Veronica described what
 she saw in Vision and
 repeated what she heard
  --all was recorded and
 compiled into Books--The
 Message from Heaven.
Welcome to Page 34- the continuation from pages 32-33-The Apparitions of
from 1970-1995 at The Shrine in Bayside, New York, U.S.A. to the seer
Veronica Lueken.  Amazing Prophecies and Messages from Heaven.

                                 THE LORD
                       MOST HIGH GOD
His Most Holy Mother Mary
Ever-Virgin, St. Joseph
and many Saints have appeared for 25 years
giving Counsels and Revelations from GOD The Eternal Father.

Many Miraculous CURES and
Conversions have been granted
to all who Believe--GRACES in
abundancePrayer Vigils and
Holy Hours still continue at The
Sacred Grounds of Our Blessed
Mother's Holy Shrine.

Our Lord and Our Lady came
down from Heaven to America
to bring Their Saving Message
to the whole World!    Alleluia!
Let's listen to
The Holy Spirit!

                                  April 21, 1973, Eve of EASTER SUNDAY

 Veronica--It is cold and it is very damp.  I see a Hillside.  There's a large HOLE--CAVE  --in the side of the Hill.  Inside the CAVE there's a Rock.  The Rock is very polished.  It's like a Slab.  And lying on the Rock is a Figure.  There's like Sheeting wrapped about the
Figure, completely about, looking like, almost like a mummy.  Now I see that the Hands
are crossed across His Chest, and they're Bound tightly with the sheeting; but there's
BLOOD; there's Blood seeping out on the sheeting.  Oh-h-h!  (Veronica has difficulty
in breathing, and pain in describing the Sorrowful Scene.) 

 Also, His Face is covered, and there's BLOOD coming out of the top of His Head on
 the Sheeting.  Oh-h-h Now all about Him is a LIGHT; it's a very Bright, White
 LIGHT.  Now next to Him is a large Figure.  The Figure is very, very White and
 Luminous--very Bright.  I can see it is an ANGEL.  And over to the left side it's very
 DARK, but the Light that's coming out from the Figure of the Angel lights up the whole
 inside.  It's a small area.  It looks almost like a Vault, because there are Rocks placed
 up against the side of the walls.  Oh-h.

 Now over..I can't get out!  There's a large Rock...Now the opening--I'm inside and the
 Rock's been placed up against the opening.  Oh-h-h...oh-h-h, I hear voices outside the
 Rock--sad voices. Now I'm outside the Rock, and I see Our Lady.  She's bent forward
 but She's being helped to Her Feet by a man--he has on a brown Robe--and there are
 2 ladies.  They're wiping their faces with their scarves from their heads.  Now they've
 lifted Our Lady onto Her Feet, and there She's walking quietly from the front of the

 Now there's a lady...she's turned back and she's walking over to the entrance and she's
 throwing herself against the large Rock.  She's trying to pull it open.  Now the top of
 her cape has fallen onto the ground at her feet.  Her hair is very long.  And she's now
 digging with her nails, trying to remove the Rock.  She's turning now and she's crying.
 She's crying...the tears are pouring down her face.  Now she's walking over to the side
 ---it's a Hill--and she's sitting down now on a Rock.

 It's growing very, very DARK.  All about, I see the entrance stationed with lighted figures
 of Angels.  One is in front of the Rock.  He carries a large SPEAR.  It's MICHAEL.
 Now, oh!  I see coming from the SKY figures...They're dressed in purple Robes.
 They're filing in front of the CAVE, the TOMB.

 One of them is coming forward now from the group.  He has in his hand a Cloth; it's
 purple, almost black, in color.  And now he places it over his head.  And he's holding up
 what looks like a Golden Candelabra; it has 3 candles on it.  And now he's singing;
 it sounds like he's singing:  but is sounds more like--his voice is like I never heard before.
 (Veronica imitates the solemn lament with a strong voice.)

           "Cover your head in MourningLight your Candles of Prayer;
             For the time has not yet come For the LIGHT to enter into the World.
                            The Son of Man lies Dead in The TOMB,
                         A Spotless Sacrifice for the SIN of man."

Veronica--There's a man in a long, dark Cape.  He's placing what looks like a white
                 scarf about his neck.  Now he has on his head--it's a round hat, looks like a
                 yarmulke, but it's Red.  And he's reading from a BOOK and holding up his
                 3 fingers, the thumb and the 2 fingers, like this.  He looks like he's quite
                 old.  He says--he's writing over his head with his finger:

  "I-S-I-A-S"...I-S-I-A-S  (Veronica repeats the letters) ...Isais?
                                 Now he's looking down, and saying:
 Isaias:  "Never a Bone in His Body did they Break."




 Veronica--There is settling over the Hillside...a very dark Cloud.  I see a small--oh, it's a
                 House, but it's made differently than our houses that we see.  It looks more
                 like, made like of clay sort of, like mud.  It's one large room, and over to the
                 side of the room there are Rocks must be where they cook. 

 Now I see a man.  Oh-h, I know it's John.  He's sitting at a table.  The table doesn't look
 like what we have; it looks like the tree has been cut in half, the block and not the legs,
 for them.  And it seems like there were notches cut in the block of wood, and a piece of
 wood hammered in to hold the leg onto the top of the table.  I'm looking at it from the
 left side of the table onto the the right.

 Now Our Lady is sitting next to John by the table.  And the other 2 ladies--one is older,
 and she's making something, some kind of broth, over by the rocks.  And she's bringing
 it over now, and placing it in front of Our Lady.  Our Lady is shaking Her Head, "no."
 She looks very Sadly.  They're all alone.  there's one, two, three, four--only 4 people
 in the room.  Our Lady has Her Hand now placed over Her Heart...over Her Heart.
 And Our Lady is saying to John:


    Our Lady:  "I could no longer Suffer the SWORD in My HEART,
                           had I not known The PLAN of
The Father for Me and
                       My Son in the Salvation of mankind.  The Promise of
                       His Return, made known to Me by The Father,
                       is My Hope."

    has not been lessened by this knowledge."

Veronica--I see a large open place.  There are many people milling about, running about.
                 It has grown
very DARKAh-h!  Ah-h!  The THUNDER--it's like
                 THUNDER, it's LOUDEveryone is Frightened.  They're Falling
                 and they're running away!  They're running away!  Oh-h.


 There are Three CROSSES on the Hill.  Oh-h-h..oh-h-h..oh-h (Veronica weeps and
moans while describing the Scene.)  Oh-h-h, the man on the left, he's tied, but oh-h-h..
 oh-h-h...there's a man, a Soldier, he's got a big thing, looks like an Axe.  It's got--
 it's like a piece of rock tied to a stick and he's hitting him in the legs with it!  And the
 man is crying, "Have Mercy on me!"  And he, the Soldier, he's hitting him in his legs
 Crushing his bones; the Blood is pouring out...Now the man on the left, his head
 has fallen forward.  Oh-h-h.

 He's going over now...Oh-h-h, he's taking this wide stick, it has a point on the end.
 (Veronica cries out in fearful anticipation.)  And now, he's...oh-h. oh-h, it's JESUS
 on the CROSS, and he pushed it into Him just above the StomachOh-h-h...
 Now he can't pull it outHe's being covered's not BLOOD; it's WATER
 But he can't--he's running; he can't seem to WASH it off his face.  He's wiping his
 hands; he can't get it off his hands.

 Now the stick, the SPEAR, is falling into the ground.  Oh-h...The man--there's another
 man...oh-h-h...(Veronica moans.)  He's over on the right side.  Oh-h...he's gone, too...
 Oh-h-h...They've both left.  The man over on the left, his legs are all Crushed...the
 bone of his knee is now--you can see the bone of his knee coming out.  Oh-h-h!
 He's suffering.  Ah-h-h!  He's on the right side of JESUS.  He's looking over at JESUS.
 He says:
                  "I...I have Your Promise and I will cleanse myself for You."

Veronica--Now it's very DARK.  There's no one on the HILL.  But I see there's a man
--two men.  They're carrying a LADDER.  Oh-h-h!  And now Our Lady is
                 there...It's very WINDY; Her Dress is blowing very, very hard in the WIND.
                 It's RAINING's raining.  And the man is telling the two ladies to
                 keep Her to the side.

 Now they're going up and they're--they're putting the LADDER up against the
Oh-h...oh-h...they're cutting with a KNIFE the ROPES on His Wrist.
 And the man down at the bottom of the LADDER--now he's going over, he's cutting
 the ROPES at His AnkleOh-h-h!  They--oh-h-h!  They can't remove the CROSS
 Out of the HOLE.  They can't get it up--up!  They had to take Him forward from the
 CROSS(Veronica moans.)
The LADDER is being brought over to the
                                                                     side.  Now when the ROPES were CUT,
                                                                     He Fell forward, and His Fingers, now
                                                                     BLOODIED, Tore Away from the
                                                                     WOOD.  They're lifting Him down
now.  The man's holding the LADDER
                                                                     and ah-h-h...ah-h-h!  They're trying to
                                                                     take His Feet out of the SPIKEAh-h..

                                                                     They're hitting it now; they got the Wood
                                                                     --the WOOD; they're pushing it now
                                                                     OUT of the HOLEThe CROSS has
                                                                     fallen down now.  Oh-h-h.  They're
                                                                     holding JESUS  and the CROSS  fell
                                                                     down.  And now they can hit from the
                                                                     under side.  The SPIKE'S coming OUT.

                                                                    They're not Tearing His Feet--the Hands
                                                                     had to be TornAh-h-h. Oh, now the 3
                                                                     ladies are rushing over.  Now the man,
                                                                     he's now  lifting JESUS up,  and 
                                                                     Our Lady now is sitting on the ground.

 She has JESUS now...the BLOOD is on Her Gown, all on the front.  She wants
 to remove the Headpiece from His HEAD...but She can't.  It's in-n- TOO Deep!


 They have to...ah, ah-h-h, oh-h-h...Now there's a man--he's walking up to Him.
 It's John now speaking with Our Lady; and they want Her to leaveAh-h
 She doesn't want to leaveHer Hands are very BLOODY.  
 She now places Her Hand over JESUS' FACE, 
like this.

Now there's an older man.  He's talking--it's John, I know John!  The other man, he's
 talking with him, telling him to take the women away.  Now another old man has come.
 And the lady with the long hair is now speaking with Our Lady.  And then another
 lady now is holding Our Lady's Arm, and they're taking Her from the Hill.

  Veronica--They have a wooden board; and now they're lifting JESUS onto this board,
                 and they've placed this white Sheet...Now they're carrying Him over past
                 the other poor man on the CROSS, and they're walking down the Hill.
                 There are 2 of them carrying JESUS.  They're walking down the Hill past
                 2 houses, and up the Hill again.

 And now there's the entrance to the CAVE.  And they're going now into the CAVE.
 And now one of the's--I know it's the lady, Mary Cleophas.  She has a
 basket, and it has leaves...and things in a BASKET.  And she gave the basket to the
 man, with the leaves in it, and these--they look like berries.  Now she's turned away;
 she's covered her head and her face with her--the top of her gown.  And wiping her
 face, she walks away.

 And now it's getting very DARKI can't see into the CAVE.  I can just see there
 JESUS' Feet, and they're taking these leaves, and they're placing the leaves on top of
 His Legs.  And now they're winding, like SHEETS around His Legs.  One is holding
 up His Feet and winding the Sheet, and laying another--it looks like leaves sort of--
 on; then another piece of the Sheet gets wound around it.  Now it's growing very
 DARK, and I can't see anymore.  Ah-h-h, Ah-h-h...

 Now it's growing very light, and Our lady is coming forward.  She's dressed all in
 Black, with a White Trim around Her Head.  Our Lady wishes that I repeat
 Her words:

 Our Lady:  "My child, you see how DEEP is My SORROW, and how
                        Greater My SORROW knowing that the World has
                        Forgotten So Soon.  Was My LOSS, My SUFFERING
                        in Vain?"


 "I have traveled many times about your world.  FEW have listened,
   preferring the ways of the world  to the WAY of The Kingdom."

 "Your world is progressing farther into the Darkness.  Unless there is a
   Complete REVERSAL in man's ways now, he cannot ESCAPE The
   CHASTISEMENT  Planned by The Father.  The Father's MERCY
   is Great, but He looks down now upon an UNGRATEFUL generation--
   a generation that has forsaken His Son."

 "The Sacrifice of GOD for His children is repeated anew by the
   wanton actions of man now on earth.  Man has chosen to give
   himself to SatanYou will all go through a Great Crucible of
   Suffering in the Plan of The Father:  the sheep shall be
   Separated from the goats.  I am Truly The Mother of Sorrows!"

Veronica--...It's as though EVERYTHING has EXPLODED in the SKY--
                  the FLASH! ...And it's very HOT It's very WARM!

 Oh-h-h...!  Oh-h-hIt feels like a BURNING!  Oh-h-h!  Now the SKY
 is very WHITE! 
Colors--Blues, PurplesIt's like a Huge EXPLOSION!
Now this VOICE--the VOICE...!  And the VOICEOur Lady says,
                                           is a VOICE Within you:

 Our Lady:  "...On the Meadow
                      is a very holy Place...
                      ...My beloved child...
(ohh-h-h!) ...
                      ...Will See Anew Such BEAUTY about him.  There will
 come upon the World
a Glorious MYSTERYThe Father is
 Merciful to His children.  He CHASTISES those He LOVES."

 "Many will SEE and yet not Believe, crediting science for a
   Phenomenon from The Father.  Intellectual Pride will be the Downfall
   of many

 "The LILACS are in BLOOMGATHER the LILACS from the Bush,
   and bring them to the SHRINE.  For the present, My child, this will
   remain a SECRET."

 "Do not be surprised, for nothing is impossible with The Father.  Have you
   not seen a small evidence of this in your Photographic Manifestations?"

 "My Son will be PRESENT to Bless all Sacramentals, with the lighting of
   the Candles to Herald His RESURRECTION, and the Glorious Coming
   Redemption of man, and the Opening of The Kingdom of Heaven to man.
   My Son has truly been the SPOTLESS SACRIFICE, The Most
   PERFECT Sacrifice for the Redemption of man."


Veronica--Now I see 5 Soldiers.  They have on short dresses, but with metal sections
                  coming down from the waist.  And over their heads are metal hats, silver-
                  colored metal hats that cut down to a V-shape on their foreheads.  They're
                  standing there by the ROCK with long SPEARS in their hands.

 Now they're GOING BACK; they're walking Backwards in FRIGHT!  They are
 FRIGHTENED!  They're walking backwards because there's a GREAT LIGHT!
 It's Seeping through the Cracks.  And the LIGHT is pushing--PUSHING the ROCK
 forward.  Now the ROCK is going over; the LIGHT is forcing the ROCK over to
 the side.  The Soldiers--2 are running...running up the Hill.  One is covering his face
 with his arms; he can't look, the LIGHT is SO BRIGHT!


 Now coming through the LIGHT are 2 large Figures.  Beautiful!  So large, Beautiful!
 Oh-h-h!  They're ANGELS.  I can't see their faces, but their--oh, they are so large!
 Now one is standing there.  He's raising his hand.  He says:

                                                "He is Risen!"

 Veronica--Now 2 soldiers--one now is getting up; he's running.  And the other one is
                 sitting there; he's fallen to the ground in shock!  Oh-h-h!  Inside the CAVE
                 it's very BRIGHT--very Bright!  I see now...the ARM, oh-h-h, I see it--
                 an ARM.  Oh-h-h!  That SLAB---it has the CLOTH lying on the SLAB...

 And walking out through this Tremendous LIGHT--It's JESUS Oh! 
 He's now COMING OUT OF THE LIGHT, though; He's not Glowing like
  inside the LIGHT by the CAVE.  Now He's Coming OUT, and He's got Slippers 
  on His Feet.

 And He now has a ROBE on Him; it's White.  It's very soiled looking,
 but it's a White ROBEAnd I notice these...Bandages are hanging from the
 SLAB of ROCK onto the ground.  The ground is dirt; it's just dirt on the ground
 inside the CAVE.  I can see now, because the LIGHT now has left the CAVE.
 And JESUS now has started to walk.  He's going up the Hill...He's walking
 very slowly up the Hill.

 Veronica--And now--oh, there's a lady; she's coming down to the side of the CAVE.
                 And she's looking in, and now she says, "OH-h-h!"  And she runs over now,
                 and she's picking up the pieces of the CLOTH.  And she's looking around
                 the CAVE, and she's running out now.  And she's running up the Hill
                 And she's running over--oh...

                "Where have they taken Him?  They have stolen Him from us."

 And she--now she's reaching out and she's falling down on her knees and saying,

                                          "Please!  Where is He?"


      JESUS:  "Don't...Do not place your hands upon My Garments.
                              I have not Ascended in The Father."

Now the lady is looking up...and she's smiling.  And now JESUS is placing
                                 His Hand over her head, and He says:

                 "Go, Mary, and tell all what you have seen."

 Now JESUS is walking; He's climbing up the Hill, and Mary now is--she's fallen
 on her face, just like she's praying.  No--now she's getting up, and she's running down
 the Hill.  And I can see her--she's running down the Hill now, and she's running
 towards these buildings.  There are one, two...five buildings.  They don't look like
 regular buildings; they look like houses made from clay, or like a hard, sort of like
 clay.  And she's now running into one.  Now it's getting very DARK; I can't see
 anything.  I can't--it's getting very Dark.  Ah...oh...oh...oh.


 Oh yes, I can see now Our Lady's full FaceShe said I can now remove my dark
 scarf and put on the colors of the RESURRECTION...because it is almost the
 HOUR of TwelveJESUS is Coming forwardOh It's so Brilliant.  So Beautiful!
 He's all bathed in White.  Oh, He has on a White Robe, and even His Slippers are
 White.  And, oh!  the LIGHT is so BRIGHT, it bathes the whole area.  And I can
 barely see the Flagpole now, the LIGHT is so Bright.

 Now JESUS is smiling and He's raising both His Hands out.  Oh, I can see the
 MARKS on His Hands.  Now He is placing His Hands across His Chest, like this,
 and He's raising His Hand.  Oh, now JESUS is coming over to the right side of the

 JESUS:  "All objects of godly nature will be Blessed for the propagation of
                   My Mother's Work and Mission on Earth.  I now Bless you
                   and dispense among you the GRACES for Conversion and Cure."

  Jesus:  "You will all come to Me in Belief, and Protect yourself
                 with the RAYS from My Merciful HEART."

Veronica--Now it's very, very Bright.  Now Our Lady said that we can rise.  It will no
                 longer be necessary to kneel; we can rise.  Oh.  ..Our Lady is now coming
                 forward now, and Michael is with Her.  And oh!  there are--oh, the SKY
                 is just filled with all those beautiful little ANGELS in their different colored
                 gowns.  Oh, it's just beautiful!  It's like a MAY DAY; it's like a beautiful
                 Festival!  Oh, the colors are beautiful:  pinks and blues and yellows.
                 And the Rose Petals around their hair:  some are yellow, and others are
                 red and a very light, pale pink.  Oh, all the glorious colors!  It's just like--
                 now as the light is shining, it's almost like the Sunrise.  Oh, the light is
                 becoming very Bright.  Now--JESUS now is over to the left side of the
                 Flagpole.  And Our Lady says:

 Our Lady:  "You have lighted your Candles with UsNow do take
through the Darkness and recover your brothers."

 Veronica--Our Lady said that mittens must be worn in all Processions--gloves,
                 Our Lady means.  Mittens must be worn in all Processions--white
                 I believe Our Lady wants me to tell you this:  that a CONSTANT
                VIGILANCE of PRAYER
must be kept on the Grounds, even if but one
                or two are present.

 Our Lady:  "The Coming CHASTISEMENT will be lessened in your
                        area if you will follow the Directions I have given you from
                        Heaven:  A CONSTANT VIGILANCE OF PRAYER."

 "Your city is now planned for Destruction.  The Shelf will be weakened,
    and the Buildings will FALL INTO the WATERS.  Therefore, those
    who come to Me and My Son in Belief will be spared the greatest
    AGONIES of what lies ahead in the Plan of The Father for the
    CLEANSING of your world."

 "It is not My custom or plan to instruct you and direct you during the
   Hours of Atonement.  However, the SANDS of the HOURGLASS are
   Falling Fast; you have need to know that you will prepare yourselves.
   Those of well spirit will have no fear.  All that is happening and will
   happen, will happen in the Plan of The Father; it is allowed for your
   Cleansing.  However, man can set himself in position for a faster, more
   speedier EXTINCTION of his RACE."

  "I have wandered throughout the World, and I will be with you
    during all TribulationsMy Grounds are Consecrated and have
    been renewed by The Father.  They will be a Place of REFUGE
    in the TRIALS ahead."

 "Come to Me, you who are burdened with Sorrow:  mothers in
   torment, fathers looking for straying children.  They are the
   major victims of the plan of SatanGRACES in abundance 
                              I give unto you for the asking."

