"I am not such a Catholic as to be subject to any hallucination or imagination.  I had not concerned
myself about
GOD until then
except to offend Him.

I went to Confession in April
but previous to that time I had
not gone to Confession for
twenty-three years." 

Don Benjamin Gomez


 is a true confirmation
of the Apparitions of
Our Blessed Mother in Garabandal and of the reality
 of Her MESSAGE.

But a still greater MIRACLE
has been PROMISED,
that ALL will BELIEVE
& HEED the Message.

Conchita said:

 for the SINS of the world
            is GREAT,

       The MIRACLE
must also be a great one,
 for the world needs it."

It will occur on a Thursday
on a Feast Day of a Saint devoted to The Eucharist,
at 8:30 in the evening,
and will last for one quarter
of an hour

It will also coincide with a GREAT EVENT in


The sick who come to Garabandal on that day
will be CURED,
unbelievers will be 


There will REMAIN a Permanent  SIGN 
at  'The PINES'

as a 
Our Lady's
tremendous LOVE
for all Her children.


Conchita said:

"The  'SIGN'
 that will remain
 will be able to
but it will not be
able to be touched.

It will appear clearly
that it is something
not of this world,
but of 

has been granted permission by
Our Lady to ANNOUNCE the DATE
of the
8 days in advance.


With the present means of communication and travel,
8 days are sufficient for people
around the world to gather. 

The Day of The MIRACLE
may be the last opportunity given us by GOD and
Our Lady's last effort to
save the world from the  PUNISHMENT
already threatened

Before the MIRACLE
takes place,
Our Lady has said
that all mankind
will receive
from Heaven.


Conchita wrote: 

comes directly
and will be visible
to the whole world
and from any place
where anyone may
happen to be

It will be like the
of our SINS

and it will be seen
and felt by everyone,
believer and unbeliever
alike irrespective of
religion he
may belong to

It will be seen and felt
in all parts of the world
and by EVERY person."

It will happen in the SKY,

no one can prevent it
from happening.

We will even prefer
to be dead
than to pass through
 this  WARNING.

It will not kill us.

It will be a  'correction'
 of our  conscience.

It will cause
great FEAR
and will make us
reflect within ourselves
on the consequences
of our own
personal SINS.

It will be like
to come.

In this way
the world will be
offered a means of
to  PREPARE  itself
for the extraordinary
GRACE of the 

there APPEARED on it

It was white, shining and resplendent

It reminded one of the SNOW
when the SUN strikes it with its brilliant RAYS.

The girl's face
beautifully transformed
into heavenly ecstasy

Her face was angelic!

I can certify that she was there motionless, moving neither hands nor tongue.  In this motionless position, she received the

We had enough time to contemplate this marvelous phenomenon without any undo haste, and we were many who saw it.  I was an unbeliever until that day...I went to Confession..!"
On July 18, 1962, the town
was crowded with visitors

At Midnight, Conchita
entered into ecstasy,

went out on the street, fell on her knees, with lanterns focused on her, she put out her tongue,
and in a few moments,

a white HOST appeared on her tongue and remained there for a few minutes! 

Don Alejandro, standing 3 feet awayfilmed 78 frames of
moving pictures
of the astounding event!

He sent a report, with the film
to the bishop of Santander

Don Gomez wrote:
"I was standing at less than an arms length from the girl...her tongue was completely clean...
the girl did not move
Frequently, they ran at great speed down the steep mountainside,
even backwards,
so that it was impossible for the astonished spectators to follow them! 

Their bodies did not seem to be subject to the law of gravity
, but endowed with some sort of spiritual agility.

During their high-speed running,
the objects entrusted to the girls
were sometimes lost.

However, upon seeing
Our Blessed Mother again,
they asked as to their whereabouts and She told them where to find them

Above the village is a steep HILL
on which stands a cluster of
9 PINE trees. 
The girls stated:

"One day an ANGEL with a GOLDEN CHALICE appeared
to us  at  'The Pines'.

He told us to recite the CONFITEOR and then
he gave us
Holy Communion." 

This wonderful favor happened many times when the parish priest from the neighboring town of Cosio could not
go to

this event could be filmed
with great lights.

On May 2, 1962, the Angel told Conchita that GOD would
perform a
so that all people will believe:

they would SEE
on her tongue
at the moment of Communion
and that she should
make this known

15 days in advance.
While in ecstasy,
the girls often carried a CRUCIFIX in their hand
which OUR LADY had kissed,

and as She had directed,
they extended it for
observers to kiss,
blessing them with it
at the same time.

Many witnesses experienced such a tremendous spiritual awakening, that it produced a very deep interior emotion in them
They cried unashamed tears, admitting the supernatural nature of what they were seeing, hearing and feeling within them, the very Presence of The MOTHER OF GOD.

