and the WAY 
  that will LEAD you to

'It was at the moment when She pronounced those last words that She opened Her Hands and communicated
to us,  for the second time,  the
reflection of that immense LIGHT .

In it we saw ourselves as submerged in GOD.  Jacinta and Francisco appeared to be in the part of that LIGHT which elated itself to Heaven, and I in the part which spread itself on the earth.

In the palm of the right hand of
Our Lady there was a HEART,  
 surrounded by

which seemed to  PIERCE It .

We understood that it was
  The Immaculate Heart of Mary ,
outraged by the SINS of humanity,
which demanded  REPARATION .'

Then, as Our Lady left them, the crowd heard a sound like a FIRECRACKER
in the distance.  Lucy rose quickly and pointing, cried,

 'SEESHE is goingShe is going !'
The crowd did not see Her, but did note a small CLOUD that rose from above the tree and, moving toward the East, gradually disappeared.  The holm-oak tree, on which Our Lady had stood, had its branches
bent  slightly toward the East.

Lucy writes, 'It seems to me that on that day, that reflection of LIGHT  had as its
principle goal to instill in us a knowledge and  a  special  LOVE  towards
The Immaculate Heart of Mary;

in the same way as the other two times,
it had the same goal, but with
RESPECT for GOD and to
the Mystery of  The Most Holy Trinity. 

Since that day, we felt in our hearts
a more  ardent  LOVE  for
  The Immaculate Heart of Mary .'

The Third Apparition, on July13th, 1917
brought to the Cova da Iria a crowd of 50,000 people! 
Lucy led the ROSARY
and the crowd answered.  At NOON she rose and looked toward the Eastcrying,

            "Close the umbrellas!
            Close the umbrellas!

 (they used umbrellas to shield the intense noon Sun ) ...Our Lady is Arriving !"

The Apparition began the usual way--
and Our Lady appearing atop the holm-oakLucy relates the Apparition in her Memoirs:

'What does Your Grace want of me?
  I asked.

"I want you to come here
    on the 13th of next month,
  to continue reciting the ROSARY  
    every day in Honour of
    Our Lady of the Rosary  ,
in order to obtain Peace in the world and the End of the WAR,
only She can HELP you."

'I should like to ask You who YOU are,
and to WORK a MIRACLE so that everyone will believe that Your Grace
is appearing to us.'

"Continue to come here every month.
 In OCTOBER, I will say who I am
                 and what I want,
 and I will perform a MIRACLE
so that all might SEE and BELIEVE."

'...Our Lady said it was necessary to say the ROSARY in order to obtain these GRACES throughout the year.
Our Lady continued:

"SACRIFICE yourselves for SINNERS,
           and say often to JESUS,
especially whenever you make a sacrifice:

 O JESUS, it is for Love of Thee,
 for the conversion of sinners,
 and in Reparation for the SINS 
         committed against
The Immaculate Heart of Mary."

The children went to the Cova de Iria on June 13th, 1917, as they had promised Our Lady, even though it meant missing all the festivities for the Feast of St. Anthony, who was Patron Saint of their parish and of Portugal.

When they arrived at the Cova de Iria there were
several dozen people gathered there, mostly from the neighboring hamlets, where word of the Apparition
 had spread.  By noon the number of spectators had risen; the crowd had just finished praying the ROSARY when Lucy cried out:

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