 "Save yourselves and those you love in The Sacred Heart of My
   Son--Ever-Merciful, always there to forgive.  For when He
   forgives, He forgets.  No sinner shall ever be turned away if he
   comes in heart with REPENTANCE."

Veronica--Now JESUS is raising His Hand, with His Fingers like this, and
                         He's making The SIGN of The TRINITY:

 In The Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost.

     May 10. 1973, Eve of The QUEENSHIP of OUR BLESSED MOTHER

 Our Lady:  "There roams now throughout your world the Legions of HELL.
                        The ABYSS is OPEN in Full Force, and Satan now gathers
                        his army to do full BATTLE against The House of GOD.
                        Rather than see the full EXTERMINATION of man,
                        there will be SENT upon you..."

Veronica--Oh, Michael is appearing now.  Michael is appearing on the right side of
                 the Flagpole.  He's standing now with a BANNER in his right hand.
                 The Banner is in a V-type shape.  It's much different than the Banners that
                 he has carried before.  It has a V-shape, and it's more perpendicular than
                 horizontal.  And there is writing on the Banner.  The writing is:

                                  "FAITHFUL AND TRUE."

 And now he's pointing--Michael is pointing to the left side of the SKY.  And written in large
 letters--but the letters now are FIERY, like tongues of FLAMES--are the Words:

 "GOD IS."  The Letters, G-O-D, are small, but the "IS" now is very Flaming.

 Now over to the right side of the Flagpole--ooh.  Michael is pointing out to the SKY, and I see
 a Very Large BALLIt's--it looks like the SUN, but it seems to be SWINGING
 in an ArcIt's traveling vary Fast.  But it's very, very Large; it's very Large.

 And the TAIL--it's all COLORS of the RAINBOWBut there's Great HEAT.
 The TAIL--falling from the TAIL now is a great deal of what looks like VAPOR
 and SMOKE.  Oh, it's CHOKING...smoking Vapors.  Oh! 
And I notice now the
 VAPORS COVER the MOON and the SUN.  So this is not a SUN,
 but something--a BALL that looks like a Huge SUN

 Now I notice that--oh, Our Lady now--oh, Our Lady is coming over and standing
 next to MichaelShe's pointing over out into Space, and I see a GLOBE of the
 World.  It is the EARTH.  I can see from the outlines it is the Earth.  And it looks
 very White and Glowing.  But Our Lady is pointing now, and I see this BALL.

 It looks very small now though, and it's got a long STREAK behind it.  And it's
 COMING toward this direction, toward the Earth.  And above it now is written
 the word,  "WARNING:  W=A=R=N=I=N=G."  And now Our Lady is
 coming down much closer.  Oh, She's at the center of the Flagpole.  And She's
 saying in a very low Voice--I can barely hear Her--She's saying:

 Our Lady:  "I cannot bring My Voice forth, for the SORROW in My Heart
                   stills My Voice.  The Father plans Great PUNISHMENT
                   upon your earth.  It is not out of malice, but out of LOVE for
                      you that He will allow this CleansingThe Father will
                      CHASTISE those He Loves."

 "I am not leaving the area of My Sacred Grounds.  But We must
              hasten you to continue your prayers of atonement."

Veronica--There's a tremendous CROSS now appearing in the SKY.  Ohh! 
                 The CROSS is being placed--it's a large GLOBE of the World--the
                 CROSS is being placed upon the World Oh!...Oh, it's--it's quite
                 Frightening to me.  It doesn't...




 Now I see a Great LIGHT coming from the BALL and the CROSS.  Oh, and now
 the CROSS is disappearing, and the WORLD is--the GLOBE is lightening but only in
 various places.  But now standing off to the side--Our Lady is standing off to the side.
 And now She is floating up onto the BALL.  Now the BALL--all these Markings on it
 are disappearing.  It looks more like a large MOON.  And Our Lady is standing there
 now.  And, oh, She's dressed very beautifully.  Now She's stretching Her Hands out
 She says:


    Our Lady
:  "See, My child, I do carry the ROSES always with Me."

Veronica--Oh, Our Lady has--in one Hand She has the ROSES, but they're like a
                pink...and, oh, a mixture of pink and red in the ROSES.  But over on Her
                right Hand, which would be our left side, She has a white--oh, the ROSE
                almost looks Golden and White.  Oh, I know what Our Lady means with
                the Gold and White ROSEOur Lady is referring to Pope Paul and the
                Papacy.  And the other ROSES are the GRACES that She is accumulating--
                that are being accumulated on earth here.  Oh, Our Lady said:

 Our Lady:  "I have given you the SACRAMENTALS and My BEADS of
                       PRAYER.  Your Prayers MUST RISE NOW to HEAVEN."

 "I have sought through countless Apparitions on your earth, and I have
   come to many lands, to HOLD BACK the DARKNESS.  However, man
   has SHUT Me OUT, not only from his earth, but from his heart.  How can
   I keep the HEAVY HAND of PUNISHMENT from FALLING upon you
   when you have chosen to harden your hearts?"

 "My child, Veronica, I place great dependence on you and all who have
   JOINED in My ARMIES throughout the world to GATHER the souls."

 "The path of man has gone too far from the Path that would lead to The
   Kingdom.  He has now traveled the WIDE Road,  and this Road has
   brought him to his own DESTRUCTION."

 "The Father chooses to send upon you first a Great Manifestation,
   a WARNING.  And should you not LISTEN to the Voice within you,
   He will have no recourse but to go forth with the Plan for Full
   CLEANSING.  My Son has given you His Word; you have received
   one of the FINAL WARNINGS given to man."

 "Therefore, you will count your Days as Days in which you will RETIRE
   from the World that has been given to Satan.  You will save your soul
   and the souls of those you loveIt will mean Great DENIAL of your
   human instincts."

 "The number, the number in The CHASTISEMENT who will be TAKEN
    before their atonement and penance has sent--a great KNIFE through
    My HeartMany will leave UNPREPARED, and therefore join the
    kingdom of LUCIFER, the prince of darkness."

 "The more, My children, you choose to go and live among men, the LESS
    you will feel yourself in Union with The FatherYOU MUST RETIRE
    WITHIN yourself.  Gat
her your families about you in PRAYER."

 "Your children must be PROTECTED against the world, your world of
    Evil.  Better that they STARVE their bodies than to STARVE their souls."

 "The seeking of worldly gain has sent many souls INTO HELL.  The
    example being shown in many homes is ABOMINABLE!  Many parents
    will PAY a High Price in the LOSS of The Kingdom for their LACK
    of DISCIPLINE and Proper Direction of the souls entrusted to them."

 "Through the MERCIFUL LOVE of The Father, you have the time,
    as you HEAR My WARNINGS, to PREPARE yourself and those you love.
    Should you choose to IGNORE this, and listen to the scoffers and those
    who are the agents of HELL in your world, you will have done this of your
    own free will.  You will not be forced into the Gate of Heaven; you will
    come of your own
free will."

 "Man has adopted a way of life in which he no longer recognizes SIN as SIN,
   or OFFENSES against the nature and existence of his GOD.  Many
   upon earth have fallen into the WEB of Satan, and accepted the false
   maxims of modernism and humanism.  Many have rationalized their SINS
   until they are BLINDED.  Many who are teaching are teaching in ERROR.
   It is only The Father to Judge whether this be of heart or of true purpose.
  Therefore, those who lead souls into the path of SIN and eventual
  DAMNATION  will be held accountable  before The FATHER."

 "You will continue, My children with your prayers of Atonement." 

Veronica--Our Lady said you will pause now, and all who are able will KNEEL.
                 JESUS now is coming down on the right side of the Flagpole.  Ohhh!  Ohh!
                 With Him are many ANGELS.  Oh, they're Beautiful!  Oh, they're...Now
                 Michael is also at JESUS' right side.  Oh, He's just beautiful.  Now Jesus
                 has--His ROBE is a very, very Bright RED.  It's a bright red, and He has
                 it over His Right Arm.  Now Jesus is smiling, and He has placed up His
                 Hand, like this.  Oh, He wants me to listen.

 JESUS "I have come, My children, not to add to the words of
                   My Mother, but to give you My Heart, a Heart that has been
                   Torn by the many Offenses of men.  I bestow upon you many
                   GRACES:  Graces for Conversion and Cure, Graces for
                   the Salvation of your souls."


--Now Jesus is going over--oh, He's right next to the Trees.  Now He's
                 looking down.  He's smiling.  Now I notice Jesus' Hair has fallen forward. 
                 His Hair looks like a very reddish Brown, but it could be the light.  The light
                 is very pink around Him.  And He's raising His Hand now, and Blessing
                 all in The SIGN of The Trinity:

  In The Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost.  Amen.
Oh, Jesus says:

 JESUS:  "Do not look, My child, farther over to the Trees on the left, for
                   there is an agent of Hell outside the boundaries of the Sacred
                   Shrine Grounds.  However, Evelyn will take a picture off the
                   sidewalks and down to...towards the Convent."

Veronica--Michael now has gone beyond the Trees, and I see him staring down--
                 Michael....he's got a BOW, and he's--he's pulling the String on this BOW.
                 And I just heard something like "ting!"  Oh-h...he pulled the BOW, and
                 it went--I hear it again--it's "ting!"  There must be 2 of them.  Oh-h.

 So now Michael is coming back, and he's standing beside JESUS.  He looks very
 satisfied. Our Lady is coming over by Jesus.  And Our Lady said:

 Our Lady:  "You will have no fear.  It is quite normal for a SHRINE of PURITY
                      to be surrounded by the agents of the prince of darkness.
                      They will not approach you; they will use other distractions.

    In The Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost.  Amen."


  May 30, 1973, Eve of the Feast of

Veronica--Michael--he's so brilliant...I see Our Lady now is coming over on
                 Michael's left side.  Our Lady is now whispering to Michael, and Michael
                 comes forward and now he's bending down, and he's saying:

 Michael:  "Harken now and Listen to the Words of The Queen of Heaven.
                   Do not allow these words to go idle in your minds.  They have been
                   given to you for a reason.  Your World is approaching fast onto a

   Great CHASTISEMENT.  The BALANCE is falling heavily to the left."

Veronica--Now Michael is holding what looks like a SCALE; it's--oh, it's like a
                 Golden SCALE, like you see, like in those courthouses, like.  But Michael
                 is standing behind it, and he's pointing now to one part.  It's held by 3, like
                 Golden Ropes, and he's pointing as he says:



  Saint Michael:  "Observe all the ABOMINATIONS of the World that far
                                       outweigh the GRACES accepted by man."

 Our Lady:  "Veronica, My child, I wish that you spread--and do this very
--The MESSAGE of Heaven, for the time grows short
                        for The CHASTISEMENT upon man."

 "I have wandered throughout the World shedding many tears,
   Who has hastened to EASE My Suffering Heart?  The Offenses against
   My Son have increased so that The Father feels that there must be an
   INTERVENTION from Heaven."

 "I have prepared you well with My Visits to these Sacred Grounds.
   All who have listened will have nothing to fear, for all will be good for
   those of well spirit."

 "It Truly RAINS TEARDROPS from Heaven.  The Father calls for
   a Heavy PENANCE upon a World that has used MURDER for worldly
   gain.  We look and count the numbers of innocent souls,  souls  that have
   not lived out their mission on earth and being sent to Us untimely.
   Your generation is one that calls for Heavy Penance!  The Father is
   Merciful and all Chastisement will be for reason." 

Veronica--Now--oh, on the left side of the flagpole it's growing very light.  It's very
                 bright.  And I see now in the distance, it's a --it's a--it's SHOOTING--
                 it looks like the Fourth of July.  There's a Round BALL, and it's
                 SHOOTING OUT SPARKS, and the SPARKS, now they're Orange.





 But now as it's SPINNING, it's taking on different Colors of Yellow and Orange.
 And now I see it's very CLOSE.  But over on the right side, it's very WARM,
 it's very HOT.  And now the BALL is SPINNING High over our heads
 and coming from it are these VAPORS
(Here Veronica coughs.)  It's very
 difficult to Breathe.  The VAPORS are very Heavy.

And now I notice that the  SUN now is turning very DARK It's growing
 very DARK.  And the MOON--now the MOON has come out.
 coming down, but it also is taking on a  very gray cast.  And  now everything is
 becoming So DARK that I'm raising my hand in front of me, but I can't even see
 my hand! 
And Our Lady now is--I hear Her Voice.  But now  the World is in
 COMPLETE DARKNESS,  and She says:

 Our Lady:  "Light your Candles, My children.  They will BURN
                                                                               in the DARKNESS."


--Now the SKY is opening up, and I see a great light.  And--oh, the SKY
                 is opening up brilliantly.  It's very beautiful now in blue.  And now Michael
                 is coming forward with Our Lady, and now--oh, there is St. Theresa.

 Oh, now Theresa is coming and it's very WINDY.  Her skirts are blowing.  And she's
 smiling now, and she says:

  St. Theresa:  "Observe, Veronica, my skirts are quite long.  They will not
                           be affected by the WIND."

 "I, my child, can speak in your tongue.  This I was given by The Father,
   for surely, my child, Veronica, you would not understand me.  It has been
   made known to you many times that there are many OFFENSES being
   committed in the CONVENTS.  However, our WARNINGS are falling on
   deafened ears.  You try, and I tried in my life on earth, to IMITATE
   Our Lady.  But now Our Lady Cries, for so many are mocking Her."

 "So many are going down the road to PERDITION by following the MODES
   of a world that has been given to Satan. few CARE to
   suffer or carry their Crosses It is much easier to accept the ways of the
.  But in the final outcome you lose so much."



 "My Sisters, you must place your SKIRTS down to the Floor, for you Offend
   Our Lady, and The Father looks with critical Eye upon your actions.
   You MUST RETIRE from the World and show by Good Example.  Then
   many more Sisters will enter into the Convents if you give them Good

 "All Mothers of the Houses in the Convents must WATCH who ENTERS
   their Homes, for SATAN has placed many WITHIN the Convents to destroy
   them.  Those who enter should not be counted by their intelligence, but by
   their hearts; for The Father has not chosen those of great intelligence and
   worldly acclaim to do His WillHe KNOWS and He LOOKS into your

 "There will be a GREAT WARMany SOULS WILL BE LOST!
    All that happens will be given in the will of man.  No one will FALL unless
    he has chosen this road of his own free will."

Veronica--Oh, Our Lady now is coming forward, and standing next to Her is Saint
                 Catherine...and she's holding up--oh, it's a very large EMBLEM.  No, it's
                 a MEDAL.  And she says:



 St. Catherine
:  "It took me 2 years, my child, to have this CAST.  We are
                             quite happy that we find that yours was Cast much sooner."

Veronica--Oh!...And now she's placing...her MIRACULOUS MEDAL that Our Lady
                 gave to St. Catherine
--She's placing it now next to the Flagpole.  I don't
                 know what's holding it up there, but it's just suspended on the Flagpole.

 And now Our Lady is raising Her Hand, and She's drawing an ARCH in the SKY,
 like this.  And now She's drawing and--oh, Our Lady has drawn the second side
 of Her MEDAL here, of Our Lady of The Roses.  It's a round Circle with a Ball
 on the top, and the RADIATION of the GRACES from the CROSS.

         Our Lady:  "Observe, My child, what I am doing."

Veronica--And Our Lady is twisting the ROSARY around Her Golden Sash.

 Our Lady:  "I have placed the BEADS of Prayer at My Waist.  I look across
                       the world, and I see so FEW that CARRY their BEADS of
                    Prayer.  Whatever shall they do when they are Forced to RUN?"

 "When The CHASTISEMENT comes upon you, many will FLEE
           with whatever they have on their backs or on their persons!"

 "Therefore, My children, it is not for decoration that I have asked you to
    WEAR your BEADS of PRAYER about your neck.  It was for when
    you FLEE; you will have your ARMOR upon you."

 "Do not be concerned with the opinion of man, for you are following the
   Directives from HEAVEN.  We are now in the process of SEPARATING
   the SHEEP from the GOATS.  The numbers who remain after the Heavy
   PENANCE will be counted in the FEW.  It Saddens My Heart to know
   that many will have given themselves to Lucifer."

VeronicaOh!  Oh-h-h!  I see--oh, it's a very large PIT, I guess a HOLE.
                  And sitting down there at the edge of the HOLE are some
horrible-looking things:  they look like animals, but they have almost the
figures of people.  And they're sitting around now, what looks like a glass.
And the glass is reflecting up through the HOLE, and it's almost like a looking glass because its--the RAYS--there are RAYS being shot out from
this glass, and the RAYS are going up, up this HOLE.  And I'm watching
the RAYS.  And they're shooting out onto the grounds.  And as they're
going up, riding these RAYS are these horrible, ugly things;  these...I know
they're DEMONS--I know.  Now
Our Lady says:

      "WATCH, My child, what else is exiting from the HOLE."

VeronicaThere are things that look like bright lights, but they're
                   like dome-like on the top
And they don't have any windows; they're just great lights.  And Our Lady now is standing at the edge of this HOLE and She's pointing, and She's saying:

  "Man will not accept the TRUTH.  These are Transports of HELL."

VeronicaOh, Our Lady's referring to these things that are being seen
                   on earth
Our Lady said:

  "Make it known, My child, that the false miracles of the End Time
    are now at handSatan seeks to confuse you.  Make it known,
    My child, that THERE IS NO LIFE BEYOND YOUR EARTH as you
    know it.  Man will go out into SPACE; better that he uses these
    efforts to find his way back to GOD."

"Intellectual PRIDE, My children, has been the downfall of many.
  You will not enter The Kingdom unless you STRIP yourselves of this
  PRIDE and RETURN to Us as little children."

"SIN and abominations have been accepted in your country and in the
world as a WAY of LifeWhatever shall We do with the souls who are
coming fast over the VEIL UNPREPARED? 
Whatever shall The Father do with them?!

"When the CHASTISEMENT is given to man, it will not
 ANNIHILATE the world as in the TIME of the FLOODS, My children.

NO, The FATHER Plans a gradual CLEANSING of earth.
With the RETURN of My SON, there will remain only the sheep."

"I must caution you:  before the RETURN of My SON, many will
  not stand in the TESTThey will go the EASY Road.  But there is
  no easy Road to The Kingdom; it is a WAY of TRIAL and SUFFERING.

But, of course, the greatest knowledge is that if you will ASK for Our
Guidance, you will not be LOSTContinue, My children, with your
prayers of AtonementThere are so many who thirst for your
charitable prayers."

Our Lady:          "You will ACT in great haste!
      I know the heavy CROSS that you carry at this time.
But you must understand, My child, that all PURIFICATION
will be given in manner that the human mind cannot comprehend.  When you learn the VALUE of SUFFERING you
will find it a JOY, for the GRACES will be given in abundance."

Oh!  Oh!  Jesus has now come over by Our Lady.  ..He's so
                  bright.  Jesus is now coming down by the flagpole.  Oh!  He's
dressed all in white.  Oh!  He's very bright.  Usually I can see Jesus, but
now the
light is so bright.  He's all in white.  And now He's bending over,
and He's whispering very low.  Oh, Jesus says:

JESUS:   "You are observing, My child, My state of Purification
                  when I returned to My Father.  You will not
                  understand Life beyond the VEIL until you pass over.

The LIGHT that guides your soul will emanate in profusion in
the Eternal Soul when you pass over the VEILThose who
PURIFY themselves on earth will come to Us as a shining STAR."

VeronicaNow over on the left side, Michael is standing there.  But now
I see the SKY is becoming just filled with these--oh, they're Angels!
Now they're little ones that look like children.  They're beautiful.  They're dressed in all the colors, like rainbows--blues--and they're
wearing garlands of flowers around their hair.  Oh!  I don't know if they're boys or girls; it's hard to see, their faces are so bright.  The light is so bright, but I can see the colors.  The colors are just beautiful:  pinks--a pink, like a mixture of sort of purple, and the yellow--oh, the yellow is white; it's like very misty yellow.  And now I notice that it must be windy because the gowns are very long and they're blowing.  They're blowing in the wind.  Now Jesus is moving over, and He's standing next to Our Lady, and the light is very bright, very bright about Him.  Now He's bending down now, and He says:

Jesus:    "My Mother came to Heaven in the Body." 

Veronica Oh-h-h!  and now He's pointing over to the left side, and I see,
                  I see a Lady.  Now it's Our Lady, but She's lying down on a...on a Slab.  But now there's a great LIGHT over Her as She's lying on the Slab and
--oh-h-h!  This Light seems to be lifting Her.  The Light is very bright.  It's coming down from the SKY, and it's now lifting Our LadyAnd now She's just floating up, up, up, up--oh-h-h!
And now She's standing over...And now She's removing, it looks like sheeting--sheets, like were wrapped around Her, and they're dropping off.
And now--oh, She has on a beautiful blue Cape, a Mantle, and a white Dress,
and now there's a blue Sash about Her Dress.  And She's holding out Her Beads, Her Rosary.  They're very large.  The Beads are white, but the Our Fathers now are--oh, they're very large and they're golden.  The gold is brilliant.  It's shining so brilliantly that actually it's shooting out RAYS.  The Our Fathers now from Our Lady's Beads are shooting out RAYS.  They're coming over in this direction.  It's just like streaks of golden FIRE.  Oh!  All the way back  Oh!  right back over the trees.  And they're beautiful.  Oh, beautiful!  Oh!