The conversion of unbelievers and those of different faiths, of souls suffering from religious indifference, the conversion of many sinners,

all of which have experienced an increase in faith, hope
and charity.
Soon after
Our Lady of Mount Carmel appeared,
the 'ecstatic walks' began:

the girls went throughout the entire village--up and down stairways, in & out of homes,
at all hours of the night, avoiding obstacles without faltering, guided solely by the VISION.
Sunday, July 2, 1961,
a large crowd gathered;
the girls went into ecstasy
as Our Lady appeared
with St. Michael and
the other

The girls described
the Vision as follows:  

"She is dressed
in a white Robe
with a blue Mantle
and a Crown of
Golden Stars

Her hands are slender.
There is a Brown Scapular
on Her right arm,
except when She carried
in Her arms.

Her hair deep nut-brown,
is parted in the center

Her Face is long,
with a fine nose.
Her mouth is very pretty
with lips a bit thin.

She looks like a girl of 18.
She is rather tall.
There is no Voice like Hers
No woman is just like Her,
either in the Voice or
the Face or anything else." 

Our Lady
manifested Herself
as  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

At times the wind
Her long hair which
reached down to
Her waist.

"We were telling Her
about our tasks...how we
were going to the meadows."
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Apparitions
at San Sebastian de
Garabandal, Spain
from June 1, 1961 to Nov. 13, 1965, to 4 girl seers--
Conchita Gonzales, Maria Dolores (Mari-Loli) Mazon, Jacinta Gonzalez & Maria Cruz Gonzalez.
(no relation)
Above Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
was a large EYE representing GOD:
the children conversed with Her
and they recited a ROSARY.

Over the next 4 years She appeared over
2,000 times, often many times a day.
Many Priests were present.
Each time Our Lady called,
the girls would mysteriously respond,
even from different locations,
and go into an Ecstasy in Vision.

Religious objects were held up to be
kissed by Our Lady and were then miraculously returned to their
proper owners by the girls who
 knew not who they belonged to--
all were Amazed!     
Maria Cruz was 11 years old, the other girls were 12,
all from poor families
In the evening of June 18th, 1961, the girls were playing on the outskirts of town when they heard a loud noise like THUNDER, and saw the bright figure of  Saint Michael The Archangel  who appeared to them 8 more times over the next 12 days and finally
spoke to them on
July 1st, announcing that
The Blessed Virgin MARY would appear
the next day, July 2nd !
"She smiled at the little
 things we told

Our Lady said we should
Her "Like children who speak with their Mother and tell Her everything...children who rejoice to see Her when they have not seen Her for a while."

Our Lady appeared
several times each week, sometimes just to one, two, three or all four together;
in different locations--
early in the morning--
at night--

in the attitude of sacrifice and penance,

at the same hours
when Our lord
is most offended
 by the sins of men.

The girls would arise early
 in the morning, without fatigue, working in the fields, carrying bundles of wood or
tending the cattle or sheep.
When the Visions appeared,
the girls fell instantaneously
on their knees,
striking the sharp rocks
with a loud noise
that was frightening
yet they showed
no signs of injury!

The expression on their faces
was suddenly transformed
Their look became
beautiful, sweet,
one of profound mysticism,
absorbed in their rapture,

 unaware of any material thing around them except one another.

They did not respond to
pricks, burns or blows

All attempts
to distract them failed.
Powerful beams
of shining light

were focused on them,
yet their eyes
did not even flicker
blink or show any signs
of discomfort.

On the contrary, their eyes
remained wide open,
expressing a look of intense joy

However, when the girls
returned to the
normal state,
they immediately shielded
their eyes from those

blinding lights which
under normal circumstances
should have caused
permanent eye damage

During these ecstasies,
which lasted from a few
minutes to several hours
time did not seem to count.

Often they remained immobile,
in off-balance, beautiful 'sculptured-like' positions,

heads tilted back,
eyes looking up,
kneeling on the rocks
or bare-legged
in the snow. 

At the end of the ecstasy,
they showed no signs of
nervousness or excitation
just deep, profound
peace and joy.
Conchita wrote:

"OUR LADY says
will work MIRACLES through the objects
kissed by Her.

Those who carry
or wear them
with faith
and confidence
will suffer
their Purgatory
here on earth."
St. Michael said:

"Do you know why I have come?
It is to announce to you
that tomorrowSunday,
The Virgin Mary
will appear to you as
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel."

On July 2nd, about the time of the Angelus (6 p.m.) as the children were heading toward the place where they had seen  St. Michael,
Our Blessed Mother appeared
with an Angel on each side--one they recognized as St. Michael
Many visitors presented Bibles, rosaries, scapulars, medals, crucifixes and wedding rings, etc. for Our Lady to kiss,
which She did,
directing the girls
to return them
to the correct owners--
guiding them--
as the girls stared upwards
--even walking backwards
at night--
to the exact owner,
unknown to them previously

Some objects, once kissed,
emitted a mysterious
fragrance like ROSES