Jesus:      "My child, I give now three Directives:

Your world has gone into deep DARKNESS.  Should
The FATHER permit a continuation of the present state
of the world, Lucifer will gain count over the souls.

Therefore, you are being given now at this time on your earth a WARNINGPREPARE yourselves with ACTS of SACRIFICE; and BEG MERCY of The Father that many
are not TAKEN during this WARNING and the eventual
CHASTISEMENT, which is not long in coming should you not mend your ways and return your earth to the state in which The Father planned to have it."

Veronica:  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Now Jesus is pointing over to the SKY.  And I see
                  that BALL again.  It's--it's--it's turning very fast, and it seems to
be coming through a vast space, and now as it's going through the SKY, it's
HITTING--it's HITTING STARSIt's hitting STARS--I know they're STARS.  And many of them are falling down to the earth--the STARS.  And it's BOUNCING.  It doesn't seem to have even any path.  It seems to be HITTING
back and forth!  And there's another STAR--oh!  It's going to--oh!  OH!  oh!
I thought it was going to HIT us.  Oh-h-h!  Now it's TWIRLING.  And now it's going back into SPACE.  It's becoming very small, the BALL.  It's very small,
but it's very, very orange-looking.  And I can still feel the HEAT.  Now it's getting very DARK.  And I can't see it now.  Oh!  Now Our Lady is coming out from this--there's a large cloud, a very large cloud.  And Our Lady is coming forward, and I see She is wiping Her eyesShe's passing Her Hand over Her eyes.  And oh, oh-h-h, She's crying.  I...
Our Lady says:

   "I know My desire, My child, that I should open before the eyes
     of all the PICTURE of what lies ahead.  However, this I cannot
     do.  We must follow the PLAN of The Father."

Veronica:  Our Lady says that I have asked many times if She would
                  APPEAR at this time to all.  And She says:

         "No, it is not in the Will of The Father at this time.
           However, you will be given many Manifestations,
           and then My SON will perform from these Sacred Grounds
           a MAJOR MIRACLE that will bring all to the knowledge
           and reality that there exists a GOD Who is the Creator
           and RULES Heaven and earth."

       "I am not leaving the area of the Sacred Grounds.
         Please, My children, continue with your prayers.
         Thank you!...thank you, My child!  ...My children,
         Satan has many plans to STOP the prayers of
         Atonement; however, We are always ahead of him.
         He has forgotten the Power of The Father."

       "You must WARN the world now that too many years
          were wasted in speculation when I gave the Warnings
          many years ago.  You do not have the time now in IDLE
or speculation.  There are many agents of Hell now.
          They have entrenched themselves in every walk of your life:
          your schools, your government, and even they walk in the
          Holy House of GOD.  However, the FATHER permits this
          WAR.  This WAR is one of the Spirits.  It is far greater a
          WAR than man could ever fight upon earth with humans,
           for now, My children, you are at WAR with the unseen

 "Do not deny the fact that there is an UNSEEN world about you.
   When you accept this fact, you can FIGHT it.  Satan can enter
   upon and claim and make an agent any human being who has
   fallen far from Grace, be it a man, a woman, or a child.
   Therefore, recognize this fact, and disassociate yourselves from
   temptations and the ways of error set forth by these agents
   of SatanRecognize the faces of Evil about you.  Recognize the
   wolves in sheep's clothing."

"When you all read The BOOK of LIFE you will not accept the
  errors being written into The Book of Life at the present time.

I warned many years ago of the state of this world to come, but
who listenedYou do not have those years now to speculate or to
hesitateYou will ACT now upon My Counsel, or you will FALL!

yourselves; save your souls and the souls of those you love.  And if you have the charity of heart for your brothers, you
will offer your sacrifices for their salvation, for many will be
LOST because they have no one who cares to PRAY for them.

The greatest WEAPON you have now is PRAYER; you will use it.
Man has many opportunities to make Atonement to his GOD,
but he has become involved in a materialistic world.

You must RETIRE from this world that has been given to Satan.
Recognize the Evils that are created for your downfallhumanism
modernism.  They are satanic--creations of Satan to place you
and blind you to the TRUTH, place you on the Road to Damnation.

For the Man of Perdition now is loosed upon your world.  He
roams your world, and he is gathering many agents."

VeronicaNow Our Lady is pointing to the SKYOh!  And there are the
                  numbers "6-6-" ...And now in black letters, and She's circling it
in black, is "five".  "6-6" and "5."  The "five" now has the circle now.  Our
Lady 's placing with Her Hand--two V-like ears; they look like ears.  They're
like ears over the circle
.  Our Lady says:

              "Number five, and then six, and wait for Michael."

"You will stand behind your Vicar.  The agents of Hell surround him.
  They will not remove him from the Seat of Peter.  A greater Punishment
  falls upon man should he be removed from the Seat of Peter!  It is the
  plan of Lucifer to sit his agent upon the Seat.  I have warned you many
  times that your ways have led you into great destruction."

"The HAND OF GOD will fall heavy upon your world.  For a man to
  let himself fall into perdition in his lay life...but when this perdition has
  entered into the House of GOD, it calls for a speedy and fast destruction!

For all that is rotten will FALL.  Weak Vines will BREAK, Boughs will be
BENT, but the CROSS of The Living GOD shall not be bent by the
will of man and to satisfy the desires of a corrupt generationNo-o-o!
For WOE to those who promote EVIL in The HOUSE of GOD!

They will be held accountable in full measure for the FALL of the souls entrusted to their care.  The PENANCE upon the world is
being meted at this time, and it will be HEAVYMan now holds the
BALANCE for his own future, if he has been given his future."

Veronica:  Now Our Lady is pointing over to the left side of the flagpole.
                  There's appearing a large Map.  Now the Map I know is
Africa.  And Our Lady is taking now--She has something in Her Hand that looks like an eraser, and She's coloring over, and many parts of Africa now are colored BLACK.  Now Our Lady's turning, and She's saying:

"These are the AREAS that are fast going into DARKNESS.
     They will join in the Great TRIBULATION."

VeronicaOh!  Now Our Lady is speaking about the GREAT WAR that
                  will come upon man.

                     "It will be in UNISON with
                    the Great CHASTISEMENT."

VeronicaThat's the COMETNow Our Lady is pointing up to the SKY, and
                 now She's drawing a large question mark--a that.
And oh,
She's saying:

"You wonder, My child, why I have placed this MARK over the
   heavens.  It is the Will of The Father, for as I have repeated
   Myself, I do say now that you hold the Balance for your future."

VeronicaNow it's growing very, very DARKNow Our Lady--no,
                 there's that cloud is floating now over from the
The cloud is very light.  It's floating over, and now following it is a
bird, a
DOVE.  Oh!  it's--oh, it's a beautiful bird.  It's got something
in its mouth--it looks like an
olive; I know it's an Olive branch
Our Lady is saying:

      "The OLIVE BRANCH OF PEACE.  It will not fly over
       your country at this time."

And the bird is flying very fast.  It's going clear across
the SKY, very fast.  And now it's returning, but it doesn't
have the Olive Branch in its mouth.  And it's fluttering and
it's floating; its wings are flapping, very slowly, and it
looks like it's been wounded.  And now I see it falling down
behind the trees.  And oh, oh!  and over by the top of the steeple, I see St. Francis over there, by--over the top of the church is St. Francis.  Oh, and he's picking up this bird.  He's holding the bird in his hand.  The bird--the bird looks like it might have died; it's very limp.  And St.
Francis now is placing his hand over the bird.  No--it's sitting up in St. Francis' hand, and St. Francis is pointing over to the right side.  He--oh, I SEE.  He's pointing over, and over the right side is a Map.  And he said peace also will be denied the areas shown.  Oh, dear!  I can see Egypt, and I see, oh Asia.  Oh, I see a lot of people there; they're all MARCHING, they look like kind of Chinese...Chinese.  And oh, they're getting ready for WAR.  They've got all these tanks...all these TANKS.  And they're all MARCHING, the ARMIES; there's a whole lot of them.  There's so many of them!  Many of them look like young children, but there's so many of them.  Oh!  And
Our Lady said:

        "They are gathering their strength."

I know that's CHINA, and all these kind of--I guess yellow countries.  Our Lady's placing--She's writing "Y-E-L-L-O-W"
on the top, right over the Map there.  And oh, it looks like they're getting ready for an awful WAR or somethingThey're--oh, yes, they're all MARCHING.  Oh, oh.  They're all dressed alike; they're very, very...Oh, there's women, too.  There's women, too, that are marching with them, and the girls...the girls look very young; they look very young.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh, now, over them I see Oh-h-h...oh, it's RUSSIA!  I see Russia now is talking.  Oh, they're at a big desk, a rather large desk. And that...umh!  At the desk I can see...I know he's Russian.  But sitting next to him...looks like someone I've seen before, like...I don't know...looks almost like Mr. Kissinger...I don't know.  But he's sitting at the desk also, and it looks like they're planning, they're talking about...ARMS or SUPPORT.  I think there's going to be something going on.  And RUSSIA is going to...I think it sounds like they're going to FIGHT.  They're going to FIGHT--oh!  EGYPT.  I think they're going to go to WAR against EGYPT and AFRICA.  Oh!  And then Our Lady said:

        "Gathering at PALESTINE.
        Gathering at PALESTINE."

Oh, now it's getting very DARK, and the SKY is clearing.  I can't see anything, and I can hear Our Lady.

Our Lady:  "I have not left now.  I will direct you further, but you
                      must get out the MESSAGE in great haste."

"Physical infirmities have been promoted many times by Satan.
  You will not accede to your physical weaknesses.  You must WORK
  My child.  WORK with Great Haste, for the time grows short."

"Nothing is impossible here, My child.  This you will all find when
  you come over the VEILWe can do much more up here than you
  can do down there!"

...Her clothes, they're not quite like ours; they're electrified; oh, but they glow.  I asked Our Lady why Her clothes looked so transparent to me here.  Our Lady said that is because there are many things that are a SECRET to Heaven, and they would no longer be SACRED if they were all REVEALED to you.  I am asking Our Lady--it's kind of a silly question--are the clothes She has on like ours, like.  She says not quite Our Lady's Gown is always very, very brilliant, and the light is coming through them, so I kind of wanted to know if they're the same material as we have on earth, and She says "No."  (pause)  Our Lady says:

    "Over the VEIL We recognize no COLOR or RACE.
                                Pure spirits are spirits."

Veronica: Our Lady said there is no color or race over the
           Veil.  A spirit is beyond human explanation.

Our Lady:   "You will be fully recognizable to each other when you
                        pass over the VEIL.  therefore, you must have great
                        heart in the knowledge that you will join those who
                        were with you upon the earth, and you will have full
                        knowledge of that meeting.  However, there will be
                        many human emotional attitudes removed over the
                        VEIL.  For the only suffering allowed--this may be
                        difficult, My child, for you to understand--but through
                        the Will of The FATHER, it is only My SON and I
                        and those who have accepted the MISSION of the
                        present time to come to earth that must suffer with
                        many human feelings.

      However, over the VEIL, there will be nothing but JOY and
      PEACE and feeling of complete EXHILIRATION here.
      I, standing beside My SON, am subject to all human nature.
      It has been My choice because I join My SON in the
      REPATRIATION of My children's souls here on earth.
      Many MYSTERIES will be made known to you when you
      come OVER THE VEIL."

"You ask,

is in existence, an actual Place
  way out in the heavens beyond the farthest STAR.
 When I step onto this large BALL, you see Me ride
  completely up into the heavens where I am taken back to
  The KingdomIt is not what the world claims nowSatan seeks
  to call Us a myth.  O My children, I can assure you We are far
  from a myth, for We are Living and Watching all of this
  BATTLE raging."

VeronicaOh, now Our Lady is pointing, and oh, I see She's moving
                 over.  The BALL is moving over to the right side by the trees,
                 and Our Lady is saying now--and She's holding out the
                 ROSARY, and
She says:

             "TELL your BEADS, My children."

Oh, She means pray the RosaryOh, Our Lady is giving a Direction now.
Our Lady says that She would like you, when you're here, whether you know a person or whether you don't...She requests that you SAY an
will be granted for the soul, the departed soul.  That would be an ACT
Therefore, they would be given a GRACE necessary for their
REPATRIATION into Heaven.  Our Lady said great Indulgence will be
given for the RECITATION of the ACT of CONTRITION and
                                                                                    May 30, 1973


                         June 8, 1973, Eve of the Feast of
                           THE SACRED HEART of JESUS

VeronicaThere are flashes now over the left side of the trees.  The
                 trees are lighting up, oh, very blue.  There's a border outline
of about--oh, a good foot of light all around the trees.  It's because
Our Lady and Michael now are coming from over by the trees there.
Oh, Our Lady now is moving over to the right side there--our left side,
our left side of the flagpole.  Now Our Lady is--She's just standing and looking down.
Now Michael is coming forward.  And he's bending down now; he's still holding the SCALE.  The Scale looks very golden in the light.  And there are--oh, I see Michael now.  He's pointing with his Spear over to the other side of the flagpole.  Oh, he's pointing with the spear.  Oh!  Over on the right side, our right side, there's a horrible looking thing.  Ohh!
It looks like a--oh, it looks like an ANIMAL; but its got CLAW-like hands
--very long, CLAW-like fingers.  And its got two ears; they're pointed.  And his face--there's no face.  It's like a--oh, oh, it's sickening.  It's like --oh, I can't describe it.  It's not an elf; it's, it's horrible.  And now he's very small; his body looks stunted.  But on his feet--they're very pointed--there's a--his feet look like webs, like frog's feet almost, like webbed toes.  Oh, now Michael is now placing out the SCALE in front of him, and Michael is saying:

        "Man travels the ROAD to deep DARKNESS.
          Man wallows in ERRORS, a CESSPOOL of ERRORS.
         Why have you allowed yourselves to be LED down this Road?

Veronica:  Now over the flagpole, over to the left side, it's growing
                  very light.  I can barely look; it's very bright.  And there's now--oh!--Jesus is coming forward.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  He's very
beautiful.  It's so bright, the light, I can barely see His Hair and His Face.

   JESUS:      "See, My children,  what ungrateful man
                         has chosen to do to Me.
                        Have I SUFFERED for you in vain?
                        Will you ask a severe PUNISHMENT upon you
                        for your OFFENSES against your GOD?

                        BLINDNESS, CORRUPTION, DECEIT!
                        SINS more FOUL than since the Time of NOE!
                        Whatever shall become of you?

"My Mother has made many VISITS to your earth.
             She PLEADS your cause well with The Father.
             However, the time for your ATONEMENT
             has been shortenedYou will all SAVE yourselves now
             in the Merciful DROPS of MY BLOOD shed for you
             through generations, SHED now for an UNGRATEFUL
             HIMSELF TO SATAN."

  Now Jesus is closing the ROBE across His Chest, and He's now                                  going backwards into the SKY.  And Our Lady now is coming forward.  Oh, Our Lady now is going over to the right side of the flagpole--our right side.  And She's motioning now up to the SKY.  Oh!  There are two men coming down now.  They are dressed--they have long Robes on.  I don't recognize them now because I can't see their faces yet.  Oh, now they're coming closer.  Oh!  One is St. Robert Bellarmine.  He has a very large BIBLE in his hand, and he's bending down, and he is saying:

St. Robert Bellarmine:     
                                           "SHOUT, my child and my children,
                                               from the ROOFTOPS!

   Man must now READ the WORDS of the PROPHETS of old.
   He will direct his life in the Light of TRUTH, or he shall
   enter into A Crucible of SUFFERINGThe FATHER will
   CHASTISE those He Loves.  You cannot understand,
   as mortal, the WAYS of Heaven.  All EVIL will NEVER be
   Triumphant.  The Sheep shall be SEPARATED into TWO
   CAMPS:  the GOATS and the SHEEP."

Veronica:  Now Our Lady is going over to the right side of the flagpole.
                  She's now taking from Her Waist--oh, Our Lady has Her Rosary.
That's why this--oh, I, I see.  Our Lady said we're to WEAR the ROSARY
during Her Visits here--on the belt, on the belt of our gowns.  And they're
to be removed so they will not be lost.  Our Lady now is bending forward.
She has a beautiful ROSARY.  It's all white:  and the Our Father beads are very large--they're golden--they're beautiful, golden.  Oh, they're so bright.  The light is catching the Rosaries now, and they are so bright that they sparkle.  Oh!  And now Our Lady is bending over.  She's extending the Rosary out over--oh, Our Lady wants me to touch the Rosary.  Oh!  Now She's coming closer.  Oh...oh...oh, now I can touch it!  Oh yes!  Oh.  And  Our Lady is kissing now the CROSS of JESUS--the Suffering of Her Son, Our Lady said.  And oh,
Our Lady says:

     "Remember, My child, I bestow upon all, who come to My
       Sacred Grounds, the POWER to bring back and RESCUE
       from Satan their brothers and sisters.  You must not forget
       the POWER of PRAYER to The FATHER.  ASK in
       the Name of My SON, and He cannot refuse you.
       Continue, My children, your Prayers of Atonement." 

"You will deliver to the world the MESSAGE from HEAVEN.
   You will permit no elaboration or additives to My WORDS
   from HeavenYou must not speak on your own.  As Our
   MESSENGER, you are not opinionated, My child, for you will
   only act as a VOICE-BOX for Heaven."

"There are many agents of Hell loosed upon earth now,
   My children.  They have all means at their disposal for
   your CAPTURE, for the Capture of your soulRecognize,
   My children, the faces and forces of Evil about you.
   Do not be misguided by the agents of Hell, who try to take
   from your mind by subtle means the fallacy and error that
   there is not another world beyond the VEIL.  I can assure
   you, My children, that this knowledge will soon be made
   known to them."

"The FATHER has great PLANS for RESTORING a
   proper Balance to the world.  My children I repeat Myself
   with purpose.  You must, you must RETIRE now from a
   world that has been given to Satan.  It is a time of TRIAL
   and Cleansing.  I have come to you many times, in many
   places throughout your earth, giving you Directions and
   the ARMOR for your Survival during this greatest of
   BATTLESNone will be LOST unless they go of their
   own free will."

  is this too much to ASK of you in the face of what
  you will soon find coming upon you?"

"I do not come to earth to fill hearts with FEAR,
  but I bring reality of what is to befall an unrepentant
(pause).  There are many throughout the
  world, your world, that will be given a TEST.  This is a
  TEST of FAITH and LOVE; for many will be asked to
  give themselves to The Father as VICTIM SOULS--
  VICTIMS to the Merciful Heart and Love of The Father
  in Repatriation for those souls who OFFEND most
  The FATHER." 

Veronica Do NOT Look UP To The SKY--The FLASH Oh!

It's--oh!  I see a terrible LIGHT.  It's a FLASH, but it's HOT.
Oh, it's so HOT Oh!  Now I hear voices, and the people
are SCREAMING They're frightened.  There's no reason to
be frightened
Our Lady will SAVE you.  There's no reason
to be frightened
Don't RUN!  Don't go outside; stay inside.

Our Lady:
 "The World before the Great CHASTISEMENT

"It's a most frightening SIGHT, My child,
  even to those who have been given the GRACE
  of knowing what lies ahead

"There are many MANIFESTATIONS and many souls who will
  SPEAK OUT for Us throughout the worldAll will have heard
  the Word of Truth before the FINAL CLEANSING."

: Now Our Lady is going over to the left side
          of the flagpole.  And now She's placing both
Her Hands out in front of Her.  The ROSARY now is
caught onto Her band about Her waist--the blue band.
And Our Lady now is placing Her Hands out, like this.  Now Her right hand is going in front of Her left hand.  And--oh!  There's a very bright light coming from Our Lady's hand, like this.  It's coming down from the SKY.  It's a very bright LIGHT.  Oh!  It's--it's it's beautiful!  Oh, the LIGHT is so bright.  It's so bright that you--it's--there's--I--oh!
Our Lady now is saying:

  "These are the RAYS of HOPE  I give to man during
      the Coming TRIALSWe all stand ready to GUIDE
      you here as We will guide Our beloved children
     throughout the world."

"WEAR your Sacramentals; do not take them from you,
  for they will be your ARMOR.  As the agents of Hell
  roam your earth, they will not enter upon a soul who
  has ARMED himself with the Sacramentals and Graces
  given freely for the asking from The FatherRecognize,
  My children, that you are mortal, which will make the
  BATTLE more strenuous."

Now I smell--ohh!  a terrible ODOR of, like
           sulfur and ROT Ohh! (Veronica has difficulty breathing)  Ohh!  Our Lady, I don't want to look!  Oh!  Our Lady wants me to look.  There's a DEEP HOLE.  Oh!  It's, it looks like a oh, a CAVERN.  Oh, it's, it's very--it actually smells like ROTTEN FLESH.  And now Our Lady is taking me DOWN...down...down.  Oh
my!  Oh my goodness!  Ohh!  Ohh!  I see people, and they're all, as we're passing, they're reaching their hands out.  Ohh--ohh--Our Lady...I must look. Ohh!

Our Lady:
    "My children, you SEE the POOR SOULS that
                        cannot be rescued.  Many have come here because
                        they failed to listen to the Words of The Father.

   They have fallen VICTIM to the pleasures of the flesh.
   More souls ENTER daily into this terrible place of
   SUFFERING because of the SINS of the flesh."

Veronica:  Ohh!  Ohh!  Now we're going DOWN further!  Ohh! 
                  (Veronica has difficulty breathing)  These bodies are
floating--they're people.  I see they're people, but they're, they're
LIT UP like COALS--they're an orange color.  Ohh!  Ohh!  But right behind them are these horrible thingsOhh!  Ohh!  Ohh!  Ohh!
They're all different, but they're horrible.  Ohh!  Now Our Lady is taking my hand and we're going UP.  We're floating up...up.  It's getting much lighter now.  I can see...I can see the SKYOhh!  Ohh!  Our Lady now is walking over--She's not walking, She's floating over, and it's growing very DARK.  It's very, very, very DARK.  And now
Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady:         "My child, this color is of SORROW.
                          The only Light in the DARKNESS is
                          THE SACRED HEART of MY SON."

Veronica:  Now in the center, over the flagpole, there's a large
                  white HEART.  Now It's turning a very deep, deep, deep
                  RED--ah--RED-ORANGE.  Oh--oh, it's, It's very large.
It covers the whole SKY.  Now Our Lady is floating over; and She's reaching out; and She's placing Her Hand over the HEART.  And now
She's pointing over, and the SKY is becoming filled with people--
many, many people, but they're walking, and they're carrying
CROSSES on their backs.  Many are wearing CROWNS of THORNS
on their heads.
  Our Lady says:

                      "See, My child, many who will go
                     the WAY of the CROSS
                     before the FINAL CLEANSING."

"Do not Sorrow, My child.  It is with JOY that they carry
  their CROSS for My Son.  The World--your world--does
  not know
the Value of Suffering, My child.  If they did,
  there would be more who would OFFER themselves to
  My Son for the MERCY of The FATHER in the days to
  come.  ACCEPT all SUFFERING with JOY."

Veronica:  Now--oh--over to the left side of the flagpole is Theresa.
                  I know Theresa very well.  Now Theresa is coming down
by herself.  No, she's floating over by Our Lady.  She's by herself,
but Michael is standing next to all those people.  They're all in the
back with the CROSSES; they're holding the Crosses up now,
straight up and down.  And they're standing there, just looking at
Our Lady and Theresa.  Now Theresa is coming forward, and she is

St. Theresa:    "Veronica, my sister, please SEND OUT the
                           MESSAGE from Heaven in great haste.
                    The time grows very short.  The great OFFENSES to
                    The SACRED HEART of our Beloved JESUS multiply.
                    Therefore, the SCALE grows most uneven."

     "You must hasten, my sister, to make known the SORROW
        of JESUS at the deportment of many of His Dedicated
        in the Houses of GOD.  They must not follow the ways of
        the world
, for they lead surely down the Road to Destruction.
        They must now lower their skirts to the ground.
  They must return to lives of PIETY, POVERTY, and CHASTITY.
  Many are giving themselves to the pleasures of the world.  Many
  have brought SCANDAL into The House of GOD.  PRAY for
  them, my sister; PRAY much, for many souls are being misguided.
  PRAY, my sisters and my brothers, for all the Priests in The House
  of GODThey are in need of much Prayer.  Only you, in your
  goodness of heart and Love of The Father, must ACT now to
  SAVE them."       
  "There are FOUR agents from Hell upon earth.  ONE is now..."

Veronica:  Ohhh--Theresa is pointing over to the left, and I see St. Peter's.
                   It's a very large church.  It's very large.  Oh, and I see this
horrible-looking thing.  This thing--he's going now into the door.  He's
very smug-looking.  Ohh, and he's now gone into a back room--in the room
off the church--it's a room off the side of the church.  There's a lot of people
gathered there.  There a Cardinals and Bishops.  I can tell by the way
they're dressed.  Now one is going over, and he's counting.  He's saying,
"One!  Two!  Three!  Four!  Five!  Six!", and he's placing his hand now on the chest of the Cardinal.  Now as I watch--oh!  Oh!  I see him--he's just like
oh!  He's like evaporating INTO his body--he's just going right IN!
Now I can't see anymore.  But I see--ohh-ohh
(pause)  Now I see--oh my!  Ohh!  Our Lady says:

Our Lady:       "Yes, My child, you'll have no fear in
                            speaking out, for they must be warned."

VeronicaI see now that the one--the Cardinal--is now taking of his--he has
                  a very wide hat.  Now as he's taking it off he's smiling, but as he
takes it off--his hat off--he has ears like a--like a DEVIL...these things
coming out of his head
like a devilAnd he's holding up the number--he's
holding up his hand:  FIVE and ONE make SIX Ohh!  Ohh!  Now it's
growing very DARK.  I can't see anything.  And
Our Lady says:

Our Lady:     "You will continue, My child, until JESUS gives you
                          further Directions for your Mission."

VeronicaOh, Our Lady now is coming over.  She's on the right side of the
                  flagpole.  Oh, She's very beautiful.  She has the blue Cape on and
the blue Sash about Her Waist.  And I said, 'please Our Lady, I can still
SMELL that STINK on the earth

Our Lady:    "My child, this strange ODOR that nauseates you
                         will remain with you for some time, for you will
                         accept this as part of your Cross for the Salvation
                         of soulsIt will bring to mind the SCENE constantly
                         that I have brought you DOWN to SEE." 

"I know, My child, that you have found the CROSS growing heavy,
  but We place great dependence and confidence upon you.
  The Father knows your great Love for Him.  Therefore, you will
  continue with ConfidenceWe cannot promise you a life without
  Suffering, for Graces are not earned easily, My child, though they
  are given freely.  However, you will follow the Direction of your
  sister, Theresa, who has taught you her little way of gaining
  Heaven through Suffering.  My child, MAKE IT KNOWN that
  NO Suffering is ever wasted, for there are GRACES following
  behind these Crucibles."

VeronicaNow Our Lady is raising Her ROSARY,
and now She is Blessing:

        In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Our Lady:    "You will continue with the Prayers of Atonement
                        and will sit down now, My child."

Veronica:  ...and He's standing by the left side of the flagpole.  Oh, He's
                  just standing there and smiling.  It's very bright about JESUS
as there's always a tremendous Light.  It just seems to come out from underneath His garments.  It's just beautiful.  Now Jesus' hair looks very long.  It's parted in the center, and it hangs down to His shoulders, but it
goes sort of just a little above the front of the shoulders and to the back.  Jesus is smiling.
  Jesus says:

JESUS:      "My child, you always recognize Me, but the
                    deceitful one has many facesSo you must be
                    cautious of your associations.  There is no deceit
                    in Heaven.  The spirits that come to you from the
                    Sacred Grounds are TrueThe deceitful one lies
                    beyond the Sacred Grounds."

      "I caution you anewBEWARE of an EVIL FORCE
       that surrounds a SHRINE of PURITY.

       They will try to STOP you with all cunning and deception.
       So call much to your  GUARDIANS.
       They wish to save you from all unnecessary Suffering"

Oh!  Yes!  I--it's--oh!  Oh, now I see him, TUSAZERI.  Oh!  When
                  Jesus...can I tellJesus says I can tell now.  Oh, when Jesus
said He is assigning one of the Highest Guardians of Heaven to the WORK,
for me, I didn't see him, but now I can SEE him.  Oh--Tusazeri:  he's very,
very BIG.  Oh!  Oh, now I see he's turning around, and he's twisting, and
he's becoming very transparent.  Oh, he's twisting so--he's creating quite
a BREEZE!  Oh!!  Now he's twirling, and he's showing--oh, that is actually
a wisp of smoke.  Oh!  Now Jesus is placing out His Hand to stop him from
twirling because he's making the trees blow.  Oh, Jesus now is placing out
His Hand.  And now Tusazeri has stopped twirling around, so I can
recognize him.  Oh!  Oh, now--he's very, very Large. Now Jesus is saying

JESUS:     "My child, you will recognize him.  Blessed is he who
                    does not SEE and BELIEVES.  However, I give you
                    this GRACE for the furtherance of your Mission.
                    You will explain, My child, what I have just said to you."

Veronica: Oh, Jesus means that this is the first time I saw Tusazeri.  When
                  Jesus assigned him to me a year ago, He said He was sending
one of the Highest Guardians in Heaven to assist me in the WORK, but I
have never seen Tusazeri intil tonight.  He's very Large.  He's almost as
Large as Michael.  Oh, now Michael is appearing on the right side of the flagpole.  Oh, he's saying: 
                   Michael:     "Not quite, my child!"

Oh, he is standing there now.  Now Michael has a large BOW in his hand.
He has a large BOW in his right hand, and he's carrying that SCALE still in
his left hand.  And the SCALE has a large black block on it.  I don't know what the block is, but it must be the Abominations that Michael speaks of.
Now, over to the left now, Jesus is standing.  And He's changing His Robe
over to His other Arm.  Now Tusazeri has gone back behind Jesus.  He's
standing behind Jesus now...just sort of floats, he's just floated behind Jesus.  And Our Lady is coming over, and Our Lady is speaking very softly,
She says:

Our Lady:    "Continue with your Prayers, My children.
                                Many are needed."

         I have asked and cried for.  Your country
         now holds the BALANCE for the
         DESTRUCTION of the World."
                                                                 Our Lady 6-8-73

            June 16, 1973, Eve of the Feast of The HOLY TRINITY

Veronica: To the left side of the flagpole, the SKY is opening up.
                  It's turning a beautiful BLUE; and coming through the
clouds now--it's very gray, but the whole side of the SKY is opening
up a beautiful Blue, and Michael is coming forward.  Oh, he's carrying
the SCALE in his hand, the BALANCE.  Now Our Lady is coming
through this great Blue Haze.  It's just beautiful!  The trees are all lit up
now with this Haze.  It's very light, almost a white, now about the trees;
and Our Lady now is coming forward.  She--Our Lady looks very unhappy; and
She says:

Our Lady:     """"You will LISTEN, My child, very carefully
                   so that you may repeat My Words with EXACTNESS.
  There will come upon the World a Great CHASTISEMENT.
        Man has set a fast pace for his own Destruction.
  My child, you will please ask your leader to continue the
  Prayers.  You must not stop the Prayers.  The MESSAGE will
  go to the world through the channels I have given you,
  My child."  (pause)
 Out in your world, beyond the farthest STAR visible
 to man's eyes, is the INSTRUMENT planned by
 The Father for your CHASTISEMENT.  PRAY!

PRAY, My children,
now until that Moment of DARKNESS."




















"I have wandered throughout the World for countless earth-years

  Many WARNINGS have been given to man, but they have passed by
  unnoticed by many.

  Man has now the CHOICE of his DESTRUCTION

  All who Follow the LIGHT will Carry Heavy CROSSES.

  Do not place your soul in jeopardy by being led astray by
  the false maxims of humanism in your world and by the
  agents of Satan who now roam throughout your world
  seeking the Destruction of souls."

   for a COMPLETE REVERSAL of man's ways.

  He must RETURN to the RULE of Rigid DISCIPLINE
  in his lay life and in the lives of the men of GOD.
  The Representatives of My SON will not follow
  the ways of the world!"

"You must RESTORE within The HOUSE of GOD
  a STRICT DISCIPLINE of Life and Procedure.
  RETURN to SACRIFICE and self-denial.

  You must STARVE your bodies of the DEMONS
  which you have allowed to ENTER upon you.

  You cannot partake of the full pleasures of earth,
  all created for soul-destruction and enter also into
  The KingdomThere is NO Middle Road.

  The left follows into the DARKNESS;
  and the Straight Road is in the LIGHT."

"O My children, how weary I grow as I wander throughout
  your world
shedding many TEARS--Tears of great Sorrow
--for what will befall your UNGRATEFUL Generation!

  The Father plans a Great CHASTISEMENT
  for earth's children.  O My children, will you not

  It is for you that I CRY.
  It is for your RETURN that I BEG.

  What more can We do but give you Our HEARTS?
  See, My child, the HEART so Torn Asunder
  by the SINS of UNGRATEFUL man."

VeronicaOh-h.  Oh-h.  Oh-h.  To the right side of the flagpole, I see
                   the right--it--oh, it's Jesus.  Now He's extending His Right
Hand and opening--oh, He's opening His Garment; and, oh, on His
Garment is a Huge HEART; but from all angles, right and left, there
are KNIVES PIERCING His HEART.  Now He's removing--oh, I can--
Jesus has a CROWN of THORNS about His HEAD, which He's
removing now and placing in the center of His Chest.  It balances
over a huge SWORD.  Now He's pointing to the SWORD.  The SWORD
goes straight through His HEART and comes out the other sideOh,
Jesus said:

Jesus:  "See, My child, the Heavy SWORD that man has
             placed within My HEART.  This SWORD has been
             placed there by the men of GOD who have chosen
             to set up
their own rule within My HOUSE.   
              This SWORD shall be taken out by Michael and be
              brought upon the World to CLEANSE you and to
              FORCE your RETURN to the ways of your GOD!"

VeronicaNow Michael is coming over to the right side of the flagpole.
                  Oh, he has taken the SWORD now.  Oh!  He's drawn it out.  Now, the SWORD is all bathed in BLOODOh!  It's a very large
SWORD.  Now it's growing very DARK--very DARK.  The SKY is
growing very DARK.  Oh, now Michael is extending the SWORD.
It reaches across the whole SKY; but there's BLOOD dripping from the
SWORD.  Oh, it's, Dripping down, and He...oh-h...oh-h...oh-h...oh-h.
Now it's growing very DARK.  I see a great LIGHT, a FLASH!
It's so HOT, this FLASH!  Oh!  There's a Large BALL of FIRE.
Oh, it's very HOT; and it's whirling through the SKY; and it's
they're large pieces of ROCK, and they're falling,
falling down.  Now the WATERS, the WATERS are
RISING very HIGH.  I can see the WATERSOh..oh..oh
the WATERS have come in.  They're so HIGH; and I see
some CITIES.  I see a large City; and the WATERS are
now--oh, they're pounding against the ground; and now I see the Buildings.  They're falling.  Now the
Ground is CRACKING; and the Buildings are falling
INTO the HOLESOh...oh...oh...

Our Lady:    "My child, in the Final CLEANSING
                        many will be REMOVED from the earth.

Many Good will SUFFER with the Bad,
but the good will be Triumphant beyond the VEIL.

Learn, My children, the Value of Suffering for the
Sanctification of your souls and the souls of those you

Do not waste your time now, the time left in earth-time,
in IDLE TALK and IDLE Pursuits governed by pleasures
of the flesh.

AWAKEN and SHOUT from the Rooftops, for the time
grows short!  My children, you must all GO FORWARD
as DISCIPLES of My SONEach holds a great
responsibility to his brother."

"GRACES in Abundance, My children, are given to you
 to strengthen you in the BATTLE ahead.  You will truly
 Do not
expect comfort.  Do not expect glory.
 No, you will scratch the earth and burrow in the dirt.
 Your Glory shall be in Life Everlasting with The

 You must now all GATHER in the LIGHT.  For wherever
 two or more are gathered in My Son's Name, know that
 He will be among you to Guide you."

"Call upon your GUARDIANS often, My children.
 You have forgotten your ANGELSDo not listen to the
 mockery of the world.  They seek to take the reality of
 the GUARDIANS of HEAVEN from you so that they
 can Send you to Lucifer.

When you have great Sorrow or Trial, CALL to your
GuardianASK My SON for His Help in The Father.

Do not
seek comfort among man, for he has none to
give you, for man has become self-seeking and lovers of
pleasure.  Man has become uncharitable."

"You have cast aside the Truth in The BOOK of LIFE
 choosing to re-write the Words of your PROPHETS
 OF OLD.  You will NOT re-write the BOOK to adjust
 to the ways of man!  You must bring man to FOLLOW
 the ways of his GOD."

"How long do you think We will tolerate the
 ABOMINATIONS being committed upon your earth
 and in The HOUSE of GOD?"

Veronica:  Now Michael is coming forward.  He's standing with a
                  large SWORD in his hand.  Oh, the SWORD reaches across
the whole SKYMichael now is standing, and he's bending over.  Oh, he's so beautifulHis hair is--oh, such a beautiful gold.  It's sort of
metallic, but a beautiful golden color.  Now Michael--His Voice is
BOOMING--I almost--oh, I have to hold my ears it's so loud.

Michael:           "SHOUT from the ROOF:
                       the TIME grows short!
                  REPENT Now of your SINS!
          Make RESTITUTION to your GOD Now!"

Oh, now
Michael is starting to WRITE in the SKY
                   with His Finger.

Michael:    "I shall list the Major OFFENSES
                  against the GOD of Heaven and earth:

4)  Worship of false idols!  5)  Disrespect of Authority!
6)  Infidelity in the Family 7)  ..."

VeronicaIt's so small--the Writing--I can barely see it.  Oh, now
                  Michael's coming forward; and he's writing much larger.

Michael:  "...CHASTITY!  SACREDness in the Marriage State
                   abandoned for the pleasures of the flesh.
                   DAMNATION follows this course!


1)  Disrespect of Dress.
2)  Rewriting of the Words of the Prophets.
3)  Arrogance among the men of GOD!
4)  Intellectual Pride among the men of GOD!
5)  Loss of True Vocation.
6)  ..."

VeronicaNow Michael is coming forward and standing very close.
                   He says:

Michael:  "...Men of GOD, Return now to your Life of PRAYER!

 Make right The HOUSE of GOD.  Rigid DISCIPLINE must now
  be RESTORED in The HOUSE of GOD.
  The Leadership in The House of GOD has much in need..."

"You must repeat this, my child.  RIGID DISCIPLINE and
  self-control and self-denial must be exercised by the men of GOD
  in The House of GOD.  Can you not Sacrifice for the souls in your
  care and your own soul?"

VeronicaNow it's growing very DARK; and I see,
Michael is pointing
                  the SWORD downward; and the SWORD is Dripping with
.  Now it's getting very light; and there are, I see
HorsesThere are men galloping across the SKY.  Oh, they're
horrible!  Oh!  The first Horse is RED; and on it is sitting--it's a man.
He's dressed all in a Red Robe, but it has slits in the eyes; and he's
got a SWORD in his hand; and it's Dripping BLOOD.  Oh, and written
above it is:


Then there's a man now; the Horse is BLACK; it's very dark-looking.
The Black Horse has a mask over it's eyes; and sitting on the Horse
is a horrible--it's, I guess, a man.  He has on a Black Robe, also with
slits in its eyes--round sort of, but rounded out; and, he's got a band
about his head--a black band, almost a Band of Mourning.  Now he is
holding up now--oh, from behind him, in the back near the Horse--
he's holding up what looks like a BALANCE also.  Now he's stopped
the Horse ; and he's taking what looks like a COIN, and he's dropping
it into the BALANCE; and he's saying:
  'How much will you give for the Bread?'
Now he's returning the BALANCE to the side of the Horse, and the
Horse now is galloping off beyond the trees.  Ohh-h.  Now there comes a figure through the SKY.  It's a horrible-looking figure.  Oh, he's also on a Horse.  The Horse is GREEN, but with two large black eyes set in his Green face.  And he says:
Pestilence will be set upon earth!'
Ohh-h...Oh-h..oh they're terrible.  Oh, it's the Bodies!  I see the bodies
and there's BUGS crawling all over them.  Oh-h.  (Veronica moans
at the disgusting sight
.)  Oh, the BodiesDIG HOLES--BURY them!
Ohh.  Ohh.  And I see people.  They're trying to DIG HOLES, but there
are so many bodies--so many that they can't get them into the Holes..

Our Lady:     "My children, it is not My intent to fill you
                           with fear, but I must AWAKEN you to
                           what will be your eventual FATE.  It is not
                           a Picture that gladdens the heart."

"All who remain in the LIGHT will have no fear in the
 DAYS ahead.  They will find SOLACE and REFUGE

 Bring My SON into your Homes and Monuments and
 daily remembranceYou will find this a great ROCK
 in a world that will go into DARKNESS.  Your HOMES
 must become a FORTRESS in the BATTLE ahead."

"INSTRUCT your children well in the Salvation of their
  souls.  Know that when they leave beyond the doors of
  your Home, they will be subject to Satan.

them, My children, Parents, the Value of
 PRAYERPRAYER must be returned to your homes.
 Your EXAMPLE must be one of PURITY. 
 Your EXAMPLE must be one of FORTITUDE.
 And most of all, My children, rememberYou must

"I will not abandon you.  I will always be Here.
  Come to Me oftenVisit My SON often in the
  Tabernacle of your world.  He grows very lonely,
  My children;
  there are so FEW visitors now to His House.
  Won't you come often and SOLACE Him?"

"You will all PRAY much that the Convents will
  not be emptyTrue VOCATIONS are needed.
  PRAY, pray much for your PRIESTS.  They are
  under heavy ATTACK.

"My child, you will give My WORDS to the world.
  You will be subject to heavy attack by SatanHis ways
  are subtle.  Recognize the face of Evil."

"In your busy life, My child, you must make more
  moments of QUIETUDE.  SILENT Communication
  with The Father is advisable.

You are much concerned, My child, with your Mission.
Do not become overly concerned, for you are being
guided by your GUARDIANSThe WORK will be lifted
much from your shoulders.  You will find you have been
SENT many ARMS."

"I know, My child, We ask much of you, but We will
  GIVE much in return.  Your return will not be of this
  world, but We promise to all who BELIEVE and Follow
  the ROAD to The Kingdom Life Everlasting in
  Glorious Triumph with The Father."

"No human sight, no human words could ever
  reveal to you the JOYS and Pleasures of The
This We reserve for you when you
  come over the Veil."

Satan cannot enter upon you
  if you
KEEP a Constant Vigilance of

"Do not be disturbed, My children,  by the attack
  of the evil ones.  It is a plan to disturb.  Continue
  with your Prayers."

"...The closer you find yourself to The Father,
  the faster Satan will set his agents upon you."

Veronica:  Michael is now coming beyond the trees--over, over beyond
                  the trees.  And he's now coming very close, down to the
tree; and he's standing there; and he's joined now--there are oh, about
five other Angels now coming down.  Oh, Now Our Lady has come
over to the left side of the flagpole, and
She says:

Our Lady:   "You will REST now, My child, until JESUS                               Blesses the SacramentalsContinue with
                        your Prayers that FALL like RAIN upon
                        thirsting souls.  If you ask, you will be
                        nourished with PURE Waters from Heaven."

There is appearing a large--a large ARROW pointing up
                   towards Heaven, a very large ARROW; it's pointing to
Heaven.  And now the back of he arrow is trailing a long, long TAIL
across the SKY to the right.  And it's now, it's making a very large
"W"--the Tail--in the SKY:    WARNING!

Our Lady:   "You must specify the Plan of Heaven clearly.
                        The Father WAITS for your PENANCE.

The SCALE must be Balanced with Goodness.  The HOUR
for your WARNING grows nearThe Father AWAITS
your ATONEMENT.  There will be no Dates given.

You will approach the DAYS with Hope that man will Mend
his ways in the Eyes of his GOD." 

Veronica:  I see three ANGELS coming down to the right side of the
:  MICHAEL, GABRIEL, RAPHAEL.  Now the one on
the right
, Raphael, is stepping forward, and he says:

Raphael:          "You must SHOUT the WORDS
                 from the ROOFTOPS WORK with great haste!
Time grows short."

Veronica:  Now I see Gabriel now, the one in the middle, is coming
                  forward.  He's holding an HOURGLASS; and He's turning
the HOURGLASS upside down, and SAND is running through it.
The SAND is very red.  Oh-h!  Now he's placing his hand under the
glass in the center.  The SAND is almost through to the END.  Now
it's stopped.  And now the HOURGLASS is being handed over to
Michael.  Now Michael is standing.  In his right hand he has the
BALANCE, and in his left hand he's holding the HOURGLASS. (pause)
I see an ANGEL coming forward.  The Angel is extending a Golden
CUP.  He said I'm to place my hand with the ring in the Golden CUP.
I-oh!  Oh-h!  Oh-h!  It's a large golden MONSTRANCE.  Oh, it's
beautiful.  It has a Host in the center, but the HOST is very brilliant,
very brilliantIt's beautiful.  And now there are two Angels standing,
one on the right side of the HOST, the other on the left.  And up above
It is--oh! an old Man--looks like a Man, but He's so niceHe's so Nice.
Now Our Lady is over on the right side.  Oh!
  Our Lady says:

Our Lady:      "See, My child, the LADDER of LIFE:
                       FATHER, SON, and HOLY GHOST."

VeronicaOh-h!  Oh-h! how Beautiful!  Oh-h!  Oh-h!  I see a very,
                  very Bright Light.  And there's a MAN; He looks very old.
And now the Angel who is standing to the side is saying:

The Angel:       
                      "Observe The ancient of days.
           he is father of all love and goodness."

:  And I see now Great RAYS of LIGHT.  The Old MAN--He sits
                  on a Beautiful Golden THRONE--very beautiful, with Red
.  And--oh, it's very expensive-looking, Golden and Beautiful.
Now the LIGHT is shining very...down from His Hands and all about
the THRONE, and it's falling down now--oh, it was like a TRIANGLE
underneath Him.  But now the TRIANGLE is forming a Large BALL,
a large BALL.  And oh, Michael has appeared and

Michael:      "The FATHER Governs All LIFE."

Our Lady:    "My child, Silent Prayer and much Meditation
                         will give you Peace of soul."

          "You will find sent to you many companionable spirits
            to help you with My Mission on earth.  We will not
            give you any heavier a burden than The Father
            knows you can carry.  You will not be free from Trial,
            for your spirit must go through a Crucible of

         "Do not be concerned of what condition your body,
           but guard well your spirit.  Your body is but a shell
           that will pass to DUST, but your spirit is ETERNAL.
           FEED your SOUL."

Veronica:  Now Our Lady places Her Hands with the ROSARY in
                  front of Her, and there are great RAYS.  Oh!  The LIGHTS
coming out of Our Lady's Hands are coming down now upon the Grounds.  they're very heavy.  Oh, the LIGHTS are beautiful!  It's like
a FIRE, but it's not hurting.  Oh, the RAYS are just beautiful I can
pass my hands through them
.  Oh, they're beautiful!  Oh.  Now Our
Lady is coming forward

Our Lady:      "I DISPENSE upon you, My children,

                               many GRACES in The Father--
                          GRACES for Conversion and Cure,
                          GRACES for the Salvation of all souls."

             "You will sit now, My child, for you will do
                much PENANCE this week for the world.
              Those who are made strong must CARRY the weak.

"My SON will soon be with you to Bless all Sacramentals,
  all objects of godly nature.  You may sit now, My child."

Jesus:  "In the Name of The FATHER, and of The SON,
               and of The HOLY GHOST.  I send upon you
        GRACES more abundant than the Petals of the Roses."

Veronica:  And now Jesus is going over to the side of the tree, and
                  He's coming down.  He's looking down now, and He's now
bending over, and He's Blessing in the Name of The TRINITY:

  In the Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is coming over, and He's--now He's placing His Hands out,
like this; and from His Hands now are coming RAYS--oh, like the RAYS
that Our Lady placed out before!  Oh, they're beautiful!  Though in the
RAYS now, there are shimmering little silver crystals.  Oh, they're just
beautiful!  Oh, and they're all coming down now on our faces.  They're
crystals.  Oh, they're beautiful!  Oh-h-h.  Oh-h-h.  Oh, they're very
light; it's just like feathers.  Oh,-h.  It's just beautiful!  And now I--
Jesus is bending over, and
He is saying:

Jesus:    "My child, nothing is impossible in The Father."

VeronicaOh-h.  Oh-h.  Beautiful!  Now the SKY is filled--oh, with
                  Angels!  Oh, beautifully dressed in all colors of the rainbow.
Oh, they are beautiful!  Oh-h.  Oh, now they're SINGING; they're
singing.  I, it sounds--I don't know if I can--"Alleluia!  Alleluia!
Alleluia!"  Oh-h-h.  Now there is a LIGHT, a great LIGHT.  Oh, they're
pointing to the SKY, and I see there that Great LIGHT.  Oh!  Oh, but
now it looks--it looks like the COMET.  It's that thing, like the BALL.
It's coming through the SKY, and the ANGELS are standing there
now.  They don't seem to be bothered by it; and now one of these
Angels is coming forward.  Oh-h-h.  Oh-h.  Oh, he's recognized me

The Angel:  "Veronica, I have been with you a long time.
                        I have never left your side, Veronica, but you must
                        call on me more often.  I do not wish to grow lazy."

Veronica:  Oh-h!  TUSAZERI, TUSAZERI.  Oh-h-h!

Tusazeri:       "I will give you the SECRET of Happiness
                           in The Father.  No soul will ever grow lonely,
                           for beside them is a FRIEND, a GUARDIAN
                           from HeavenThey are ALWAYS WITH you,
                           these Guardians of your soul."

"However, you can send them away, but that makes us very SAD.
  Know that we are here upon earth to Protect you, to Guard your
  soul from the entrance of Satan and his agents."

"Allow us to FIGHT the Good FIGHT with you.  The BATTLE
  will be a Battle of Glorious Triumph for The Kingdom of Heaven.
HEAVEN watches the Battle raging upon earth.  You have
  much ARMOR, but we have Great DEFENSE from Heaven.

  Do not cast us aside, for we are always with you.  However, you
  must REACH OUT TO US with your heart.  CALL, and we will
  follow you, as you make your PILGRIMAGE through the world."

Veronica:  Now it's growing very, very DARK, and--oh, it's growing
                  very DARK, like the Light's getting very, very low.  Now by
the flagpole it's all BLACK--the SKY, but there's a CANDLE, one
CANDLE LIGHTED in the SKY--just ONE large CANDLE, and under it
is the Word "FAITH"   F-A-I-T-H.  Now those words that
were written in gold "FAITH", are fading away, and over them is
the Word  "GOD":  G-O-D.  Now that's fading away like it's
melting, and across the whole SKY is the Word I-S:  "IS".
"GOD IS."  And now Michael has appeared, and he says to put
the exclamation point on the "IS".   "GOD IS!   PERIOD!  he says.  Now Michael has placed his SWORD down as though he was
digging into the ground, but he's not.  I don't know what he placed it
into.  Oh, I see he's placed it into SATAN.  So I think it's Satan; it's
a horrible-looking thing.  Looks like it's human, and yet it looks
animal--like an animal.  It looks like a SNAKEOh..oh..oh, but

Michael:         "You have nothing to FEAR but FEAR.
                             Face it, and it will disappear.
                             Face it with PRAYER."

Veronica:  Now Our Lady said we will take--oh!  Now Jesus is
                  standing to the right side of the flagpole
.  He says:

Jesus:  "Make known the Journey of My Mother at Fatima."

VeronicaOh, this one.  I will print more...Jesus says I will PRINT
                  more words to give to the people of the Story of the
                  Journey of His Mother at FATIMAIt is most important!

                                                                                    June 16, 1973


                          July 1, 1973, Eve of the Feast of
                    The Visitation of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Veronica On both sides of the flagpole, there are blue streams of
                   LIGHT--beautiful, beautiful large BLUE Streams of Light.
They're coming down.  They're--oh, they're very bright!  Now they're
heading down to the side of the Statue.  Oh, Our Lady now has come
over to the right side of the flagpole.  She has on a beautiful white
, and it's trimmed in Gold.  Now Her white Mantle, though, is
trimmed in Gold, and with the Light from the flagpole reflection of the
Blue, it looks almost Blue about Her Head.  Oh-h-h.  Now She's being
joined...coming down far from the SKY in the distance, I see three
figures--no fourMichael is leading; he's carrying the BALANCE and
a large SPEAR.  And with him are two men.  One is dressed in a long,
brown Robe, and the other--oh, he's dressed very beautifully in purple
and gold, and he has on a Crown.  Oh-h, it's a very large Crown,
highly tiered.  And I know, he's PETER! ...St. Peter.  Oh-h.  Oh-h.  Now
he's holding out in front of him a Large BOOK, and he's pointing to

St. Peter:    "Open, my child, and READ the PAGES
                                   in The BOOK of LIFE."

Veronica:  Oh!  Now the BOOK is becoming very Big.  It's suspended in
AIR; it's SUSPENDED in the Air.  And there's a Great LIGHT
now coming down onto the Pages of the BOOK.  Now the Pages are
turning; over to the left the Pages are turning.  It's just like the WIND is
blowing them.  Now the Light is pointing, and it's just as though it's
encased in a Golden Light about the BOOK

St. Peter:          "The RULES in The BOOK of LIFE
                            have not been followed.  Man has
                            chosen to set upon the world a Rule of Satan.

                   Man re-writes the words to satisfy his own base
and human frailties.  Man must cleanse
                   himself by Trial and Penance to make Atonement
                   for the Offenses against his GOD."

VeronicaNow standing next to him is a man.  He's quite an elderly-
                  looking man.  He has a long beard, and there's a brilliant
circlet of LIGHT about his head.  He's holding up a Medallion in his hand.  Oh-h--I know it's
St. Benedict.  He's saying:

St. Benedict:    "You have not followed the RULES
                         set down by your GOD,
                         or the TEACHINGS of the Prophets of Old.

              You will make a Complete REVERSAL of your
              ways of arrogance in The HOUSE of GOD.

          You must RETIRE from a world that has been
           given to Satan.  You must divest yourself of all
           worldly desires for gain.  You must live a life of
           Sacrifice and Simplicity.  Only in this manner will
           you return to the Road that leads to The Kingdom."

VeronicaNow there--the SKY is becoming very DARK.  And in this
                 DARKNESS way in the distance
I see--I see a Burning STAR.
It's twirling now--the STAR--and it's giving off FLAMES, FIRE, SPARKS.
It's turning very fastOh, and it's cutting across the SKY now just to
the right, and in it's--behind it there's a large
Oh-h!  It's very warmOh-h, and now the Stream of FIRE is sending
down ROCKS and SMOKE
(Veronica coughs)  Oh-h-h, the SMOKE
is so dense.   (
Veronica coughs)  Oh, now it's becoming very, very
DARK...very DARK.  Oh, Voices--I hear voices crying.  There seems to be confusion throughout the world.  Now all I can hear is the Pounding
of WATERS, and the Screams of people.  Oh-h-h.  Now Our Lady is coming out of what looks like a dense FOG, and She's bending down.
She looks very SAD, and She is saying:

Our Lady:     "There will be no Peace, there will be
                          no Salvation of the soul, unless you
                          Save yourselves and those you love
                          in The SACRED HEART and
                          Merciful HEART of My SON."

:  Now I see this large BALL again.  It's cutting across the
                  SKYOur Lady is standing.  She's pointing with Her Hand
up, and there the BALL now is rolling very fastIt seems to have
no direction.  It's cutting across the SKY, and up and down and back,
as though it's gone absolutely CRAZYIt's twirling in every direction.
Now I see a large, large ROCK that's being--it's falling from it now,
and it's going DOWN INTO THE WATER.  When it HITS the WATER,
the WATER is Rising very HIGHThe ROCK HIT it as though it
was like a BOMB.  It caused the WAVES to RISE very, VERY HIGH;
and I see some Ships that are carried down.  This ROCK is sinking
into what looks like an Ocean.  And I see three or four Ships that are
carried down with It.  It's like a WHIRLPOOLOh-h. 
Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She's being joined by St. Peter
and a man who looks like--oh, he's dressed very roughly in brown clothes, and he has a hood over his head.  And Our Lady is bending over now, and She's whispering:

Our Lady:             "This, My child, is Saul...Saul,
                                  whom you know as Paul."

VeronicaOh!  St. PaulOh-h-hNow Paul is bending over, and He's

St. Paul:           "I speak to all the children of the world.
                            You have been given ARMOR and GRACES
                            to RESCUE your brothers and sisters
                            in this BATTLE.

                      Do not waste these GRACES, but Multiply them.
                      Disperse among the World a Fine Example
                      of CHARITY and FAITH."

VeronicaNow St. Peter is coming forward, and he's taking the large
                  Crown off of his head.  Now he's standing there.  His hair
is quite long.  And he's now placing his Cape, that was behind him,
about his head.  And
he's saying:

St. Peter:    "All who do not cast aside the WARNINGS, given by
                      The QUEEN of HEAVEN, will be SAVED.

The BATTLE that Rages throughout your world is a Terrible BATTLE, my children; one in which SATAN has set himself
and his ARMIES to gather all those destined for The KINGDOM

You are FIGHTING with the World unseen to your human eyes;
therefore, you will depend much on the hidden SECRETS of
HEAVEN to GUIDE you.  Do not be without your ARMOR,
found in the SACRAMENTALS given to you throughout the Ages.

Do not cast aside the admonitions of those who came before you,
those who were given the RULE by The FATHER, those who were
set up to set up THE HOUSE OF GOD.

Satan now walks among you; he brings many agents to set
confusion and delusion throughout the world.  This confusion
is not only in your lay life, but is found in The House of GOD.
You can only set The House of GOD and the World to right
by PRAYER, PENANCE--Heavy Penance--now, and SACRIFICE.

We find, we look upon a world in heavy DARKNESS--DARKNESS
of spirit We look into The Houses of GOD and find Darkness
of spirit.  WOE to Evil Man who receives these WARNINGS and
casts them aside!  He has been given many chances to make
ATONEMENT for his OFFENSES against his GOD.

I, Peter, stand before you as an epitome from HEAVEN, one who
has been SENT by The FATHER to bring you back to your
senses before the Heavy HAND of The FATHER must
CLEANSE your World."

VeronicaNow Michael is coming forward.  He's standing next to
                  St. PeterPaul--St. Paul--is also stepping forward.  And
now Paul is also--he's reaching over and taking from Peter a BOOK

St. Paul:    "What have you done to my Writings?
                     Why have
they been changed to cater to
                     man and his carnal nature! ?

Veronica:  Now Peter is coming forward, and he says:

St. Peter:   "My children, why have you made these
                    changes Do you not know that you have
                    opened the DOOR for the entrance of the
                    Evil spirits upon you?

                   All HELL, the ABYSS is Wide Open now
                   The BATTLE Rages upon the Earth.

               You will all have been given the Choice for
               your SALVATION  OR   DAMNATION.

When you FALL, you will have done thus of your own
free will, preferring the temporary pleasures of earth to
the Eternal JOYS of HeavenOh-h, my poor, straying
FLOCK!  Whatever shall become of you?  AWAKEN!
PRAY much, and see the plan of Satan."

"I Bless you all, my children.  In the Power of The
  FATHER, I send you the GRACE to Save yourselves
  and those you love in the Destructive, DARK DAYS
  that lie ahead of you on your earth."

VeronicaOh-h-h, and now Michael is standing.  He has one hand on
                   the Banner, and the other--he's holding the SCALE way
out in front of him.  And now he's talking.  It's very brilliant; the
LIGHT around Michael is very brilliant.  And now
he says:

Michael:   "Listen well, my child, so you do not
                    miss a most important Message."

Veronica: Now he's pointing up to the SKY, and written in the SKY is
                 the Word
Now he--Michael is going like this, and the letters are disappearing.
Now he's writing with his finger:  S-O-O-N.  Now he's taking his
hand and pointing, and the letters now are just disappearing,
evaporating.  Oh-h-h.  Now Our Lady is coming forward.  She has on
now--Her Mantle looks very deep Blue; it's very beautiful!  Now there's
a great deal of LIGHT.  The SKY is becoming very Bright.  All the black
Clouds seem to be rolling back.  Now Our Lady is coming forward,
and She's smiling.  And
She's saying:

Our Lady:  "My child, do not be overly concerned of the Message.
                      Much HELP, many ARMS will be sent to you, and
The FATHER's WORK will be CompletedYour MISSION
upon earth will be one in which you will Carry a Heavy CROSS.

Being human, We do, My child, expect you to succumb to many
human feelings.  However, you will RISE always Above this in the
knowledge that Tusazeri is always by your side.  Do not, in your
busy day, forget to call upon your GuardiansWe have sent many
upon earth to HELP Our Workers."

"My child, We hear the CRY of many Mothers; We hear
  the CRY of Sorrowing ParentsOur Hearts are Torn at
  the many Abominations upon earth.

PRAY much; make many SacrificesYour example will be
instrumental in returning your children back to their Grace.

ALL Parents must set a Strong Example of FAITH in the
Home.  Your children are being subject to much ERROR
and much soul-destruction outside your Home
DISCIPLINE and TRUTH must be brought to the children.

The greatest responsibility for these children will be given
to the ParentsGUARD their souls well.  

The Time grows short, My child.  Make great haste!
SHOUT from the Rooftops!  The WARNING from Heaven must go throughout the world.  The Time grows

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Veronica:  Our Lady is coming forward.  And now She's leaning over,
                  very sadlyShe's saying:

Our Lady:      "My child, We must ACT in Great Haste.
                           You must WARN your Vicar:  he must not
                           leave ROMEThe SEAT of PETER must not
                           be Vacated, for the one of Dark Secrets will
                           Enter upon it.

There is a Plan for the REMOVAL of your Vicar.  He must not
leave ROME....DEMON Four, DEMON Five to Enter ROME.
WATCH and PRAY much."  

VeronicaI see two figure.  Oh-h, they're horrible-looking.  They look
                  like half-animal, half-human....I see St. Peter's, the
Cathedral...Now they're standing, the two of them, right in that Circle
--the Square that's right in front of St. Peter's.  And now one of them
has reached up over his head, and he's grabbed in the Air, and he's
holding onto a KEY, a golden KEY.  But the KEY now is turning from Gold; it's getting Black--black, and BLACKER.  Now He's taking the KEY, and he's throwing it down onto the ground, and he's stomping
on it.  Oh, he's a miserable-looking thing!  He's stomping on it!  Oh-h.
Now the other creature behind him--I know it's a DEMON
--he's picked
up this black-looking KEY, and he's going over to the Basilica there
--the outside of the church...and he's looking up very smugly; and  he's touching the top of what looks like his head; but it's--oh, like a horrible-looking thing with points--ears, I guess.  And he looks
almost like an Elf.  And he's touching his head.  Now he's putting
his hand out, and he's got in his hand a's not as brilliant
and bright--like St. Peter had on, but it's a Tiara.  And now he's putting it on his head.  Oh, how awful!...Now Michael's coming over, and he has a large, a very large SPEAR in his hand--a very large SPEAR.  And now he has his BOW, and he's shooting something.  And the Hat has been knocked right off of this DEMON's head...
the Tiara, I guess.  I don't like to call it even a Tiara; it's not bright and brilliant like Peter had on.  It looks like made of--sort of like papier mache, or cardboard, or something.  It doesn't look real
And it's been knocked over.  And now it's growing very DARK, and
I can't see those two DEMONS any longer.  Oh-h.  And now it's
growing light by the flagpole, and I see Letters now in the SKY.
It's:    "PENANCE"P-E-N-A-N-C-E.  And it says now:
N-O-D.  No,  "NOW:  N-O-W."  But the "D" is falling under-
neath, and it says:  "D FIVE"..."D FIVE"..."DEMON FIVE."
"PENANCE NOWDEMON FIVE."  And underneath it says

Our Lady:     "I will be Here always, My children,
                           even unto the Final BATTLE.
                        Then We will Gloriously Join you all
                        with the setting up of The KINGDOM."

VeronicaNow Our Lady is placing Her Hands out, like this, in front
                  of Her, and She's saying:

Our Lady:   "Come to Me, all you who have Sorrow,
                       for I will dry your Tears.
               I come to you with GRACES in Abundance,
                       just for the Asking.

         These GRACES will give you strength in the
         DARK DAYS ahead.  We place upon these
(and Our Lady is now motioning--motioning   
Her Hand)
the POWER for the Conversion of
         your erring children, and the POWER of Cure
         through the GRACE of The Father.

       Come to Me, and you will find Solace.

My SON will soon Bless all Sacramentals.  Many of these
Sacramentals will be instrumental for the Conversion and
Cure of souls:  CURE of body and CURE of spirit,
Conversion of souls and spirits."

Veronica:  Oh-h-h!  Now over to the right side, Theresa is coming
                   down.  And she is with St. Catherine and her three sisters.
Oh-h-h, must be quite windy because her skirts are blowing.  And Catherine's also, but she's holding onto her hat.  The hat looks like
it's going to blow off.  Oh-h!  No--oh, she's now plopped it down on
her head.  Oh, St. Catherine almost lost her hat.  Oh, now she's coming forward and standing by Theresa.  And now they're looking down at  Oh, no.  Our Lady is also coming over, and She's looking down now at the skirts.  Oh, now Theresa is speaking
very softly; I can barely hear her.

St. Theresa:      "Veronica, I see many of those new--
                             I don't call them garments--creations of Satan!
                             Why haven't they brought them down?"

Veronica:  Oh-h-h.  Oh, Theresa is just shaking her head very sadly,
                  and she's looking over to the
Convents.  And now her
                  sisters are also shaking their heads"yes, yes".
                  Now Theresa says:

St. Theresa:    "DIRE Destruction will be their END.
                        Oh, Pity these poor souls!  They have
                        hardened their hearts; they close their ears."

  "The Father plans a Great CHASTISEMENT
     for the World.  Our Prayers of Supplication RISE to
     Heaven for more Time.  All The Forces of Heaven
     Work with you upon earth
     to SAVE you from The Abyss."

  "TIME is of Essence.  You must SEND the WARNING
     of Heaven throughout the World Many souls will
     FALL INTO HELL.  Many will FALL because they
     have no one who Cares."

VeronicaOh, now St. Paul is coming forward, and he's standing
                 next to

St. Paul:     "Yes, my children, you have not learned
                      the Value of Prayer.  You disport yourselves
                      among worldly pleasures.  Man has slowly
                      gone back to the animal stage.  His desires
                      are not of GOD.  His passions are of Satan.
                      And his relative..."

Veronica Oh-h-h..oh..Now I--oh dear!  St. Paul says that many of
                  these abominations that are destructive to human souls
--these lessons are being taught by BAD EXAMPLE--bad example
of the teachers.  (pause)  Oh, now--oh, Theresa and St. Paul are going
over to the left side of the flagpole.  Now I see a large building.  It
looks like a GYM...I see NUNS taking their Habits OFF, and they have
...LEOTARDS!  Oh my!  Now they're standing, and they're--they're
--look like they're DANCING, but it looks kind of ridiculous.  One still
has her Habit on, but it's so short that it looks almost like a
mini-dress.  And St. Paul now has crossed his hands like this, and he's watching, and he's shaking his head.  And Theresa now has turned her back, and she's motioning over to her sisters.  And, oh,
and St. Catherine's following.  Also, another group of NUNS have
come up behind St. Catherine, and they're going also into this
Convent.  I think it's a Convent, but it's sort of a Hall that's been
given to...oh my!  It says,
"Creative Dancing:  the Liturgy in Motion."
O-h my!  Oh-h.  "Understanding Man."  Oh-h!  All these Letters
are appearing in the air; they're suspended in the air as the NUNS
are DANCING.  Now there's a NUN, she's in still--she's kind of older,
but she's playing the piano very joyfully.  And St. Paul now--he's
stepping outside, and he's motioning to the Nuns, St. Theresa and
St. Catherine.  And he's taking his hand now--he's very ANGRY--and he's SLAMMING the Door He slammed the door

St. Paul:   "AWAY with these Abominations!
                      DAMNATION upon them!
                      The Father will seek justification
                      for your Destruction!"

Veronica:  Now Our Lady is appearing, and Theresa and St. Catherine
                  and the other Nuns are going backwards over the tree.
They're disappearing.  And Our Lady is coming forward, and She
looks very SADShe's holding Her Hand in front of Her.  She has this
large ROSARY:  the Beads are very white, but the Our Fathers are
very golden.  Oh, it's very, very brilliant.  And
Our Lady says:

Our Lady:    "My BEADS of PRAYER, your Acts of
                         PENANCE and ATONEMENTYou must
                         Open your Hearts now to the TRUTH.
         Your Days are counted.  The PENANCE Planned by
         The FATHER is HeavyThe BALL has already
          been SENT upon It's Way.  Pray a CONSTANT

Veronica: Now I see a CLOCK.  It's a very large CLOCK.  Oh, it's
                 appearing across the whole SKY.  And now across the
CLOCK, the face of the CLOCK, like sort of a Metronome, there is
like a rod, a reed or something.  It looks like a stick, and it's going
back and forth.  It's like ticking.  Just as though--it sounds almost
like the ticking of--I don't know, just like a BOMB or something.
I don't know.  It's tickingTICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK.  And above
it now I see a large Light.  It seems to be coming from the trees, and
hitting onto the Eagle of the Flagpole.  And in the Light--in the light,
there is a SWORD, a very large SWORD in the SKY.  Oh-h.  And next
to the SWORD, there is an HOURGLASS.  The hourglass is covering
the whole SKY.  Oh, but the HOURGLASS looks like it's filled with
BLOODOh-h!  Not SAND, but BLOOD.  And it's dripping into the
HOURGLASS...slowly, Drop by DROP.  And above the HOURGLASS
now, there's appearing a large CHALICE, a golden CHALICE.  And
Michael now has come over, and he has placed the SWORD above
the CHALICE.  The SWORD now is dripping BLOODIt's dripping
from the CHALICE into the HOURGLASS--from the SWORD into the
Now it's getting very DARK...very, very DARK.  Now I can't see
Michael or the other things, but Our Lady is coming forward, and

She's saying:

Our Lady:    "I have given you your ARMOR.
                         I have made known to you what
                         lies in the Days ahead. 
                         PREPARE yourselves now
                     You have been WARNED."

Veronica:  In the Name of The Father, and of The Son,
                  and of The Holy Ghost.  Amen.
A Firm ACT of CONTRITION, requested by Our Lady at this time,
and all who will KNEEL now...oh-h-h, oh-h-h!  JESUS now is coming
Oh, oh!  It's so BRIGHTOh!

JESUS:    "Repeat, My child,
                    what I am about to say.

     I BLESS you all as The Father Blesses you all,
     and We dispense among you
     the Powers of The Holy Spirit."

Veronica:  Now Jesus is raising His Hand over His Head, and He has
                  His Hands like this.  Now He's blessing in the SIGN of
The TRINITY:  In the Name of The Father, and of The Son,
and of The Holy Ghost...Jesus is coming over, and He says:

JESUS:   "You will all receive the Blessing of The Father.
                  Any Sacramentals will be your ARMOR in
                  the Dark Days ahead.  All objects of GOD--
                  cards, beads of prayer, and all of sacred nature
                  --will receive the Blessing from The Father.
                  they will SAFEGUARD you in many TRIALS
                  in the DAYS ahead."

Veronica Now Jesus is coming over.  He's floating over--He doesn't
                  walk.  He's floating.  And He's standing now at the left side
of the flagpole.  And He's raising His Hand high above His Head, like
this, and
He's saying:

Jesus:  "I bless you in The Name of The FATHER,
             and of The SON, and of The HOLY GHOST."

    "WATCH, and Guide your life by these Words."

:     "WARNING".  W-A-R-N-I-N-G.
                       "PREPARE NOW.
                   MORTAL AND VENIAL."

VeronicaAnd then I see all the words are just floating away like
                  they were made of smoke.  And now there's a Big Word
"NOW"N-O-W.  And it's--and Jesus is now is taking His Hand, and
He's going like this, and it's underlining the word "NOW", like this.
It's put a whole line across the word "NOW".  Now it's all beginning
to like evaporate.  Now Our Lady said continue with the PRAYERS
of ATONEMENT.  In the Name of The Father, and of the Son, and of
The Holy Ghost.  Amen.

Our Lady:   "You will continue with the PRAYERS
                        so sorely needed in these Days.
                       In the Name of The FATHER,
                              and of The SON,
                  and of THE HOLY GHOST.  Amen."


July 15, 1973, Eve of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady:   "You are much concerned of your past week.
                        We SHOWER you with many GRACES;
                        however, this does not mean that you will
                        be free from the Attacks of Satan
   I must caution you these Attacks will come DOUBLE."

"The ROAD to SANCTIFICATION is not an easy Road.
 We expect all to FALL and Tumble.  But you will Pick
 yourselves UP and continue to Carry your CROSSES."

"We find it necessary at this time to UNIFY All MARY
  Workers, to UNIFY them.  The greatest advantage
 Satan has is when he can DIVIDE

             for the Common CAUSE.

 Spiritual jealousy and disunity accomplishes nothing."

:  Oh, there are the most beautiful Blue Lights forming around
                   the outside of the treesOur Lady gives this as Her SIGN
for Entrance.  There's a very large CLOUD floating from the Tree...the
CLOUD is parting now in the center, and I can see FAR, FAR into the
heavens.  It's like floating FAR OUT INTO SPACE.  It's--oh!  It's beauti-
ful!  The SKY is a very clear BLUE.  And we seem to be going further
OUT INTO SPACE.  Oh-h, there are many STARS--very Brilliant STARS.
But now I see the STARS, and there's a--an Orange and RED Glow
coming across the SKY.   Oh-h, it's cutting across the SKY.  Oh-h,
It's very, very Large.  Oh-h.  It's traveling at a very fast speed.  Now
It's going across the SUN.  The--the VAPORS are covering a greater
part of the SUN, and they're so heavy that it seems to make the
World outside DARK
(pause)  Now the BALL is turning around...
It's made a complete Revolution.  And now It's starting to go back
OUT to SPACE.  And--no, now--something's Happened!  Something's
HAPPENED; It's coming around again, and I--I see ItIt's very
CLOSE to the Earth.  Oh.  The earth looks very light, sort of a white
color from where I'm watching it.  Now this BALL is starting to circle.
The TAIL now is cutting across--oh, it's cutting across a good
section of the earth, on the right side of the GLOBE as I'm watching it.
Now everything's clearing The VAPORS seem to be clearing away.
And on top of the GLOBE there's a large CROSS, just a plain CROSS
--it has no Corpus on it.  A very large CROSS.  The BALL looks like
the earth.  Now I see the's starting to turn.  It's like it's on
an--oh, I don' AXIS.  And as it's turning, I see the CROSS starting
to evaporate until it's--it's like disappearing like smoke from on top of
the world.  And I see now about
Now underneath, there
are Letters forming underneath the large GLOBE.  The Words are:
WHAT IS TO BEW-H-A-T IS TO BE.  Now there is a HAND
pointing up, a HAND pointing UP far above the GLOBE.  And now the
Finger is pointing and starting to Write across the SKYGOD,
G-O-D and a large Letter
I, IS.  GOD IS.  Now the HAND is
pointing way over to the right side of the Flagpole by the Trees.
Now there--it's--the finger of the Hand is pointing, and it's starting to
Write again: 
S-O-O-N.  Now I see an EAGLE,
a very large EAGLE in the SKY;
and over the EAGLE is written, UNITED STATES, and under the
EAGLE is written  NEW YORK.  Now Our Lady is appearing.  She's
coming closer.  There is a very large CLOUD formed over the words
and the Picture of the EAGLE.  Now the Cloud is floating over, and
Our Lady now is coming through the Cloud.  And She's bending
Our Lady:  "Yes."  Our Lady says:

Our Lady:  "Most of this Message must remain SECRET
                       at this time.  Only part may be revealed."

"This is--BABYLON the Great will FALLBabylon,
 the Master of DECEIT, Will FALLMany good must Suffer
 as MARTYRS with the badBabylon the Great will FALL!

She has raised herself high above her
GOD, and she invokes
the Vengeance of a Just PUNISHMENTShips will look upon her as she BURNSWoefully they will shield their eyes from the sight.  BABYLON THE GREAT, the HARLOT upon Nations, will FALLBabylon the Great, who has led many astray, WILL FALL."

"There are many who walk upon earth, many who are
 false prophets.  You will recognize them by their fruits.
 Many propound false doctrine--fallacy created by the
 father of all LIARS, Lucifer, the prince of darkness."

"Lucifer and his agents have spread their errors
 throughout the world
Michael must be returned
 to the House of GOD, for a House that is in

"Man has called himself great; man has sought to go beyond
 his CreatorIn this manner is he bringing about, bringing
 upon him his own Destruction."

"Parents share a major responsibility for the fall of their
 children's soulsWe look into homes, homes that have
 become hovels of abominations.  Judge not by the richness
 and materialism of these homes, but the destruction of the
 souls of the children within these homes.  Parents, what
 example have you given to your children, with your permis-
and your following the modes of the world?"

"My child, Veronica, the Mission for Heaven carries a
  heavy CROSS.  When We chose you for this Mission,
  We did this knowing that We had your Love and
  Confidence.  You will not be free from Trial and Suffering.
  We did not promise you gain in this world, for the Graces
  stored in Heaven will be used for the Recovery of souls
  close to you and others who accept the World of GOD."

"Satan roams throughout your worldHe uses every means
 gained through knowledge of the Father.  You will not be
 approached by him in his true likeness, for he will use the
 means of person, places and things to lead you astray.
 A soul that FALLS INTO the WEB of Satan must not lose
 hope, for he can be RecoveredBELIEVE and you will be
 given the Way."

"There is now upon your earth the LEGIONS of HELL;
 FIVE Major Adversaries of the ABYSS roam your world.
 There will be ACCIDENTS that are not Accidents,
 sudden DEATHS that are not in the Plan of The Father."

"Children grow more disobedient and arrogant to Parents.
  Man has lost the true meaning of Love and Charity of

"I COUNSEL you all to take your BOOK of LIFE, Bible,
  and become knowledgeable of these Latter Days.
  The PLAN for the Days ahead is covered quite thoroughly
  in this BOOK OF LIFE."

"Man would find his way to The Kingdom if he would
  cast aside the soul-destroyers that he now has in his home,
  which DESTROY not only his soul but the souls of
  innocent children.  For the love of money, these
  soul-destroyers flood your earth."

"The Time will come, without your Prayers and Actions,
  when you will no longer recognize SIN as SIN.  You will
  become accustomed to SIN as a Way of Life.  The numbers
  to be SAVED in the Final Count will be in the FEW."

   "I come to earth from Heaven.
     I have roamed your world in TEARS.
    It Truly now RAINS TEARDROPS from  Heaven.
  with the coming of the WARNING to mankind, PRAY
  and PRAY much, for it is the Beginning of the Terrible

"Men of science are ever seeking, but failing and falling
 STATUES, in your Homes and in The HOUSE of GOD.

"My SON asks that you all COMFORT Him in His
throughout the world.  He grows lonely.
  So many GRACES are never accepted."

"Satan SOWS throughout the world FEAR and Confusion.
  You will SAVE yourselves and those you love in The

"You, My child, Veronica, must learn to live each day as it
, for worry is the weakness of all humans.  But it is
  not constructive to the MissionTRUST and Confidence
  in the Direction of The Father is all that you need to
  Stabilize you in your WORK."











"We have been Gathering the Prayers and Sacrifices
  of the many who have come to these Sacred Grounds.
  It lightens My Heart and eases the Sorrow brought
  to many through My SON.

"As you live the remaining time upon earth of your lifetime
  on earth, you will GUARD your souls with all the
  Sacramentals given for your Protection.  To those who are
  in DARKNESS, you will be an object of Scorn, Derision
  and Scoffing.  Know that none can be above My SON,
  for they will follow the Road to The Kingdom just as

  My SON Plans Soon."

:     In the Name of The Father, and of The Son,
                     and of The Holy Ghost.  Amen.

Our Lady is now, She's not walking, She's floating up onto this large
BALL; and the BALL is floating over now to the right side of the
flagpole.  Now Our Lady is looking down.  Her Voice is very low;
I can barely hear

Our Lady:     "My child, I am not leaving the Sacred Grounds.
                         I am just looking over the surface of your World.
                         I am looking for the CandlesDaily We hope
                         to see more Candles added."

Veronica:  I see WATER...the WATER is running between a Valley.
                  There are
Hills at either side, Hills, but they're not
mountains.  The
WATER is Rising very HIGHThere's going to be
FLOODSFLOODS!  FLOODS Many lives will be LOST...
many livesFLOODS...heavy RAIN...the closer the disturbance
of the Atmosphere.  Many will DIE in the FLOODS.  The absence
of clear drinking Water will bring about a DISEASE of the
intestinal tract
.  Many WATERS will become CONTAMINATED.

Our Lady:
   "The MURDERS of the UNBORN promoted
                         in your City of EVIL has been watched by
                         The Father with Great ANGER."

"The unjust in your City and State will be dealt with
 for them.  Many will enter into HELL, claimed by Lucifer,
 without the time to REPENT and make AMENDS to their

"Never Cease your PRAYERS, My children.  If I could
  open your eyes to your Future, you would RUN FAST
  from your worldly pursuits and RETIRE within a Life
  Victim to His MERCIFUL LOVE, VICTIMS for
  the salvation of all souls."

"WOE, I say to you nowmany will DIE in the

"You, My child, will not leave your home without the
  SHRINE CROSS in your Protection."

Veronica:  Michael is now coming forward.  He's over the flagpole.
                  He's so Large!  He's now standing with His wings spread
over the...very high in the SKY now.  I've never seen Michael opening
His large.  It's beautiful.  Oh, He's Beautiful!  Oh!

Our Lady:  "Do not slacken or slow down the steady PACE
                      of the WORK in your MISSION.

                     Should the worker be laid low, he will be gifted
                     with many GRACES by The Father."

"You will not concern yourself, My child, of the opinion
   of man.  Your Mission is to give the MESSAGE as a
  VOICE-BOX of Heaven; when this is done, you will PRAY
  and leave the rest to The Father.  Souls can be converted
  by Prayer and Example.  Speak once and if not hastened,
  speak no more, but PRAY.  We do not condone Evil, but
  you must keep in heart that it is not always their decision.
  Speak once and if not hastened, SPEAK NO MORE."

:  Now Our Lady is extending Her ROSARY.  the Rosary has
                  a large Golden CROSS.  And She's extending it, like this,
and She's blessing now everyone--oh, in the Sign of The CROSS,
like this:   In the Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The
Holy Ghost
.  Now Our Lady's looking over to this direction: 
In the Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost.
Now Our Lady's going, She's floating over by JESUS and Michael.
And there's--oh, two very, very huge Angels.  I know there's Gabriel,
and the other I don't recognize; it's not Raphael.  But he's very, very
huge.  Now he's coming down, and Jesus is coming now midway:
He's coming very close to the ground.  Oh, He's right in the center of
the flagpole.  I never saw Jesus standing so low.  And He's looking
down now.  He's reaching over and He's making the Sign of The
:  In the Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The
Holy Ghost
.  Now Jesus is rising--oh, He just is floating very--up, up--
and Our Lady also; and They're coming over to the right side of the
flagpole and looking down,
Jesus is saying:

Jesus:    "I have given you your Final WARNING.
                You will follow the Direction of My Mother,
                or you will fall into line with the Forces of Evil.

            We have chosen these SACRED GROUNDS
             with Purpose.  We expect to RETRIEVE,
             from your heart and efforts, many souls that
             otherwise would have been LOST to Us.

       All Prayers and Acts of Atonement will be used 
       for the REPATRIATION of wandering sheep. 

The Shepherds, Our Representatives in your world,
will LEAD their sheep with Firm DISCIPLINE and Faith
---FAITH in the LIGHT.   

They will remove all destructive minims of modernism
and humanism from their Teachings.  Suffering is
PurificationThe world is filled with soul-destructors.

Discard, cast off these evil trappings and clothe yourself

GO Forth through the world as Pilgrims so that you
may return eventually to The Kingdom from whence
you came."

  Now Jesus is coming over to the left side of the flagpole
He's raising His Hand very high.

Jesus:   "I Bless you as The Father Blesses you:
                         In the Name of The Father,
                                and of The Son,
                         and of The Holy Trinity.

  But First, and above all,  GOD IS!"

VeronicaAnd now written in the SKY are the words, GOD IS.
                  G-O-D with large Letters of IS.  Now it's growing very,
very DARKI can't see Our Lady.  She seems to be just going back-
wards.  There's a large
CLOUD now that is floating over, and Our Lady
is standing almost behind the CLOUD.  And Our Lady says:

Our Lady:       "I never leave the Sacred Grounds.
                        I am always here waiting for you.

           Come to Me all you who are burdened with Sorrow.
           I will dry your tears and comfort you and give you
           all the Graces necessary for your Salvation."

:  Now there's a tremendous white LIGHT.  Oh, it's so brilliant!
                  And Our Lady is standing now in the LIGHT.  And around
Her Head is this CROWN OF STARS.  It's very beautiful.  Our Lady
looks very beautiful She's all in white.  And--oh, Her Slippers are
white, but they have what appears to be golden ROSES right on the
tips; and She has a gold belted Rope about Her Waist.  And now She's
taking Her large ROSARY and She's winding it around the Rope at the
Waist.  Oh, and now it's growing very DARK.  And Our Lady now has
raised Her Hand, and
She's saying:

Our Lady:    "Continue, My children,
                     with your Prayers of Atonement.
                     Many souls must be SAVED."

                                                                        July 15, 1973

 July 25, 1973, Eve of the Feast of Saint Anne and Saint Joachim

VeronicaThe SKY is very DARK above the flagpole, and there has
                   appeared on the right side of the flagpole a CROSS,  but
the CROSS is black in color.  It, it is quite a frightening-looking figure.
Now Our Lady is coming over to the right--no, the left side of the
flagpole.  She's very beautiful; Our Lady is very beautiful.  Oh!  Now
She's bending over, and
She's saying:

Our Lady:   "My child, you are observing conditions upon earth.
                       Should they continue, a heavy PENANCE
                       will be given to mankind."

          "We have given you in Print many Photographs of the
            Coming CHASTISEMENTScoffers will close their
            eyes and be BLINDED to the MANIFESTATIONS."

"You, My child, Veronica, will not become discouraged.  You
  will continue your MISSION undaunted by the opinion of
  The FATHER is in FULL CONTROL of earth's situation.

  In the WAR of the spirits, many True souls will Carry
  Heavy CROSSES."

:  I see a Large BALLIt's very HOT!  The brilliance hurts
                  my eyes, Burns my eyes.  It's like a BALL of FIRE.
The colors are shooting out in RAYS of orange and purple
and yellow
, but they're very hard on the eyes.  My eyes BurnThis
BALL is traveling at Great SPEED through the AIR.  Behind IT is a
long STREAK of multi-colored GASES looking--oh, like VAPORS:
they're very choking and dark, CUTTING OFF the LIGHT.  The smell
is like SULPHUR, like burning matches
(Veronica coughs).
Many people are running outside to watch.  They shouldn't; it will
HURT their eyes
They must STAY INDOORS.  I see a large GLOBE
suspended in the Air.  It is a GLOBE of the Earth.  I see this large
BALLIt's heading very fast, with it's long TAIL behind it giving off
these GASES.  It's very BIG, and it's very LONG.  And way off in the
distance, I can see what is a BALL; it's a SUN.  It's very Burning
and RED.  Now the TAIL is--seems to be blowing over to the SUN.
It seems to be going all around the SUN as though it's being pulled
in.  But no, now the BALL is beginning to Turn; it's Bouncing.  And
now the BALL is making a Dive into...the path of the Earth.  Now it's
caught like a Top, and it's spinning.  And it's starting to go around...
around...around the Earth, and the TAIL now is pulling away from the
SUN.  And the BALL is going around the Earth, and the TAIL now
is starting to drift over onto the Earth.  I see now the Oceans, the
WATERS, I see the WATERS churning up, and this Land is just going
INTO the WATER Oh-h!  Now it's growing very DARK.  And Our
now is coming forward.  It's grown very DARK, but Our Lady--
the LIGHT about Her now Lights Up the SKY, and Our Lady is leaning
over.  She's saying:

Our Lady:     "Repeat, My child, well, the Words
                          you will now hear from Me."

"I have given you the SIGHT to SEE what is to Befall man
  if he does not make a Complete REVERSAL now in his
  sinful ways.  The many Offenses against his GOD

"If you continue to give yourselves to lives of PLEASURE
  and SIN, you will be REMOVED from your way of life

"Many WARNINGS have been given throughout your earth
  for many earth years.  You are receiving your Final
  WarningThe Father plans to CLEANSE your earth
gradually until it is returned to the Original Plan of Heaven.

All who have listened to My Words will be Prepared.

We look upon a Generation and see DEMONS coming from
their mouths, Tails of DEMONS for tonguesTongues that
would be better used for PRAYER.  It is not what goes into
a man that destroys his soul, but what comes out!"

"My child, you will be discriminated against; you will be
  scoffed at, for your words from My Lips are not those of
  comfort at this time.  They are words of TRUTH of what
  is to
Befall man, for he has become a Perverse generation,
  worse than in the time of NOE!

"Your City We place as BABYLON--your City, the
  City of MURDER and Evil, Corruption and
  godlessness--your City will FALL!"

"Those who have remained in the
LIGHT, and
  accepted the
GRACES given to Strengthen them in
  these DARK DAYS, will be

This I Promise you as your Mother.  My SON in
The Father does not wish that ANY be LOST.

Every opportunity will be given to man to prepare himself
and be made READY for the TRIAL."

         "The DAY of DAYS is AT HAND
             The DAY OF THE LORD,
           and the Coming of My SON, is not far off."

"Do you not recognize the Sign of your Times?
  Have you not
read the Words of the Prophets of 
?   No-o-o! 
 You have destroyed
the temple of The Holy Spirit,
  and the spirit within it, by casting your eyes and
  absorbing yourselves in the creations of Satan
  The BOOK of LIFE, your Bible, and bring yourselves
  back to the TRUTH!"

Veronica:  Now I see a great LIGHT.  Oh, it's just beautiful!  And
                  coming through this Light, which is like an ARC, is a Lady.
She's dressed similar to Our Lady, but in a darker Garment.  And she
has on a cream-colored Scarf over her head.  And next to her there's
a man.  He's dressed in brown, a long brown Robe, and he has on
brown sandals.  And he has a short beard.  Oh, I know now.  It is
Saint Anne and Joachim.  Now Saint Anne is coming over; she's
floating over to the left side of the flagpole.  She's standing by Our
Lady.  St. Anne
is just a little bit shorter than Our LadyThey are
whispering now together;  I can't hear them.  Now St. Anne is shaking
her head, like this, "Yes," and
she is saying:

Saint Anne:   "Oh, how SAD to look upon the Homes of earth!
                          Whatever has become of Motherhood?
              Bad EXAMPLE, such poor example I see in many homes.
              You must return to the simple life.  The love of riches
             will DESTROY your souls."

"Involvement of the Parents in worldly pursuits and living
  take them farther from the Graces of Heaven.  The greatest
  OFFENSES to The Father is the lack of DISCIPLINE
  and True Direction of many Parents of earth today.
  My children..."

VeronicaAnd St. Anne is placing Her hand out, like this.

Saint Anne:    "You still have time to make RESTITUTION
                     and ATONEMENT, and to SAVE your children.
      You must bring them back to the SACRAMENTS.

   You must be an example of MODESTY and True FAITH
    to them.  Children will learn much by your Example."

Veronica:  Now St. Joachim is walking over; he's standing now
                  between St. Anne and Our Lady.  Now St. Joachim is
standing there.  He has a long--it looks like a Rod in his hand.  And
he's standing there holding the Rod up, and
he's saying:

Saint Joachim:
       "In one hand you will hold
                                The BOOK of LIFE,
                                and the other, DISCIPLINE."

VeronicaAnd he's brandishing the Stick, like this.

Saint Joachim:       "Humanism in your world
                                   has been created by Satan.
                          You will bring back the adages of old of  
             'SPARE the ROD, and you will SPOIL the Child.'

                    DISCIPLINE must be returned to the homes."

"Where is the place of the man and father?
  Where has he gone from the homes?
  Why has woman sought to take his place?
  Satan has created this delusion.  The place of woman
  is in the HOME and the rearment of the child.
  The man will be the breadwinner and SAFEGUARD
  his Home."

"Women, mothers of the world, why do you EXPOSE
  your bodies?  Why do you create LUST in the eyes of
  others, and in their hearts?  What Example are you as
  mothersANIMALS!  Many homes now are infested
  with human animals!"

"Return to the GRACES of your SACRAMENTS
  and Holy CHURCHor  CONDEMN yourselves
  to ETERNITY with Lucifer!"

"CONSECRATE your Home with The Holy Spirit.
  Use the Waters of Life to CHASE the DEMONS
  from your Homes."

"The PRESENCE of my SON must be always in your
  hearts.  You, as Parents, will take your children to The
  TABERNACLES of the world.  You will FORTIFY
  their souls with my SON."

"Yes, my child, you wonder why I say 'My Son,' for
  HE IS GOD.  But in earthly life, I was His father.

"I do not often speak out, but the world has sent itself
  into spiritual DARKNESSALL HEAVEN now
  mobilizes for the FINAL BATTLE.  It is through the
  PROVIDENCE of The FATHER that We of Heaven
  are permitted to speak with you.  It is through the
  MERCIFUL HEART of The FATHER that you are
  upon you, and We PITY those souls UNPrepared."

"Your homes will be homes of PRAYER and Good
  EXAMPLE.  You may have to be an object of SCORN
  and derision among your neighbors, but O my children,
  if they knew what awaits them, they would come and

Now it's growing very DARKOur Lady now is going over
                  to the right side of the flagpole.  Now Our Lady is bending

Our Lady:  "My child, you will sit down now for the present.
                      JESUS will instruct you further and Bless all
                      Sacramentals.  Continue with the Prayers of
                      ATONEMENT so sorely needed now, for the
                      Time grows short."

Veronica:  Please KNEEL, all who are able, for the Blessing of the
                  Sacramentals.  Oh, it's very bright.  Jesus is standing out
now; He's placing His Hands out.  And He has on a Red Robe; it's
maroon-colored.  and His hair is--well, it looks very much lighter,
almost reddish-brown, because of the lights about Him.  And now
He's smiling, and He's raising His Hands now--oh, He says that He will
start over on His right side to Bless the populace, He says.  Now
Jesus is coming over to the left side of the flagpole. 
He says:

JESUS:  "You will extend all your Sacramentals.
                   I will place upon these the POWER of
                   Conversion and CURE, the Power to
                   RETRIEVE from the wiles of Satan those
                   who would otherwise be on the Dark
                   Road leading to the prince of darkness."

Now Jesus is raising His Hand, and His Fingers are like
, Three together, and He's making the Sign of The
 In The Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost.

...Now Jesus and Our Lady are going over by the Trees...She's
raising Her ROSARY and holding the CROSS, like this.  And now She
is Blessing in the Sign of the CROSS In the Name of The Father, and
of The Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
  And Our Lady now has placed
Her Rosary in Her left hand, and She's holding Her Hand out, like this.
Now from Her Hand are coming--ohh, LIGHTS!  Lights, beautiful
And they're coming down now across the SKY...the RAYS
are very brilliant
They're a bluish-white RAY, and they're--there must
be one, two, three RAYS--three of them, coming right from the trees,
down beyond the Statue, and down onto the ground.  And Our Lady
is smiling.  Oh...Well, I don't know if I should repeat it, but
Our Lady

Our Lady:   "Did you follow the Direction of Our Graces well,
                        My child?"

Veronica:  Oh, now Jesus and Our Lady are coming over to the
                  center of the flagpole.  Oh, They're very Beautiful.  There--
oh, such a wonderful feeling of PeaceJesus is looking down now and over, and He's pointing now over to the left side of the SKY, and--
oh, He's writing again with His Finger.  And
He says:

JESUS:        "All  (A-L-L) WARNING Conditional
                        to your response  (R-E-S-P-O-N-S-E)."

        "Nothing is impossible with The FATHER."
 "The ELEMENTS can be disturbed.  All the elements
  of Heaven can be changed and brought down upon you,
  all in The Will of The Father.
  HE has CREATED  and  HE can DESTROY."

"However, it will lighten your hearts to know that The
  Father does not plan to destroy your earth, but to
  CLEANSE it by TRIAL until it Returns to the PURE
  state of it's Original Creation."

Our Lady:    "My child, one more word of Direction
                         to the world:  We find great discord
                         among the workers of earth.  UNITED
                         you will form a Strong Front,
                         but you are all Divided.

          You must UNIFY as MARY Workers,
  and set a Strong Front against the Forces of Evil.
                   If you do not UNIFY,
    you will be infiltrated by the agents of HELL.  
         UNITED you will stand against Satan.

   If you DIVIDE, he will CONQUER many.
   This is a simple lesson that must be learned
    by Our Workers in the MISSION of SAVING SOULS."

"All Sacramentals will be distributed throughout the world.
  The BEADS OF PRAYER shall go throughout the world,
  Link to Link and Bead to Bead."

"Your country can still be saved a greater part of the Major
   Disaster planned for it.  However, the Balance now falls
  heavily to the left
, which is of EVIL."

"You must make now ATONEMENT, and RESTORE your
  country and the world to a state pleasing to your GOD.
  This is the final WARNING being given to man before his

Our Lady:    "Continue, My children,
                        with your PRAYERS of ATONEMENT.
                        They are SORELY NEEDED."

                                                                   July 25, 1973

     August 5, 1973, Eve of The Transfiguration of Our Lord
                               and Our Lady of the Snows

Our Lady:     "My child, We have made a great advance
                          in the promotion of Prayer. 
                          This lightens My Heart
                          and balances the SCALES.

However, it will take much Prayer, much Sacrifice, and
Severe PENANCE for the peoples of the world to Forestall

"You will make it known to the world, and especially,
  My child, to the men in The HOUSE of GOD, that We can
  no longer tolerate their permissive attitudes in the Offenses
  which they permit, and are acting in laxity of their
  permission of OFFENSES to The EUCHARIST." 

                 "The HOUSE of GOD will be
          a Sanctity of Silence and Adoration."

               "The HOUSE of GOD will be
                 a Place of Honor among men."

               "The House of GOD will not
                  be entered in nakedness."

"FEAR?  Why do you fear the body--what will happen to
  your worldly body or your position in your temporary life?
  Men of GOD, why do you honor the temporal things of
  the world?"

"Many prayers are needed now, for many in the House of
  GOD have chosen to leave the Road.  PRAY, My children,
  PRAY much that they return and lose their Blindness."

"The plan of Satan is like the WEB of a SPIDER, going in
  all directions
through the HOUSE of My SON."  

  "GOD is The MASTER of the World,
              of Heaven and of Earth."

"Satan has been given his time to claim those who have
  chosen to enter into his kingdom.  The SINS of the FLESH
  have CONDEMNED many now to HELL."

"We look into the homes that have become Filth--Filthy
  holes of Abominations, examples of depravity."

"The Father will hold ALL PARENTS responsible to
  the greatest Degree for the FALL of their children's souls!"

"The greatest teacher in the home will be the EXAMPLE
  of the Parents.  Your children are wandering into the
 WEB of Satan
, going farther from the HOUSE of My SON.
The Truth is being removed from their hearts.  They are setting among themselves Groups.  They shall not remove from their lives Vows of My Son."

"As the only Sanctified House upon earth,
  their souls will be destroyed when they are not
  given the BREAD of Living LIFE.  This BREAD
  will only be obtained in the Sanctified House of
  My SON."

"Satan seeks to remove The Tabernacle from among you!

"Man must Guide his Life in FAITH and TRUST of GOD.
  His doubts, his confusion will lead him into the WEB of
  the Enemy, the enemies of 
GOD.  Many now roam your
  world.  They parade as angels of lightTheir words are
  honeyed, but they speak with the tongues of the demons."

"Satan knows the full Scriptures; he can quote Satan
  learned much from The FATHER when he was in the realm
  of The KingdomHe will use all of his knowledge now to
  SEDUCE you, My children.  Recognize the faces of Evil
  among you.    PRAY for the LIGHT."

"You will not cast aside the Sacramentals given to you; they
  are for your Protection.  The enemies of GOD laugh and
  scorn these Sacramentals, but one day they, too, shall be
  trodden underfoot."

"KNOW, with Great HOPE, My children, and TRUST
  that the Eventual VICTORY will be with My SON.
  The Father has SET HIS PLANHe will let these
  Abominations run their course unto the Final Cleansing
  of the earth."

"Your country will not be free from the Chastisements and
 Warnings long DUE a country that has given itself to Satan.

PAGANS roam the world, Pagans walk into The House of
GOD.  Man, you have reduced yourselves to the state of an
animal.  Your intellectual Pride has set you DOWN the

"The greatest SORROW in My Heart, My child, is the
  debasement that man has allowed for his body, the Sacred
  temple of his spirit.  He has now lost the knowledge of SIN.

  The WORD OF GOD has lost its way from his heart."

"SHOUT, My children!  SHOUT from the ROOFTOPS
  the TRUTH!  The world can no longer ESCAPE the
  must be Cleansed and Cleansed SoonTOO many souls
  now are entering INTO  the kingdom of the prince of 
  darkness.  How many Tears I have shed to SEE these Souls
  that have gone into Hell."

Veronica:  I see now a great LIGHT.  It's very, very bright and brilliant.
                  And I see open country.  It's very hilly, like mountainous.
And Jesus is walking up this very high Mountain, and with Him are
three men.  They're dressed in brown garments.  Oh, they're very--
they almost look like Franciscans.  They have sandals on their feet,
and these very rough garments with a rope tied about their waist.  It's
very warm; it's a very warm day because one of the men has wiped
his forehead with his sleeve.  Now Jesus is motioning to them. 
They're walking up, and they're now between two trees.  But now
they're up on top of the Mountain, and they can look all about.  And
it seems that from the Mountain you could see all parts of the countryside.  And now one of the men dressed in brown

"This will be the ideal place for the Three Tabernacles."

"Three...Three?"  said Jesus.  "There will be One Tabernacle!"

And then all of a sudden, the three men now, they're throwing themselves back.  The LIGHT is so BRIGHT, it's blinding.  It's a white
.  And Jesus is lost in it.  The LIGHT is rising now up into the
SKY.  Oh!  Oh! It's a brilliant white.  Oh, it's beautiful!  Now I can see,
like in a Haze, I can see Jesus standing in the LIGHTNow the men have thrown themselves down.  Now one is covering his face with his hands.  His eyes can't watch the Brilliance of the LIGHT.  My eyes
burn, it's so Bright.  Now Jesus is talking.  It's as though the Voice
is booming from the

Jesus:            "There will be Tabernacles
                         throughout the World,
                         but these Tabernacles
                         will be of One GOD.

                     The SON OF GOD
                      shall be Honored.

                     GOD IS, GOD WAS,
                     and GOD Always
                     Will Be Among you.

  Man shall not close down the Tabernacles of GOD.
           The WORD will always be among you.
  Whenever two or three are gathered in My Name,
                    know that I AM with you."

"I have set before you Leaders in My HOUSE.  There
  are those now who roam throughout the world
, setting
, filled with intellectual Pride, to interpret
  what I have given through The Holy Spirit to the
  Leaders in My House.  You will not break away from
  My House and set yourselves up as examples for the
  young to follow.  Return now to My House, or

Veronica:  I see now large groups of young people.  They're standing,
                  everyone talking at once.  And then over to the right is
another group.  They talk of things of GOD.  They read from the Holy
BOOK, but they are not absorbing the Truth.  Now Our Lady is coming
forth, and
She is saying:

Our Lady:     "They must REMAIN with the Leaders.
                          The GOATS shall be WEEDED from
                          The House of GOD, so do not leave.
                     STAND FORTH as examples of Truth.

                     Many enemies of GOD
          have entered into The House of GOD.
    But this is the plan of SatanYou will not leave.
            You will
STAY and Patch the Cracks.
            The FOUNDATION is SOLID.
            The FOUNDATION IS MY SON."

            "Man is human, subject to Error.
             GOD is Divine; He turns all Evil to GOOD.

            So Stand Forth; do not procrastinate.
            Do not judge.  Speak out against Evil and PRAY."

"PRAYER is the greatest WEAPON against the Evil Forces
  now that are in your world and that roam in the Houses
  of GOD throughout your worldYOU WILL CHASE
from your own hearts with

                       "It is only, My children,
         through The MERCY of The Father
         that I have been allowed to Come To you
     as a MEDIATRIX between GOD and man,
 to WARN you, to PREPARE you for what lies ahead.
     Your FUTURE now has been written in Heaven."

"The world will soon receive a WARNINGMany
  minor Warnings and Catastrophes will be interspersed
  before the Major CATACLYSM.  Recognize the Signs of
  your Times, My children, for if you do not you are blinded,
  BLINDED by your worldly living.  Come out of your
  BlindnessOpen your hearts and your eyes to the Truth.
  You are now FIGHTING in the Greatest BATTLE."

"The FATHER has Created, and The FATHER
          can DESTROY in an INSTANT."

"One day of your earthly week-time will be given to
  The FATHER in Prayer and Meditation.
  IT IS THE DAY OF THE LORDKnow that this
  is but a small penance and sacrifice for what lies ahead.

 I Promise ALL who FOLLOW My Direction
 to be PROTECTED during these Days,
 as I shelter them beneath My Blue MANTLE."

Veronica:  Now Our Lady is opening Her Robe.  It's now, instead of
                  white, there's a Blue Light now shining from every direction
onto Her MANTLE.  And now Her Mantle has--it's opening up, and
She's standing now with Her full Gown.  But the MANTLE seems like
it has Grown to Gigantic Proportions, and it's Covering the Whole
.  The Wind, or something, is carrying across the SKY, until Our
standing like a Beautiful QUEEN She has in Her Hand a
Golden SCEPTRE, in Her Left Hand.  And in Her Right Hand She's
holding ROSARY out, a Blue Rosary.  The Robe is very Blue, and it
fans out in every direction behind Her.  She's very Beautiful.  And
Our Lady now is placing Her SCEPTRE in Her Hand
with the ROSARY,
and She's extending something now out.  Oh, it's the SCAPULAR.
I can see the figures on the SCAPULAR.

Our Lady:     "These, My children, are the Sacramentals
                          I give you for the Salvation of your souls."

VeronicaNow it's growing very, very sort of a Dark Blue; the SKY
                  is becoming a very Dark BLUE.  The STARS now are
coming out of the SKY, and Our Lady is going back into the SKY.
She seems to be floating; She doesn't walk, She just floats right back
into the SKY.  Now
Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady:      "I am not leaving, My child.
                            There will be further Directions
                            from Jesus, and you will meet two
                               very fond Helpers from Heaven.
                               They have been waiting to meet you,
                               My child."

Jesus:          "My child, you will have the children
                         extend all of their Sacramentals."

Veronica:  Now Jesus is looking down on the pilgrims over on this
                  side.  Now He's moving over, and He's coming over next
to the side of the flagpole.  And He's raising His Hand high above
His Head
In the Name of The Father, and of the Son, and of The Holy
.  Now also in the background now there are three men coming

Jesus:    "I introduce, My child, to you, James and John.
                 I do not believe you recognize them with Me."

Veronica:  And then--now also coming through the SKY, right out of
                  the SKY, is another figure.  Oh, he's very, very elegantly
dressed.  And he has though--looks like a Papal hat.  Yes, it is the
Pope's Hat, with the three sections to it.  Now he's removing that and
holding it in his hand and taking the scarf-like covering from his head.
And he says now

St. Peter:   "I am Peter, and the RULE will stand."

Jesus:    "Veronica, My child, My Words you will repeat
                    so that you will not be forgetful.  We have not
                    given you a heavier CROSS than We know that
                    you can Carry. 
    The MESSAGE Must Go Out in Great Haste."

"All who WORK for The Father, and though they
  be laid to REST
, will RISE in Great Glory.  The
  REWARDS given to the Workers of My Mother
  are not counted on earthly values.  The REWARD
  is given by The Father.  So do your ACTS and
  WORKS in SECRET; RETIRE from the world
  and The Father will Reward you, Who watches
  also in Secret."

"I Bless you, My children.  Continue with your
  Prayers of Atonement.  They are sorely needed in
  your world that is now covered with deep darkness
  of spirit ."

Veronica:  And Jesus has placed His Hand over, like this, and it's as
                  though a large GLOBE is forming across the SKY.  And it's
all BLACK; it's covered in a very deep BLACK, almost as though a
SHROUD has been placed over the World.  And now Our Lady is coming forward.  And She's carrying a CANDLE.  Our Lady is carrying
a CANDLE in Her Hand
Our Lady is saying:

Our Lady:  "These CANDLES are not just symbols,
                       My child.  These CANDLES will be
                         the light of the world."

VeronicaAnd now it's growing very, very DARK, and Our Lady is
                  bending overAnd now She has extinguished the CANDLE.
Wsh-h-h!  She blew out the Candle, and says:

Our Lady:    "We will Guide you through the DARKNESS
                          that lies ahead.

   I repeat:  the SACRAMENTALS must not
                       be taken from your bodies.

        In The Name of The Father,
                             and of The Son,
                          and of The Holy Ghost.  Amen.

                                                                 August 5, 1973

                      August 14, 1973, Eve of the Feast of
          The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Veronica:  There is starting to form around the trees the blue lights,
                   the beautiful blue lights.  Now I see over to the left side
of the flagpole a large CLOUD.  The trees now--all about the trees
is a beautiful Blue, hazy LIGHT.  Oh!  Our Lady now is coming
forward.  Beautiful!  Oh, She looks so, oh, Queenly.  Now Our Lady
is turning over to Her left side.  And now, oh, She's holding in Her
Arms a small child
.  It's a little boyHe's very pretty.  He has golden
; it looks like a light brown.  And He's sitting now in Her Arm.
He also has a beautiful CROWN on his head.  It's made of Red
with gold trim.  And He's dressed like a little KINGHe has
on a Red Velvet Cape, and His Gown is quite long.  But He is bare-
footed, because I can see His feet; they're underneath the gown.
Oh, Our Lady...yes.  (pause)  Oh!  Oh, He's weightless He's very
light; He's very pretty.  Oh, He's very Beautiful
, but He has no
weight.  Oh!  (pause)  Oh, yes!  Oh!  Our Lady...He's little JESUS,
He's weightless.  A little Boy.  Oh, He's not two years old
Lady says:

Our Lady:          "Yes, you're right, My child. 
                               He is not two years old.
                               He is a year and one-half."

Veronica: Oh!  Now it's growing DARK.  The blue lights are all about
                 the trees, but it's growing dark.  And Our Lady now is going behind the trees.  I can barely see HerShe has now the Baby still in Her Arm.  He's very beautiful.  I'm still looking into His Face.  And He
doesn't have the Face of a usual child.  His Face...His Face has the...
only one word--the "Wisdom of the Ages" in His Face.  Oh, now it's
growing very dark.  And there's an Arrow pointing; there's an Arrow
pointing in the SKY now over to the right side of the flagpole.  And
now by the Arrow there is a large--it looks like a weight, but it has a
stick down and what looks like sort of a Knife-like thing, and it's
swinging back and forth, back and forthOur Lady now is coming over to the left side of the flagpole.
  She says:

Our Lady:    "This, My child, is the PENDULUM."

VeronicaAnd now it's swinging back and forth.  Now it's being
                  lowered.  I see four Angels now coming down through the
and they're standing above the PENDULUM.  Now Our Lady says:

Our Lady:     "You see, My child,
                        the Four Instruments of Heaven,
                        the AGENTS from Heaven that will
                        START the CHASTISEMENT upon man."

Veronica:  Now I's like looking at a large Picture, and a moving
                  Picture, almost.  there's a large MAP, and beside it a
GLOBE of the world.  The GLOBE now is turning and turning, and as
the GLOBE turns it's like a Movie.  The Scene keeps changing fast
on the left side of the GLOBE.  I see...I see Islands, and then I see
very Large WAVES.  And then I don't see the Islands.  It's like sand bars being WASHED right out into the WATER.  But now on top of the
WATER there are people floating, and there are pieces of wood, and
there are people, bodies...Oh!  Oh!  Now I's very warm and
very GRAY.  And it seems like it's getting very DARK.  As it grows
DARK, the people are running in every direction.  They don't seem to
know where to run.  I see closed doors and people knocking on the
DOORS.  The DOORS are closed.  But the DOORS now are PAINTED
with a large RED CROSS on the DOOR.  The CROSS, though--the
CROSS is like being made in BLOOD.  The CROSS on the DOOR is
like BLOOD on the DOORThe BLOOD of THE CROSS!  There
are LIGHTS, CANDLE LIGHTS, through the windows of the Doors with the CROSS.  And I see people lying out beyond the Doors.  They seem
to be falling over.  Somewhere in the Air, there is something that is
CUTTING OFF their Breathing, because they're clutching at their
.  And they're falling forward on their faces.  I see some
faces looking out of the windows, but now they're clutching their
; they're covering their eyes.  Oh, they can't look outside the
The SKY is very RED and Dusty.  There's like a very BIG
EXPLOSION--it's like, almost like a BOMB being dropped.  But
there's no wrenching apart of bodies, but there's Tremendous HEAT.
I'm watching this tremendous HEAT.  The GLOBE now is appearing
again; it's spinning.  I think it's the GLOBE.  No, it's a BALL.  It's a
FIERY BALL, and it's spinning and going about the GLOBE.  And it's
trailing a long TAIL.  It has GASES.  I know they're GASES, because
there is a terrible SMELL.  The SMELL is so--(Veronica coughs).  Now
I see a great, large--I know it's a Powerhouse.  It's a large building, a
stone building.  And they're pulling on all the levers.  But I see FEAR,
great FEAR in the faces of all these men.  They're running up and
down steps.  There are levers on the steps, and they're pulling at
these levers.  But nothing's happening.  And they're--now they're
running down the stairs, and they're running outside.  And when they
run outside it's like going into TOTAL BLACKNESS.  There are NO
LIGHTS; it is DARK, PITCH BLACK.  I see the men trying to walk out-
side.  They're talking; two men are talking to each other by the door.
They want to reach their cars, but they cannot find the distance.  One man is groping his way, and the other is just standing.  Now over on
the left I see houses, beautiful houses up on a hill.  But the WATER--
I see WATER, WATER RISING very, very HIGH.  the WATER is going
twelve, thirteen, fourteen feet HIGH.  Now there--oh!  It's very WINDY
and it's very NOISY, because the WATER is HITTING the sides.  Now
I see the houses starting to SHAKE.  And these houses are like on
the edge of the WATER, and all the DIRT now is starting to come from
under them.  And they're just sliding down the side...SLIDING DOWN.
And I hear SCREAMING; people are SCREAMING.  Now over to the right there are more housesThe WATER now has reached over into the living rooms.  And I see a church; this church is made of all wood.
It's--it looks like a very old church.  The Church of SS. Peter and...I
can't read the rest.  And it's got a very tall Steeple on it.  But the
WATER has only reached up to the...the WATER should be in, but yet
the WATER hasn't gone beyond the first landing.  There are two landings to this church.  Now standing up near the door is a priest.
I recognize him; he has his cassock on.  And he's standing there now,
and these people are gathering.  They're coming now in rowboats.
They're coming up to the church in rowboats.  And he's asking them
to come inside to Pray.  The church is so filled that the boats now are just staying side-by-side against the sides of the building.  The build-
ing hasn't fallen, but the houses have.  There's a house almost within
six feet next to it, but that's gone It's crumbled down; it just FELL in,
like...the whole roof was down.  And over to the right of the church
there was another house.  It looked like a country store in the house.
There's rooms over it, but that's also broken down now and fallen in.
And--oh, in the store window I see some bodies that are--they're under some large Blocks of wood that were a counter table that fell in.
Now above the the--above the flagpole is appearing letters:


Then there's a large--now I see a HAND, a large HAND.  The Five
are like this, and it's waving it's Hand across the SKY, like
this.  I can't see whose Hand it is, but the Hand is very lighted.  I fear
it is--yes, it is JESUS.  Oh!  He's standing there now with His Hand
out, like this, and I can see the WOUNDS in His Hand.  Now He's
extending His other Hand out, like this.  Oh, and as I watch, there is
BLOOD coming from His Hand, flowing down now upon the world.

Now there's a great--oh, my goodness!  The SKY now is becoming a large circular GLOBE, all around.  All around...a large circular GLOBE.
Now the GLOBE is starting to get darker and darker, and redder.  It's
receding, and it's coming back.  No, it's not a GLOBE of the World;
it's like a BALL.  It looks like a giant piece of ICE, sort of--Giant piece
of ICE.  And it's starting to spin very fast.  And I see it traveling
across the SKY, and it's developing some kind of colors about it.  It's becoming yellow and orange, and it's tremendous!  Oh-h!  Now over though to the right there's a large--it's a SUN.  I know it's a SUN.
It's a Big SUN!  But this now is heading to the SUN, and all of the sudden it cuts over, and the HEAT is terrible!  Oh, it's so HOTOh!
Oh!  Oh-h! 
Now I see this Huge BALL has now circled about.  There are TWO BALLS now in the SKY.  There's the huge RED One, the SUN; 
then the center, the BALL; it's larger than the other BALL, the
white BALL on the left.  But the One in the center is larger.  And it's
Tremendous Now it's starting to travel at a great SPEED.
And I see now another BALL forming with outlines of mountains;
it's a Globe of the world.  It's a very large Globe of the World, and it's
horrible.  Oh!  It's the Ball, it's coming around about.  It's going
around.  It's going to make a complete REVOLUTION.  It's going
around.  Now as it comes up to the top around the's
Zooming now out, and I can see it.  It's very, very small in distance,
but all of these particles of DUST, and--it feels like ROCKS are
falling down now.  And as they fall, some of them are very large.
And they're floating onto the Lands and the Houses.  Oh
Oh, it's much brighter now, and Our Lady is coming down.  Our Lady
is looking down sadly, and She is saying in a very low Voice:

Our Lady:          "My child, do not be afeared. 
                               It is a most frightening fate
                               that man is choosing for himself.

I have traveled far and wide throughout the world CRYING,
BEGGING for ATONEMENT and for man to turn back
now from the path that is leading fast to his Chastisement."

"Many Warnings from Heaven have passed unnoticed by
  man.  He has lost touch, My child, with The Father.
  He has given his spirit over to Satan.  Therefore, he goes
  on his way

"O My children, if I could receive from The Father,
  My pleadings for your salvation, an extended time 
  for your atonement, My Heart would not be Torn."

"There are many agents of Hell loosed upon earth now.
  They have entered into the House of GOD, and they
  possess the body of many men to do the will of Satan.
  You must not abandon the Sacramentals that I have given
  you through The Father for your Protection and your

"There will be many Manifestations throughout the world.
  There will be many chosen as My Voice-boxBefore the
  Final Chastisement each man will have had and made the
  choice, had the opportunity to choose between My SON
  and Satan.  The forces of EVIL are gathering fast for the
  Final BATTLESatan knows that his time is short."

  is this too much to ask of you in the face of the reality of
  what lies ahead for your country and the world?  Shall you
  be FORCED to FAST and STARVE your bodies?  Shall
  you be FORCED to your KNEES with DISASTER?"

"I have long been a GUARDIAN and PATRONESS
  of your country.  It has prospered and become a symbol
  to the world
.  However, now it has blackened the Cross,
  and it has made itself up as a center for the worship of man
  and worldly treasures.  The example of those in authority
  has been debased.  The example of many in authority has
  set many onto the road to Hell.  Nothing has gone by
  unnoticed by The Father."

"Man of SIN, TURN BACK NOW from your ways!
  Atonement; BEG for the GRACES you'll need.
HOUR for The HAND OF GOD upon you
  is approaching speedily."

"Your world has given itself now to pagan pleasures.  Your
  world has turned now to SATAN!  IDOLS, false Idols
  to worship!"

"You will not deny the DIVINITY of My SON.
  You will no longer OFFEND The Father in The SON,
  in The Holy Ghost within the House of GOD
  and in your world, for you call down a Heavy Penance
  upon yourselves."

"I have not come, My children, to set fear in your hearts.
  I have come only as a MEDIATRIX and a MOTHER.
  I have come to WARN you that you have Offended GOD
  much and the SCALES must be balanced soon."

"Many GRACES will be given to those who come and ask
  for them.  None will be forced onto the road to Satan, for
  they will go willingly before the Final Count."

"You will not turn your backs upon the Houses of GOD.
  My SON has set His Example among you. 
  My SON, with Simon Peter, gave you the WAY."

"You will FOLLOW the VICAR of CHRIST!
  On your earth you will not remove him from the SEAT of
and place one who has been planned from Hell.
  WATCH and PRAYMy child, this you may repeat.
  I give you the choice."

Veronica I'm very forgetful, Blessed Mother.  I can't remember

Our Lady:     "Then, My child, it is your choice to record
                          what I say to you."

"The MISSION given to you will soon be completed.
   The WORK for the Establishment of My Shrine
   will continue.  Man will never stop the PLAN of
   The FATHER as He renews this World."

"Patience, Trust and Guidance in The Father, My child,
  will be your way of life.  The more you become involved
  with man and worldly living
, the farther you will be from
  The FatherTherefore, I would advise you to confine
  yourself and restrict your worldly activities to your family
  and the major Work of the Establishment of My Shrine
  here in your world."

"You will also at this time plan WORK Action, Prayer
  Sessions.  All the strength and help necessary will be sent
  to you by
The FatherTRUST, and do not question
  His Motives."

"You will KEEP a Constant Vigilance of Prayer
  throughout your world and your country.  No Dates will
  be given, but I can assure you, My children, a DATE
  has been SET."

"None will be LOST who will save themselves in
  None will be LOST who will keep the Sacramentals and
  all objects of Godly nature in their homes."

"This will be difficult, for the scoffers will increase and the
  licentiousness will increase.  And you will soon be a
  minority.  However, it is in the Plan of The Father that
  We shall gather the House of GOD and RESTORE it
  in the world to its proper proportions.  Man, then, will be
  returned to his former state, for he will then no longer be
  forced to OFFEND his GOD, forced through the agents
  of Hell who will be REMOVED from your earth."

"PRAY, have great CONFIDENCE in the knowledge that
  the eventual Victory will be with HEAVEN.  The Father
  permits these times of TRIAL for the CLEANSING of man.

It is better, My child, this way than to have to CLEANSE
entirely, as in the pastThe Father Sorrows Greatly,
but Lucifer has thus far been successful in the CAPTURE
of many souls."

"FULL DEDICATION will be made to The Sacred
  Heart of My SON and The Immaculate Heart
  endowed to Me by The Father."

"I place My Blue MANTLE of Protection
  over All My children who come to Me."

"I have come here, and I will remain here
  upon these Sacred Grounds and upon many
  Sacred Grounds throughout the world until the
  Final VICTORY."

"I Bless you all, My children.  Continue with your
  Prayers of Atonement.  They are much needed!"

And Our Lady is taking Her large ROSARY and Blessing
                  Herself, and also the world, as She extends Her ROSARY:

                 In The Name of The FATHER, and of The SON,
                               and of The HOLY GHOST.

And now Our Lady is taking the ROSARY, and She's drawing a large
Circle in the SKY with the ROSARY.  And now She's taking Her Hand
away, and the ROSARY now is just hanging in mid-air.  It's formed
a complete large CIRCLE, with the Beads and the CROSS hanging
down, suspended in the AIR.  Now Our Lady is going over to the left
side of the flagpole.
  She says:

Our Lady:    "You will sit down now, My child,
                        and Jesus will be here very soon to Bless
              the Sacramentals of all these beautiful hearts which
         I send My Graces and the Graces from The Father to."





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